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HTUA XI: And The Winner Is……

For the eleventh season i a row. The managers of HTUM has voted for the best of the best and for the first time all who got a vote will be listed on this blog. But before the winners will become official i would like to thank you all for taking part in HTUA XI. 146 votes has been given to our 101 nominees this season. In some categories there was a tie and i have drawn the winners of the categories. Therefor i have decided not to show the numbers of votes but i have listed the ones who got a vote and in the right order so you can see who was in front of your candidates or the one you was voting for.


Best Goalkeeper:
1. Charles ‘Charlie Boy’ Colbourne (Rochdale United)

2. Mustafa Tharwat (The Warriors of Sahura)
3. Benoît Gervais (FC Prague Slivers)
4. Jürgen Keppler (Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno)
5. Lee ‘Jubilee’ Johnson (Wincobank Ironopolis)

Best Defender:
1. Oldřich “The Ghost” Páleník (Horus Falcons)

2. Hieronim ‘Lucky’ Łukasiuk (Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno)
3. Aybars Uysal (The Flaming Wodkas FC)
4. Dilipkumar Khare (AS Uijeongbu 07)
5. Dean ‘The Guv’nor’ Yates (Rochdale United)
6. Al Hayden (Pig Hunters)

Best Wingback:
1. Tamal Tope (AS Uijeongbu 07)

2. Željko Lukić (Rochdale United)
3. Sebastian Szolc (Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno)
4. Danila Turanskiy (Pig Hunters)
5. Janosch Eppelsheimer (FC Rünenberg)

Best Midfielder:
1. Loke “Naglfar” Dommergaard (Horus Falcons)

2. Ki-Tak Kim (AS Uijeongbu 07)
3. Alun Anderson (Wincobank Ironopolis)
4. Nik Zenger (FC Rünenberg)
5. Sobiesław Hełmecki (Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno)

Best Winger:
1. Otakar ‘Coufy’ Coufalík (FC Prague Slivers)

2. Gerhard ‘Gepard’ Kölbl (Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno)
3. Pascal “The Axe” Stuhldreher (Horus Falcons)
4. Hyun-Seok Baek (AS Uijeongbu 07)

Best Forward:
1. Gu Xianjing (AS Uijeongbu 07)

2. Rastislav ‘Messi’ Jelínek (FC Prague Slivers)
3. Rob Arkell (Pig Hunters)
4. Robin Arnull (Wincobank Ironopolis)
5. Grigory ‘The Killer’ Bolshakov (Football Club Tranquebar)
6. Jaume Medina Abascal (Rochdale United)
7. Malte Wehrda (FC Rünenberg)

Best Talent:
1. Mustafa Tharwat (The Warriors of Sahura)

2. Ross Oram (Pig Hunters)
3. Jean-Marie Lesueur (SK Brann)
4. Roland Jolidon (FC Rünenberg)
5. Günter Lepers (Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno)

Best Youth Player:
1. Scott Sands (The Charles Colbourne appreciation society)

2. Miguel McNamara (Hartwell Hornets)
3. Bum-Goon Lim (Chosun Young Boys)
4. Fahmy Abd El Rahman (The Arrows of Sekhmet)
5. Samin Mondol (Tranquebar Talent Factory)

1. Gu Xianjing (AS Uijeongbu 07)

2. Grigory Bolshakov (Football Club Tranquebar)
3. Václav Louženský (FC Prague Slivers)
4. Loke “Naglfar” Dommergaard (Horus Falcons)
5. Jes ‘Kniksen’ Steinicke (SK Brann)

Best blog:
1. SK Brann

2. AS Uijeongbu 07
3. FC Rünenberg
4. The Flaming Wodkas FC

Best Blog Post :
1. Zombie (The Flaming Wodkas)

2. It’s up to you, he said! (FC Rünenberg)
3. Legend (Los Mejores Futbol Club)
4. A Decade On Hattrick (Wincobank Ironopolis)

Best Image:
1. Steinicke at Nymark (SK Brann)

2. Lonely Manager (The Flaming Wodkas)
3. President Kiknavelidze (The Flaming Wodkas)
4. Five goals Bolshakov (Football Club Tranquebar)
5. Dogfight (AS Uijeongbu 07)

