The Footer

The Footer:

Ok, so this code will change some aspects of your blog footer. It won’t change the colour of any text contained in widgets within the footer though. Have a play. My code contains a URL link for a background image in the footer, should you wish to have one, otherwise remove it. Maybe put a color:# command instead.

#footer {
border-left:20px solid #00ff00;
border-right:20px solid #00ff00;
border-top:20px solid #00ff00;
border-bottom:2p0x solid #00ff00;

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Born in England, reborn in Poland, living the dream on Hattrick. I am the creator of 'The Golden League', which if you don't yet know what it is... you aren't getting the best out of HT ;) I am also a board member of the HTU Managers Federation, which I heartily recommend to all HT users as an established, supportive and amazing community with huge resources to help you make a brilliant blog for your team, and to help your teams succeed. Hope to see you there.