Fed Blog Returns! HTUM Awards Comeback? HUP-TV gets ready!

HTUA_PublicRumours Surface of a HTUM Awards Return

 HUP-TV have learnt tonight that following renewed interest in the HTUA legends of the Federation, the HTU Awards may in fact be up for discussion as regards a possible return! Negotiations are still at a delicate stage, but we understand a smaller format to begin with will best gauge the interest and participation of the Federation and its’ members. We here at HUP-TV can’t wait, as there are some big stars at big clubs right now that deserve the limelight. We’ll be first to bring you any updates to this news right here, and can we just say, it’s great to have Fed news on the Fed blog once again, especially for you interested readers! (Please leave many comments below or our sponsors BS Beer may close us down.)


Alin Badiu (left) and Ernst-Jan Bracké (right) rehearsing for Tuesday’s ‘almost’ live Fed news bulletin.

Also this week, we are very proud to let you all know that the famous TV pairing of Bracké and Badiu have been brought back together by BS Beer for HUP-TV, and will be broadcasting this very coming week, on Tuesday, with a review of the week in the Fed and a look at one of the big GL games coming this midweek. We can’t wait to see what happens, if previous TV appearances by the pair are anything to go by. However, Fed blog has been reassured that the pair are working on professionalism of the highest standards right now, and I guess we’ll find out Tuesday. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements in the Fed press announcements thread, and obviously here on Fed Blog.