Widget Containers

Widget Containers:

This is the area of your left or right sidebar that contains the widgets, so in effect, the widget container. However, it is ONLY the bit behind each widget, not the sidebar itself. That is a different object.

The following code will allow you to put a background behind your widgets, or change the colour of it, alter borders etc

.widgetcontainer {
background-position:0 26px;
border:2px solid #000;

*Note: If you didn’t know, some hexadecimal codes for colours can be reduced to three symbols, if the whole hexadecimal code is the same. For example, #000000 can be written as #000 or #ffffff can be #fff*

As always, remember to change my image link for one of your own. This image can be on an external site with no problem. Animated gifs also work fine.

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