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Gold Rushers Cup Triumph

At the third time of asking Ironopolis have won the Gold Rushers Cup. A tournament created by Chief_Roger for teams of the Hattrick United Managers Federation (HTUM).

Wincobank Ironopolis Winners Gold Rushers Cup Season 7

Ironopolis have taken part in three editions of the seven that have been completed. We first took part in season 4 reaching the semi-final. Season 5 saw us knocked out at the quarter-final stage & now for season 7 we finally win the tournament.

Previous winners:

Season 1 – Blue Royals 04 of Austria

Season 2 – FC Rünenberg of Switzerland

Season 3 – AS Uijeongbu 07 of South Korea

Season 4 – Thunder Strokes of Portugal

Season 5 – AS Uijeongbu 07 of South Korea

Season 6 – AS Uijeongbu 07 of South Korea

Season 7 – Wincobank Ironopolis of England


Ironopolis 520 Supporters

Three years ago Wincobank Ironopolis became the most supported club in HT-England history with 520 supporters. Here’s a screenshot from the now defunct website Hattrick Hall of Fame showing the top 25 supported clubs on 02/05/13. We broke the 500 supporters mark on 20/04/13, the first English club to do so, and arranged a single match against our 500th supporter Chelsea Addict of Tunisia. The next day the club issued a newsletter & arranged a limited number of matches against our supporters. The full list can be found here.

Wincobank Ironopolis Hattrick England

Wincobank Ironopolis best supported team in HT-England. Click image to enlarge.

Curently as of August 2016 Ironopolis have 226 supporters which still makes us HT-England’s best supported team with Blue Yorkshire United second on 194 and Two Hopes FC third with 178.


Climbing up the England Ladder

Wincobank Ironopolis joined the England ladder on 18/09/15 at position 676 and today just under a year later broke into the top 5 for the first time. It probably won’t last but we took a screenshot for posterity.

Wincobank Ironopolis top 5 England ladder hattrick

Ironopolis first time in the England ladder top 5


Edit: It didn’t last! We successfully defended 5th place on 15/09/15 following a challenge from Keynsham Town with a 18-17 (!!) win on penalties. We then tried to snatch 4th spot by challenging Bedworth United but lost 3-1 AET on 20/09/15. Keynsham Town challenged us again and on 27/09/15 beat us 3-2 to leapfrog into 5th and send us down to 6th place.


Golden League Goalscorers

The Golden League (GL) is a prestigious friendly tournament run by the HTU Managers Federation (HTUM). Wincobank Ironopolis are the reigning (GL6) champions and will soon embark on a defence of our title when we play our first GL7 match next week. All our GL fixtures and results are here. Below is a table of our all-time Golden League goalscorers. Correct up to and including 04/06/2016.

Wincobank Ironopolis Golden League Goalscorers

Goalscorer Goals Hattricks
Matt Milton 25 3
Brian Cleverley 20
David Dexter 15
Robin Arnull 10
Den Derbyshire 7 1
Danny Cain 7
Douglas Younger 4 1
Martin Adams 4
Phillip Cresswell 4
Quinton Lennon 4
Allan Levine 4
Teddy Perraudin 4
James Blackadder 3
Wang Junchao 3
David Kaplan 3
John Searle 3
Jamie Woodland 3
Alun Anderson 2
Arman Chowdhury 2
Sammy Enders 2
Lee Nedwell 2
Mark Ardill 1
David Coarse 1
Stephen Hardin 1
Lee Johnson 1
Amos Kersley 1
Greg Klein 1

Ursul Berns his bridges

Former Dutch player Ursul Berns turned Infomercial Host was inducted into the Hall of Fame of Italian club CERONTESE F.C. in June 2008 at the age of 36. He played seven seasons for CERONTESE and in his 83 games scored a creditable 43 goals. Not bad for a defender, not bad at all. As can be seen from his HoF entry below it clearly states he was loyal to the Italian club for his entire career.

Ursul Berns

This is not the case for our club historian has revealed he had a short stint with Wincobank Ironopolis. He made four friendly appearances during the early part of season 28 and even scored a goal. On 14th February 2006 he played left back in a game against West Ham United.. and scored the 3rd goal of a 5-0 win with a free-kick that was described as ‘truly marvelous’.

