Comments Box

Comments box (text colours):

.entry-comments {

Well, this first bit of code should make the text detailing when a comment was made, turn silver. Simply change silver to a colour choice of your own (here is a link to CSS colour codes that is brilliant: (

.comment-content {

This bit of code above, will turn the other text in the comments box to gold. Again, change it to a colour to suit your wishes.

The background is set to 0. I haven’t messed with changing that value, so don’t know what it does. Try 1, or 2 and see what happens. Turn it back to 0 if it isn’t good. CSS text-decoration usually means underlining or scoring through letters, and the precise words to use can be found here: (…n.asp)

Other than that, you can change the font size. :)

*This once took me soooooooo long to work out, that I almost threw the laptop through the window, yet it was so simple in the end I guess. I never claimed to be a CSS expert!*

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