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Changing the appearance of your main posts:

This will affect how your ‘posts’ appear. We are talking mainly about the background colour or background image, the text colour of the post, the border around the post and the colour of this border, how much empty space you want around the border, and how much padding you want.

The following code is broken up into bits, so when copying into your own CSS remember to IGNORE anything in italics. Also, you must include the final close bracket at the end of this post. If it doesn’t work, you missed something. Or just ask 😉

.post,#main .single-post {
border:2px solid #fff333;

So, you can guess that this changes the colour and thickness of the border.


This will give your post a different background colour if you change the hex colour code.

background:url(‘’) left center/100% 100% no-repeat!important;

This is great, as it will give your post a background image, instead of a colour. However, don’t choose an image that you will not be able to read your post on top of! Contrast the colour with that of the post text, and don’t choose anything ‘too busy’ – like crazy bright patterns or photos.


The colour instruction above simply changes the colour of the post text.

margin:1 2px 2px 200;

The first number increases or decreases the space above your post, the second increases or decreases the space to the right, the third increases or decreases the space below your post, and the fourth increases or decreases the space to the left.

padding:0 2px;

This padding Is the space inside the post border, around your text. The first value increases or decreases the space above and below your text. The second increases or decreases the space to the left and right of your text.


And that was the final close bracket you needed to remember to include 😉

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