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At the current time, many image links in the CSS BIBLE pages are not accurate, due to the image server. I will be updating these with working examples over the coming days and weeks. If you have any CSS code examples you think could make our CSS Bible even better, please HT Mail me.

Taken from the HTU Managers’ Federation Archived Thread

A brief summary of what CSS is and how to edit it on your Hattrick United blog:

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It’s a mark up language used in all of today’s website designs which allows you to alter the way a website is formatted through a cascade of elements specified on a style sheet or ‘rule sheet’.

In plain english? It’s some simple code (it looks hard at first, but we’re here to help) that will change the appearance of your HU blog, if you save it in your dashboard CSS Editor.

How to add CSS to your blog:

If you have a blog on Hattrick United, do the following…

1 – Access your HU blog dashboard once you have logged in on Hattrick United

2 – Go to ‘appearance’ on the left-hand side menu

3 – Choose ‘Edit CSS’ from the new menu that appears next to it

4 – CSS stylesheet editor will load up

5 – Copy and paste any CSS code from our guide in the main editor box, and then either preview it (use the preview button and your blog will load in a new window/tab and you will be able to see the changes before saving) or save it.

6 – When you first use the CSS editor, it will be full of non-code simple instructions. You can delete this without any problems for your blog. Afterwards, any code you copy and paste there can be saved and your blog will start to evolve.

It is worth noting, that every time you save CSS in that editor, a list grows further down the page. You may ‘restore’ old CSS saves at any point… very useful if you get in a right tangle with the CSS and want to go back to how it ‘used to be’ 😉

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