Hide Widgets / Post Width

Hiding Widgets / Making Main Post Wider:
Provided by Eilanda (7188758)

All I did to hide the widgets and make the main coloumn wider, is to make it look like it’s a one coloumn page.

Normally you would define the column where you write the posts with a selector like .entry-content or something, but since we now want this to apply to the whole main column part on the post pages only, we have to use a selector like .single-post #content.

What I’ve done to the widgets isn’t much different, I added a display property and a none value to remove them, in a .single-post .sidebar .xoxo selector.

Code for making the main coloumn(the post coloumn) wider:

.single-post #content {

Code for hiding the widgets(only for the post page, all other pages remain untouched):

.single-post .sidebar .xoxo {

Hope I’ve explained it properly, don’t hesitate to ask for a clarification :)

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