GL-Mania: India III.12

From the birth of the golden league tournament India has always been a nation with great influence. Langer House was a feared opponent in the early years before Mighty Karak Chai FC took over and has been holding the lead for a long time. This season the former I-League champions from Bihar is challenged by Ghungharu FC and Football Club Tranquebar in a series with an open battle for the top spot and golden league points.

Mighty Karak Chai FC and Ghungharu FC collided in the season opener at King Suro Memorial Field in am entertaining match with seven goals as the home team won 4:3. The home team took the lead by three to one at halftime, but Ghungharu made a big comeback and Jolad tied the match with 15 minutes to go, but The Fresh Prince of Bihar Sudhanshu Jha scored the winning goal four minutes later. A goal that also give the home team some much needed points in the golden league where Mighty Karak Chai FC struggle to be in top 16. Ghungharu FC is currently ranked number eight in the golden league and luckily the loss wont have an impact at this time.

The match was the best on game day as seen on team of the week with the two teams providing eight players to the list. Match winner Sudhanshu Jha made the list alongside Ghungharu’s Hari ‘Potter’ Naidu while Football Club Tranquebar didn’t have any players in the series lineup. Tranquebar played away against Racing Club Enclave and the favourite to take the last place in the series over the entire season. Tranquebar won 7:0 with team captain Narottam Samal giving an outstanding performance as he scored a hattrick.

Next week the top match will be played at Fort Dansborg. Ghungharu FC is heading for a big win at home and Mighty Karak Chai FC might do the same.

22-4-2018 (2/68)
Gunning Gunners – Mighty Karak Chai FC
Ghungharu FC – Racing Club Enclave
Football Club Tranquebar – Tanka Jaisalmer

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