Blog Rebuild

Please be patient with the blog, which will be undergoing many changes as we rebuild it from the bottom up. Thanks in advance.

Saturday’s Updates:

Most areas are now complete or simply awaiting content. Some work behind the scenes for upcoming projects done today. Lots of surfing the internet for avatars of HTUA award winners of the past, and also searching of hard-drives (with some success!) Blog is ready for first new post of the new era. Standby….

Friday’s Updates:

Fed HTUA Awards have begun appearing in the Hall of Fame submenu.

Youth League Page and Youth Cup Page both created with new HTUM shield logo. Awaiting content.

Hall of Fame page created with nostalgic image 😉 Awaiting content.

Sponsor adverts in footer resized to more suitable dimensions. Vgrille given administrator privileges (good luck, mate!)

CSS hyperlink and post colour issues fixed using archived information from CSS Bible. :)

Essenn’s GL3 video added, thanks to a working link from Essenn (10300672). ‘About HTUM’ page added. Many thanks to Cuomos (4052076), as now we have an original Upstarters Cup logo added to our pages (we all thought it was lost forever!)

Thursday’s Updates:

A lot of information has been added to Statto’s Tomb, so check it out rather than me writing it all here! 😀 Also, via President’s office you can now see a variety of sponsor images. Finally, via HUP-TV, an archive of created Fed/GL videos has been set up. Phewee. It’s late – night all. Am I the only one reading this?

Wednesday’s Updates:

HUGE UPDATE – All Season 1 to 9 Golden League Data has been added to Statto’s Tomb!!!

CSS Bible has been added to the top menu, and sub-divisions included. Enjoy!

Tuesday’s Updates:

Evening: Added in a new section for collation of statistics (Statto’s Tomb – can’t think who that might be ruled over by 😉 ) although this is a section of the Fed website which will take a very, very long time to set up, due to the huge amount of statistics that could go into it as back-up to those in the HTU Fed History Thread.

Late afternoon: A few more things have been added as far as widgets and pages are concerned. Reigning GL Champions and GL Masters widget has been created and added. Placeholder for ‘I Love HTU’ section (to be added at a later date – hosted initially by Alin Badiu). President Farroni has been given his own page for whenever he needs to make a statement on behalf of the Golden League Council. He is the first GL President to be given such a public platform. Additionally, Hattrick United Press TV have been given their own full section (HUP-TV). Both these two new additions can be accessed via the top menu, and in time via their relevant widget blocks.

Earlier: Only a slight update so far today. Johnny ‘Hojris’ Hansen has now made his widget debut. I’m sure you’ll spot him. Also, I’ve sharpened up Farroni’s avatar in his widget, and added a photo of Aldopaolo Peroni with 3 red feathered darts sticking out of it on Farroni’s display board 😉

Monday’s Updates:

As you can see, the colour scheme has dramatically changed. There is a new top banner and new widget headers. I’ve also matched the background of the blog to the background of the top header. I’m currently examining the CSS in every way to control the colour scheme on all elements, and have asked Eilanda for help. If anybody else is aware of how to change the active/non-active hyperlink colours in the widgets, please ht-mail me.

I’m also going to create at least one character widget tonight and set it up on one of the sidebars. In more disappointing news, videos are no longer supported in side widgets and the code for the existing widget we had, with the GL videos, now will not work. I will investigate whether videos can be embedded on pages as a way to archive them.

You’ll have noticed 2 familiar faces on the right sidebar. Thanks to vgrille for the GL President widget 😉 I’ve put Chief Roger in suitable surroundings, and some added details… I like the matching hat. Anyway, right now, clicking on Chief will take you directly to the GL Table. Clicking on Farroni won’t take you anywhere yet, but it will in the future.