Widget Header

Widget Header Code:

.widgettitle {
border:0 solid #1d2123;

Again, this image link needs to be changed for one of your own. With this code you can change the image used in the widget. To get the right size, I would recommend copying and pasting the link from my code into a new window browser, and then copying and pasting the graphic I made into your own graphics editing software. Change it to look how you want, but keep the size the same. If you need it a little bigger or wider, I’m sure you can find out how in your own particular graphics program.

You can changed the colour of the widget header text, in this example I have used darkgoldenrod. [CSS colours: (http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css_colornames.asp)

You can change the font size, and the border size and colour too.

*Note: If you put complicated images or patterns on our widget header graphic, it may make reading any text headings there difficult. Simple is best.*

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