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BS Brand to Sponsor the Golden League

The Golden League is happy to announce it has concluded a multimillion-dollar deal that will see Big Star Brand become it’s main sponsor for the next 6 seasons. The deal was negotiated by GL’s President, Mr. Christian Farroni, and BS Brand majority shareholder, Mrs. Sophia Peroni-Leask, who is hoping her brand will expand even more following the deal:

When Mr. Farroni reached me, I couldn’t say no to the opportunity. We had been growing very rapidly since we closed deals with some of the GL’s biggest stars, so this next step was the logical thing to do. It’ll help us consolidate the brand and expand even further.

President Farroni also celebrated the deal;

We weren’t happy with our previous deal with Nuke and as the cunning businessman I am, I managed to make a better and bigger deal. The BS Brand will improve the quality of the game with their inovative tecnologies and will provide the fans with the best products in the market. And then, there’s Sophia… hehehe

The terms of the deal establish that the new sponsor will provide the Golden League with official match balls as well as kits for the match officials and other accessories. The BS Brand will also introduce a new line of Golden League licensed products, which should be available in stores soon.

This deal is the first showing of President’s Farroni intent on keeping his promise of making the Golden League a dominant force also on the commercial side, which had been one of the let downs of the Peroni administration. A businessman himself, Farroni is expected to look for more deals in the future.




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