Participants (HTUM C.T.)


HTUM Challenge Trophy – Participants

36x: FC Prague Slivers (Czech Republic)

35x: —

34x: —

33x: —

32x: —

31x: —

30x: FC X-Team (Romania)

29x: FC Rünenberg (Switzerland)

28x: The Flaming Wodkas FC/Renaissance FC/Raszków Revival/Raszków Jazz (Poland)

27x: —

26x: —

25x: Horus Falcons (Czech Republic), FC iSoccer (Germany)

24x: Los Mejores Fútbol Club (Brazil)

23x: Polomint (Scotland), Langer House (India), Bellevue Barrage (Oceania)

22x: MS Odense / OB 1887 (Denmark)

21x: Klaukkala Bears (Finland)

20x: SK Brann (Norway), Rochdale United/Men_of_Mayhem (England), Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno (Poland)

19x: —

18x: Wincobank Ironopolis (England)


16x: AFC Wirschtlstand (Austria)

15x: —

14x: —

13x: Super Troopers FC (England)

12x: DorothyHyman (England), manseAA (Finland), Thunder Strokes (Portugal)

11x: Vi flæsker jer (Denmark), Jenever FC/SVV Schiedam (Netherlands)

10x: Viking Særløse (Denmark), FC Eduard United (Romania)

9x: —

8x: _Israel_ / Haedliker-Minions/1291 (Switzerland), cirstea (Italy), FCOB Kamenice (Czech Republic), EVIL INCORPORATED (Oceania)

7x: —

6x: Dobrich United (Bulgaria), West Bromwich Strollers (England), Rising Vikings (Sweden), Malcolm Mania (England)

5x: Club Atletico River Ale (Italy)

4x: The Warriors of Sahura (Egypt)

3x: Faceys Facilitators (England), Rosemeadow Royals (Oceania), Ratatoulle (Belgium), Pig Hunters (Oceania), Blue Royals 04 (Austria)

2x: Pro-Hidalgo (Italy), FC Sigulda 08 (Latvia), GGIAFK FC (Hungary)

1x: Warsaw Scousers (Poland), Sidekicks FC (USA), Second Foundation (Brunei), Mert Ali ve Zeren Spor (Turkey)

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