Welcome Text


The following code can be used to mess around with the size, colour, font and location of the Welcome ‘HT-user’ message at the top of your blog :)

.hutd-login-nav #welcome {

.hutd-login-nav #welcome a {

Again, I have used two different colours so you will see which affects what. Float is a command you can choose which side you want the welcome on. I leave it as is, but see how you feel. Change the other values and settle on your ideal look.

About the Author

Born in England, reborn in Poland, living the dream on Hattrick. I am the creator of 'The Golden League', which if you don't yet know what it is... you aren't getting the best out of HT ;) I am also a board member of the HTU Managers Federation, which I heartily recommend to all HT users as an established, supportive and amazing community with huge resources to help you make a brilliant blog for your team, and to help your teams succeed. Hope to see you there.