Graphics & Bonuses


Aside from CSS, there may be users with graphics related questions. A separate part of the guide will be created for these along with links to Fed users who will be able to offer greater support.

Creating graphics:

You may have your own graphics program on your computer, and they are very easy to find via a search engine, or you may be rich and buy yourself the latest photoshop etc etc.

Using one of these programs, you will be able to make your own graphics which you can use as banners, widgets, post images etc.

I personally use the ‘free’ software called and here is a link: (

A bit of useful info from my blog:

Blog Wallpaper (…aper/)

Player Pictures (…ures/)

Excellent range of videos by Cuomos (Vi Flaesker Jer owner):

Saved on YouTube, you will find some brilliant graphics guides (and also some great videos on CSS too), as well as a variety of his other creations for Hattrick.


Some CSS script examples to copy and paste, and play around with.

Remember that these will include links to images from some of my current blogs, and so you will need to replace those with your own images. Change anything you want, any colours and sizes and borders and… well, you get the idea. Some images may also no longer exist in their previous locations, and so only an image placeholder will appear.

***I will add one useful bit of information though… some images MUST be in your blog media archive for them to be the size they are on MY blogs. If you upload them to an external site, such as photobucket, for some reason they appear smaller and unstretched. So, I always upload my blog design images to my blog media gallery for that very reason. You can edit any image in our blog media gallery, and find the precise URL for them there. It’s this URL you should use in your CSS code.***

Example 1 My Second Team Blog CSS


Example 2 My First Team Blog CSS


Example 3 Qatari NT Blog CSS (HTUM Federation Project)


Please remember, I know what most of the CSS in these examples does, but I would never claim to be 100% confident that I know it inside and out.

About the Author

Born in England, reborn in Poland, living the dream on Hattrick. I am the creator of 'The Golden League', which if you don't yet know what it is... you aren't getting the best out of HT ;) I am also a board member of the HTU Managers Federation, which I heartily recommend to all HT users as an established, supportive and amazing community with huge resources to help you make a brilliant blog for your team, and to help your teams succeed. Hope to see you there.