Manager Of The Season:
1. Horus70

2. Hubeq
3. Politzia


Hattrick United Managers Award 9

Last night the last votes for the 9th Hattrick United Managers Awards was send to Odense and it is now time to find the 14 winners out of the 85 nominees this season. Global season 54 was a great season for HTUM. One federation member won the double in his country and had a great run in Hattrick Masters – Congratulation with an epic performance all season Mod-Paquebot. Platinum teams developed into first team equals this season too. Both first teams and platinum teams won trophies and a well known player called Paolo ‘Goldenboy’ Baggio also made his return to the federation and the Golden League. Speaking of the Golden League. The 850 match mark was made this season and many more games will be played in the future. It was also a season were the blogs seemed totally dead before Sir_Schluurggi talked many of us back in action – Thank you for that Sir. One of the many highlights this season was also the many stats presented by Horus70. Many of us love these stats – Thank you to the head of the fed for doing this every single week. Also i think we should thank Ballinho too. A great manager who also keep the prestigious HTUM Challenge Trophy alive from season to season. Tonight we started the 14th season of a tournament with the best the federation has to offer. Let continue to keep the federation going like this for the next and then many many season.

Now on to the winners of the 14 categories.

Best Talent: Mustafa Tharwat.

18 years old Mustafa Tharwat was the new big talent this season. The The Warriors of Sahura goalkeeper has just turned 18 and still looks like the promising talent he was as a junior at The Arrows of Sekhmet. It will be interesting to see if Mustafa is a U20 contender for Egypt one season from now.

Best Youth Player: Andrzej Baryluk.

One of the big winner this season is Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno. The Polish is the best team in Golden League history. Krosno is a team filled with really great players and now they can also produce good talents. Andrzej is still under 16 and is one of the youngest, if not the youngest HTUA winner ever.

Best Image: FC X-Team Blog.

Best Goalkeeper: Józef Maleta.

This is the second award for Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno this season. Jozef won this category with competition from FC Prague Silvers Benoît Gervais and The Londoner Tricolor’s Solomon ‘Warrior’ Tarawaly.

Best Defender: Oldřich “The Ghost” Páleník.

Horus Falcons is the home of many winners of HTU Awards. This season Falcons gets more honor as the homegrown talent is voted best defender of the season. Ghost was up against names like Krosno’s Hieronim ‘Lucky’ Łukasiuk and Aybars Uysal from AS Uijeongbu 07.

Best Wing-Back: Sebastian Szolc.

This is Krosno’s 3rd award this season and the 6th best wing-back award for Mr HTUA – Sebastian Szolc. The 29 years old superstar has won this award every single time and that is even though the competition has been very good. This time he kept Thomas ‘Rabbit Legs’ Gyllenbratt (FC X-team) and AS Uijeongbu 07’s Yoon-Jin Shin.

Best Blog Post: Is there anybody out there – FC Runenberg Blog.

The natural winner in a time where most did not blog. Sir_Schluurggi kept Runenberg blog alive and was still posted every week. This post made many think and they went to their own blog and started to write again. Again thank you Sir.

Best Midfielder: Kahudi Widodo Semedi.

This award is the first for the South Korean Champions this season. It is only natural for a team to have great players to chose from when you compete for a national championship, the national cup and the still have the team to have a great run in Hattrick Masters. The midfield general Semedi was a big part of the successful season. Semedi takes the throne away from Loke Dommergaard and Horus Falcons. Loke has won the previous two seasons and Falcons has won this award 4 out of 9 times.

Best Winger: Gerhard ‘Gepard’ Kölbl.

This is Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno’s 4th award this season and the winner is a household name inside the federation. This is the 4th time out of 6 that Gepard take this award and Krosno’s strong play on the wing is no stranger to no one. FC Prague Silvers’ Otakar ‘Coufy’ Coufalík and Los Mejores Fútbol Club’s Fernão Torres was also in this category this season.

Best Blog Design: Raszkow Revival Blog

Best Forward: Gu Xianjing.

This is the second award of the season for AS Uijeongbu 07 and it is the second season in a row that the Brunei talent take this award. FC Prague Silvers Rastislav ‘Messi’ Jelínek and FC X-Team’s Yuriy ‘Flash’ Kolesnik was also a part of this category.

HTU MVP: Ki-Hwan ‘Ackbar’ Ahn.

The most valuable player of global season 54 is AS Uijeongbu 07’s homgrown midfield superstar Ki-Hwan ‘Ackbar’ Ahn – Last seasons Best talent award winner. At the age of 22 he has 15 U20 games and 5 HT masters games on his record list and bring the 3rd award of the season to his club. No doubt that this is one of the great future legends of HTU. FC Runenberg’s Bruno Aoustin and Football Club Tranquebar’s Manoj ‘Punjabi Tiger’ Prabhu was also a part of this category.

