HTUM Challenge Trophy

Ballinho (8023911), owner of FC Prague Slivers, creator of the HTUM Challenge Trophy

The HTUM Challenge Trophy grew out of the combination of the League of Legends (created by LA-Lord_Bebbington (10406339)) and the League of Titans (created by Ballinho). It was legendary Zabardust manager AzeemClark (10010124) of Langer House (31628) (India) who came up with the notion of renaming the League of Titans to something more befitting the Federation.

“Wow… The tournament is set and this is getting interesting :)

What I would like to change is the Tournament name. I think there will be many ‘League of Titans’ in HT in sometime. We are all here because of HTU Managers federation. So I think the tournament’s name can be something refering to HTUM. What do you say?

…like HTUM League 1 or HTUM Titans or my favorite HTUM Elite where Elite teams are the top TSI teams of the fed just like the current tournament.”

As such, the HTUM Challenge Trophy was born, and prophetically Ballinho wrote: “…I hope that my tournament will be play(ed) for a long time…”


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As seasons of this competition pass quite quickly, please be patient as we will most likely update our pages in batches, rather than season by season. Thanks.

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