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Make Hattrick United Great Again

Six years ago a handful of managers started to support each others blogs and they began to play friendlies against each other. Little did they know that the mutual support and flamboyant blog post should evolve to many great years together. years with hundreds of creative stories, images, videos and a friendly tournament that more than 50 teams has tried to win in the last six years. The tournament – The Golden League – is a two season tournament and it is still going strong since match number one, six years ago.

Hattrick United and The Golden League was the foundation of the federation HTUM Managers (HTUM). One to two weeks after the start of the federation it has assembled 15-20 members by the end of August 2011. Managers with focus on promoting their clubs on Hattrick United. In the first 2 years stories from HTUM clubs was dominating the daily top five blog posts on Hattrick United. Stories about the greatest players, the best talents, rivalries between club presidents ruled the federation as well as Hattrick United. For more than 10 season awards was given to the best players, the best blogs, the best blog designs, videos and images.

Like everything else in life there is a time for everything and between 3 years the blogging from HTUM faded drastic. Sporadic try from many managers did not kick start the fun we had. Why? Maybe because the activity was so incredibly in the first years so all the creativity had been used. The stories had been made. The drama was over. We had done it all. Still we are some mangers that think was that it? No we want more!

Back in the days every one knew the top players in the other clubs. We knew the talents, the club legends staff members and the managers of the other clubs. What surprised us again and again was the stories on the blogs. Players almost came alive and players like Bosnjak, Llosa, Gu Xianjing, Charlieboy, Baggio, Páleník, Szolc, Coufalík, Heikkinen, Bilon, Kölbl, Gangawane, Venkat Variar, EC10 and Sami Arsal became household names on the same level like Messi, Ronaldo and all the other real life stars. That was what the blogs gave us back then – and we want more. Let’s give it one more try!

With this post i would like to encourage you all to top what we did in the past. Do what you did back then or surprise us all by making something new – and to managers outside the HTU Managers. You are more than welcome to join the fun and you are welcome in the federation too. To give you all some ideas. Here are some posts from the past. Posts woted the best of the season and some with colourful images too.

The Prodigal son
Bite Me
is there anybody out there

GL3 (greatest video of them all)
Waiting for this moment

Try and top that and make hattrick United great again 😉


The Jazz

A very brief post. This blog is the public representation of our Federation and although valiant efforts were made in the past with the outstanding Spotlights series, more must be done as it is now dead as a stone. Hence this post. I myself am guilty of not writing here. I vow to change that – I believe in Peroni! What am I talking about? It is well known by now what Aldopaolo Peroni has had to say regarding the stagnation of blogging. No more! Things are about to change, and this one man is on the jazz. I’m not the only one.


HTU Managers Federation – An Introduction

It’s like a dream come true. After years of wandering through the wilderness you finally made it and are now, at long last, in charge of your very own professional football team. In the beginning this team, like any other, consisted of no more than a raggedy bunch of misfits and miscreants, talent-less and over the top, hopefuls and passable all-rounders. Over time you have come to understand these oddballs and eccentrics, trained them and cared for them. New scoundrels soon joined the first reprobates, patiently and skilfully harvested in your very own youth academy or bought with those last remaining pennies, and slowly a team emerged, with its own particular look and style – and lo and behold, it was your team!

But it was a silent team, voiceless yet screaming to be heard, with each player, coach and physiotherapist having a well of stories hidden deep within. In short, now that you finally started managing your very own team, you wanted the world to know about it! And so you found yourself one morning staring at HT’s own blog space – Hattrick United (HTU) – and creating your own team blog.

But where do you go from here? What do you write about? Is anybody out there even reading your tales? And how do you change the layout of your blog to make it more appealing and to better represent the spirit of your team?

Are you looking for a forum to communicate with fellow HTU-bloggers and a platform for your team, for practical solutions to improve your blog or help out others with blog-related questions and problems, give an extra dimension to those mid-week friendly games, or simply in search of a community of like-minded bloggers and HT-holics, then HTU Managers might just be the federation for you

The HTU Managers federation (HTUM) is an international federation for anyone interested in blogging on Hattrick United. The main purpose of this federation is to assemble active and creative bloggers from around the world in order to exchange ideas, inspire and get inspired and create entertaining stories and visually interesting and informative blogs. The federation also wishes to extend a helping hand to managers who would like to start with a blog on HTU and/or who are in need of some help with taking their blogs to the next level.

The federation was founded in August 2011 and has at the time of writing 41 members covering all corners of the world (Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, India, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Oceania, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA) running active blogs on HTU. We are proud to have many members who have not only great ideas but also the know-how and determination to make these come true. Moreover, our members have some of the most well-read blogs on HTU.

Next to helping each other out with blog-related issues and commenting on each others’ posts, the federation also runs a number of internal and external competitions:

* A large number of fed members – as well as non-fed members – are active in the Golden League. The Golden League is not your usual cup or competition, but pitches the teams of HTU bloggers against one another. The competition has been running since July, 2011 and the first season ended last month (with over a 100 games played and blogged about). In the Golden League, it does not matter how much or little you play, you play whenever you feel like it, against whomever you choose. But be aware, Golden League games usually raise a lot of HTU blog activity!

* The federation also runs the HTUM Youth League, bringing together the youth teams of the HTUM Fed in multiple leagues running simultaneously and spanning at present two divisions: the HTUM U18 Championship and the HTUM Division II.

* At the end of each season, all fed members are invited to cast their votes in a variety of ballots, awarding not only the best players and managers, but also the most creative bloggers within the fed.

* Prediction and other games, the announcement of transfers, helping each other out tactically or simply chatting away during games (or just so) also form a part of the HTU Managers federation.

What makes joining this fed worthwhile? Is it the knowledge that you will gain an active international audience that will not only read your blog posts, but leave comments as well as start to follow and support your team? Is the presence of numerous experienced bloggers in the federation, willing to share their in-depth knowledge on how to improve the look of your blog? Is it the thrill of the mid-week friendly against the teams of other bloggers in the Golden League competition and the resulting international coverage on several blogs, the official Golden League site, HTU Press (HUP) and the federation forum? Is it watching the game live online not only with your opponent but many other fed-members?

It is all of that, but in the end, it comes down to something more basic and much more important. The HTUM fed matters because, when all is said and done, it simply brings together an amazing group of people.