Main Background

The Main Background:

So, this will change the main background of your blog sidebars and posts to orange (obviously change the colour hex code to the colour of your choice.

#main { background: #FF6A00 !important; }


You could use this instead (don’t use them both as the last one will supercede the previous one ALWAYS). What it does, is use an image for the main background. You may also have to activate the semi-transparency feature in your blog background (located in the dashboard>HUTD>custom background feature). I’ve had a few problems trying this last bit of code out. I know something is working, as the code below should show. The image it links to no longer exists on an external site, so you will get a standard ‘no image available’ image from photobucket. It may be that the image you need to use now has to be uploaded to your blog media gallery, though I admit to not having tried it. It may also be that something is not quite right with the code, or it may be to do with the semi-transparency settings. If someone finds out we will update for definite. Otherwise, it’s so unimportant that I’d suggest ignoring an image and sticking to a background colour. Simple is best in the most beautiful designs.

#main { background: url(‘’) !important; }

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