Sidebar Background

Sidebar Background:

.sidebar {
border:1px solid #00000;

So, this code will affect the width of your sidebar, the font size, the colour of the text, the background colour of the sidebar (you will be able to notice this in the gap between your widgets) and lastly the border size and style and colour. I pretty much just change the colour, as I have no need to mess with the rest. You can go for something which is a complete contrast, or just a subtle difference in hue to the rest of your blog. Here again, if you haven’t yet seen them on our thread, are links to some CSS colours and hex codes:

CSS Colour Names: (
Colour Hex Codes: (

The 2nd link is great, as there is the option to colour mix as well (mix link after the colours). Also, if you explore the rest of that site, you will be in CSS Heaven (or Hell!) 😀

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