Main Top Banner

Top Area of your Blog:

This next bit of code affects that great area up at the top of your blog where most of us put fancy banners that act as blog titles. It is not the ‘very top’ of the blog, and that bit of code is dealt with elsewhere. What I will say, is that if you have the default HTU blog information (club, country, region, ht logo etc) active, it will move them about. If you have them set as hidden, it’s nothing to be concerned over. I’ve found that if active, they are pushed to the far left and right of however wide your branding (or top logo area – the area where you have your fancy club banner as a title) is.

#branding {

In the example above, you can see the link I have used to a banner I wanted on my second team blog. I have found that linking to an external file does not work. So, you have to add this to the blog’s media library. It’s easy to find on the dashboard. Once you upload a graphic, you can edit it, and there is a box on the right where you can copy and paste it’s url link. Use this url link in the code above instead of the one I listed.
The height and width values will change the height and width of the area we are messing with. Experiment to see the effects on your blog.

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Born in England, reborn in Poland, living the dream on Hattrick. I am the creator of 'The Golden League', which if you don't yet know what it is... you aren't getting the best out of HT ;) I am also a board member of the HTU Managers Federation, which I heartily recommend to all HT users as an established, supportive and amazing community with huge resources to help you make a brilliant blog for your team, and to help your teams succeed. Hope to see you there.