Best Blog: FC Runenberg Blog

Sir_Schluurggi has been blogging every single week for a long long time. Thanks for the many good stories so far. Hope many more will come in the next and coming seasons.

Manager Of The Season: Mod-Paquebot

To find our winner we just have to look at the club history and see what he has accomplished with his first team this season

5-4-2014 (15/54)AS Uijeongbu 07 finished as number 1 in K-League season 42.
31-3-2014 (15/54) Participated in season 7 of Hattrick Asia Champions Cup and finished as number 2.
29-3-2014 (14/54)AS Uijeongbu 07, under the leadership of Mod-paquebot, became league champions season 42.
5-3-2014 (11/54)AS Uijeongbu 07, under the leadership of Mod-paquebot, became cup champions season 42.
17-2-2014 (9/54) Participated in season 6 of Hattrick Asia Champions Cup and finished as number 5.
3-2-2014 (7/54) The team was knocked out of Hattrick Masters round 5 season 54.
6-1-2014 (3/54) Participated in season 5 of Hattrick Asia Champions Cup and finished as number 1.

This is amazing and will forever be a tough one to beat for Paquebot and every other member of the federation. Congrats Paq on these amazing accomplishments this season. Hopefully you have some more left in the team so us who follow AS Uijeongbu 07 has something to look forward to in global season 55.

That was it. The 9th edition of HTU Awards. One season from now will will go for the 10. Until then. To close down with style. Here is the first ever Team Of The Season according to your votes. Thanks for participating and good luck in the new season.


In The Spotlight: A New Indian Powerhouse – AzeemClark and his Zabardust in the I-League

In The Spotlight – a new and in-depth look at some of the managers and their teams from the HTUM-federation.

The Zabardust – India’s Langer House – proved to be unstoppable the last two seasons as the team moved from Division III to the I-League, India’s top division. The back-to-back promotion did not pass by unnoticed among HTUM fed-members and Langer House’s manager, AzeemClark, was voted twice in a row ‘manager of the season’ in the federation. But who is the man behind the team’s rise to glory? The HTUM-fed blog-reporter met up with Azeem in Hyderabad, India.

Azeem, first of all I would like to thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for the HTUM fed-blog and to congratulate you on being voted ‘manager of the season’ the last two seasons. I’m sure our readers would like to know a bit more about you, outside of HT.


“Thank You. I am 23 years old and a commerce student. I just finished my Bachelors and now I am trying for Masters. I lived most of my life in Saudi Arabia who are football crazy people and there is where I got interested in football as a kid. I was good at football but never took it seriously because my first love is motor racing. I am a big fan of Formula 1 and have been watching it since the days of Michael Schumacher, Mika Hakkinen, Eddie Irvine, Heinz-Harald Frentzen, etc. I miss the good old days of F1. So as a kid I wanted to be racing driver but your dreams do not always come true”.

You currently live in Hyderabad, India. Is there anything particular about the region, something you would recommend people to see/visit? What would you recommend people to eat and drink when visiting Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is one of the fastest developing first-tier cities in India and the most important city for IT, education, pharmaceutics, etc. If you are a tourist then Hyderabad is one of the most visited places in India because of its vast history, architecture and mainly because it is on the cross roads between North and South India, which means you will encounter the mixed cultures of North India and South India here. Telugu and Urdu are the main languages in the city. I speak only Urdu but am trying to learn Telugu, which is a tricky language for me because it’s completely different from Urdu.

Hyderabad is world famous for being the ‘City of Pearls’ and was once the main producer of diamonds. Langer House’ stadium (Wittelsbacher Klasse) is named after a diamond found in Golconda, the neighbouring suburb to Langer House. Golconda is also where my brother’s team is based – FC Golconda (what he does with his team is a different matter). If I would start writing which places to visit it would take a long time, but the main things to do are visit Charminar and do some shopping at the Laad Baazar – taking good care of your belongings 😉

When it comes to food and hospitality, there is no competing Hyderabad. It is part of our culture that ‘Guests are next to God’ and it’s very important that what we prepare to eat is impressive and high quality. It represents a person’s status so everyone wants to do their best. Everyone in Hyderabad is a food lover and a lot of importance is given on what and how we eat. You eat with your hand not with any utensils like a spoon, fork, etc. It is part of the etiquette and in Hyderabad etiquette and table manners are very important. You might be surprised listening to all these things but this is Hyderabad and here food is a gift from god and you have to respect it. What things to eat? Specialities are Hyderabadi Biryani – a must – Chicken Curry, Daal Makhni, Butter Chicken, Mysore Bhajia, Paratha, etc. Drinks are Irani Tea, Lassi and Falsa. You’ll have fun. That’s for sure”.

