Platinum Cup Participants



The Upst★rters / Platinum Cup – Participants

27x: Football Club Tranquebar (India)

26x: —

25x: —

24x: Mighty Karak Chai FC (India)

23x: —

22x: —

21x: —

20x: —

19x: The Warriors of Sahura (Egypt)

18x: The Lost Saxons (Faroe Islands / England)

17x: —

16x: Landa United Football Club (USA)

15x: MDCCLV (England)

14x: Portuguay Thunders (Paraguay), Torpedo NordZsild (Faroe Islands)

13x: —

14x: —

11x: Cabuie (Oceania), The Londoner Tricolor (England)

10x: Rabid Rabbits (Iceland / Oceania)

9x: SITH BROTHERHOOD (England), Second Foundation (Brunei), The Bad Bergamot Seeds (Italy), FC Dity Rotten Imbeciles/manseBB (Finland), Clan Phoenix (Scotland), The80s/Lipstick/Pink Leopard/1351 (Angola)

8x: Moldy Figs (Uzbekistan)

7x: Park The Bus (England), Am Monadh Royals (Scotland)

6x: Pequeña Granja Feliz Club de Fútbol (Guatemala)

5x: Gungharu FC (India), Camberwell Cobras (Oceania)

4x: Dinamo Orca (Nigeria), Kinclaven (Scotland)

3x: Bengals Hattersheim (Germany), Al Dilmun Savages (Bahrain)

2x: Razorback FC (Jamaica), Hawai IV (Mozambique), Angola Team (Angola), Abrakadaver (Lebanon), Helsinki Casuals (Finland), Dynamo Gurkan (Faroe Islands), Borussia Bahrain (Bahrain), Sera’s Demons (Iceland), Queensland Krushers (Oceania), Waragi Courage (Uganda), Monkey2001 (Brunei)

1x: Majulah Singapura (Singapore), NK Skeleton (Palestine), Saitergale (Faroe Islands), Cape Verde Pirates (Cabo Verde), Kitra Wônderrers (Cameroon), Hawai III (Brunei), Urban Herbals (Jamaica), Anstruther FC (Scotland), Forty One Shots (Scotland), Hattrick Eagles II (Maldives), Uganda 1962 (Uganda), Auto-Aim…Pløk! (HTI Denmark), Saksager FC (England), La Polaquina Hattrick Club (Palestine), Khachatur Abovyan FC (Armenia), Flaming Wodkas FC (Poland), Garforth Highlanders (Scotland)

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