Here be Hyper-Links… beware:

Right. First of all, be careful. The following code will affect all active and inactive hyperlinked text on our blog. All of it. If you have already changed the colour of nice items, such as the titles of your posts, and then you paste this code AFTER it, then this code WILL supercede the other.

My advice is to put this code early on in your CSS script, and then anything you change after should only alter certain individual elements. An example:

I change all the hyperlinked text to bright pink. Later, I want my post headings to be blue. So I put the code for that. All my post headings are blue, but all other hyperlinked text is still bright pink. This is how I think it works. If it doesn’t, someone will tell me and I will change this information. Don’t you just love the chaos of CSS? 😉 lol

A:focus,A:hover,A:active {

A:focus,A:not(:hover),A:active {

*Note: Really good for changing the colour of text in Hattrick widgets, such as the current league standings widget.*

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Born in England, reborn in Poland, living the dream on Hattrick. I am the creator of 'The Golden League', which if you don't yet know what it is... you aren't getting the best out of HT ;) I am also a board member of the HTU Managers Federation, which I heartily recommend to all HT users as an established, supportive and amazing community with huge resources to help you make a brilliant blog for your team, and to help your teams succeed. Hope to see you there.