How long have you been playing HT and what brought you to play Hattrick?

“I have been playing HT for two and half years. I heard about the game in another management game in 2008 but didn’t make the effort to sign up immediately and start playing. I think I have done well in these two and a half years of playing. Even though India is a small HT country it takes a lot of effort, time, thinking, planning, understanding and luck to get to the top league from Division IV in only seven full seasons”.

You won the HTUM-fed award ‘Manager of the Season’ the last two seasons. Did you expect at least one of the trophies?

“My award was such an honour keeping in mind that the voting was done by fed-members and that they voted me for the second consecutive time. It is a big encouragement that the whole group is carrying into new season. Yes, we were expecting at least one trophy because the seasons we had were incredible”.

Why do you think members picked you? Why do you think they consider you such a successful manager?

“HTU Managers members are a bunch of closely knit managers who are aware of what is happening in each others team – we can thank our respective blogs for that. It is why we are all together. We have been chatting, discussing, helping, sharing, etc. for almost a year now. We know all of us are playing this game to climb the ladder. Of course in India it is easier to climb the ladder, but still doing it in such a short space of time and beating some big guns to it, was maybe what impressed most”.

You promoted from Division III to India’s top league in a matter of two seasons. What do you consider to be the secret behind the success of the Zabardust in recent seasons?

“The secret is that we didn’t keep any money in our accounts for very long. The moment we had enough money to invest in a particular type of player, we immediately went for it. Looking at our recruitment of the last two seasons, we have some big signings. We were criticised for creating a big transfer difference in our transfer history. This isn’t a good sight for us, but that difference is because of my mistakes in my early HT life”.

Did you have a particular financial strategy for raising the money to buy the players you needed?

“No. There is no particular financial strategy. Playing matches every week allows us to see the weaknesses of the team – which part of the team needs to be upgraded – and thus we get the upgrades as per the requirement and at a good price. Hence we usually don’t keep money in the account. We are still a team that largely depends on sponsors and the income from the matches mainly. I would like to thank Mentor C (VFJ, Denmark) for his advice two seasons ago, which proved to be crucial. He was the one because of whom I bought Ibarra, Vlasenko and also Jenayah (even though he told me to buy a quick winger). They have been amazing since joining Langer House”.

Surely the successful run of Langer House is not only due to an aggressive transfer policy? What other aspects are in your view responsible for the team’s rise through the divisions?

Venkat Variar

“Indeed we are not a team that heavily depends on money to buy success. We intend to create great players. The fact that most of starting eleven are from our academy is a source of great pride for Langer House. The thing of concentrating on my youth academy crossed my mind in my second full season when I was planning to make some money. That is when I thought I should try academy players even if I don’t succeed. I didn’t raise much money, but I did get success on the pitch. The Yuva Academy created many champions for Langer House and is developing more as we speak. Our academy has played a huge part in our success, creating players like Vihar, Ariya, Nandini, Kazmi and of course Venkat Variar – voted ‘U19-talent of the season’ (GS 49) in the HTUM fed awards”.

You are playing the I-League for the very first time – how do you see the team’s chances in the first season? What do you think are its strong and weak points?

“I will be over the moon with a mid-table finish. We will have to fight a lot in the relegation battle. Langer House is clearly the least known team in the series at the moment because we moved from division III to the I-League in just two seasons. With me being non-active in the Indian forum, it also means our rivals might not have heard much about us – so we can be the ‘unknown’ team. Other than that our overall chances are looking a bit bad unless we get a major recruitment in the coming weeks, because our midfield is poor – very poor in fact. If we can put together a good midfield then we have chance to stay up or even fight for a spot in the top four since our defence and attack is not bad at all”.

What are your plans for Langer House in the long run? What would you still like to achieve with your team?

“Langer House is a club with big ambitions. Langer House wants to be a big club winning big trophies, national cups, playing the HT-Masters, etc. Even this season we are not here to making up the numbers in I-League – we are here to stay and will fight for it. Looking at the situation we have to do a lot this season but even if we go down, we’ll be back sooner than later to compete for the biggest trophy in India.

One thing is for sure. We are seriously looking to become the biggest club from India. There is no laughing or joking here. All this success of past two seasons has taught me a lot. I hope I can do well in achieving the big dreams of the club.”

Thanks for talking to us and best of luck to the Zabardust – a.k.a. Langer House – in the I-League!