No transfer records can be found showing when Berns joined Ironopolis and from whom nor what date he left. Why would he want to disassociate himself from our fine club? Maybe he was disappointed that he didn’t get a chance to play in our first team, maybe he wanted to stay and was sold despite his wishes? Who knows? It’s a mystery …


Kings of the Hill

Finally our brave lads managed to reach the summit of the Yorkshire ladder and for at least one day can claim to be Kings of the Hill. We reached the top spot on the 19th August 2015 by beating Woking Wednesday 2-1 AET using a 4-5-1 CA.  How long our stay at the summit will be is anyone’s guess. Woking Wednesday are a strong team who are currently top of one of England’s strongest II series. If they fancy reclaiming the Yorkshire ladder top spot we’d have to pull out all the stops to keep them at bay. Click the image below to see full size.

Wincobank Ironopolis Yorkshire's King of the Hill

Wincobank Ironopolis Yorkshire’s King of the Hill


Hitting the Heights

Wincobank Ironopolis have been plying their hattrick trade for over ten years now. We started in season 24 and now here we are 34 seasons later 5 weeks into season 57 and we’ve achieved our highest league placing to date. We were actually top of III.6 after the week 4 game though because we won that game on a 5-0 walkover it felt like we’d gone top by default. It was therefore most pleasing to maintain first position courtesy of a 4-0 win over Camomilla. A somewhat unexpected result it must be said but one that wonderfully illustrates the joy and beauty of  HTRF.

Back in season 42 we finished 2nd in III.12 which is our highest ever final league placing but at no point during that campaign did we lead the series. I don’t know if our season 57 final league placing will match or even beat what we managed in season 42 because all our league mates are strong and worthy opponents but we’ll give it our best shot.




Hotshot Hits Hundred

Robin Arnull joined Ironopolis in February 2012 as a fresh-faced 2460 TSI 17 year-old but soon proved to all at the club that he had what it takes to be the best he can. With constant effort and hard work he honed his innate footballing abilities to become a goal-scoring behemoth the likes of which have never before been seen within the seven hills of our South Yorkshire paradise.

A few days ago on the 16th December 2014 in our most recent cup match he ghosted through the opposition defence in the 83rd minute to slot home the final goal in a 7-0 win. By doing so he cemented his place in club history. That goal was his 100th in competitive games and he becomes the first Ironopolisian to reach that magical mark. To honour his achievement his team-mates gave him the nickname ‘Charlie’.

Why Charlie? Well, Charlie is the international code word for ‘C’ which is also the roman numeral for 100 which is derived from the latin word centum meaning one hundred. Charlie is also a diminutive form of Charles the Germanic origin of which means ‘free man’.  More than appropriate for because of his goalscoring achievements he’s been granted the freedom of Strafforth and Tickhill, the ancient wapentake that Wincobank Ironopolis call home.


In a few weeks time ‘Charlie’ will have been with the club ten seasons and as well as being the first to fire home 100 competitive goals he’s also banged in over 200 tournament goals. He’s given a number of 12-star performances this year and it’s hoped he’ll continue to improve to the point that he’ll produce the first 15-star performance by an Ironopolis player. Only time will tell but by heck that boy Arnull will give it a go.


English Premier Challenge

As part of my Decade on Hattrick celebrations I played a series of games against teams from Hattrick’s English Premier League. The challenge came about when ville_man manager of the reigning English champions offered to help me mark my decade in hattrick by playing a single game against his team Ville Warriors. In a momentary lapse of judgement I decided it would be a great idea to play all the English Premier teams at the same time so fired off a single match challenge to the seven of the eight who were available for challenges.

The games were arranged and at 8pm on Thursday 23/10/14 I played seven simultaneous single match games against the current English Premier teams Ville Warriors, Brow of the Hill South, Jol-lification, Giant Hobo’s FC, Toxic Skank, Aldhous Athletic, and F.C. Claudia Bath. Of the seven games I won one and lost the rest which I consider to be a bit of a result. Though it must be said that my single victory owed more to hattrick random than it did to any tactical ability on my part!


The highests HatStats were posted by Jol-lification and Brow of the Hill South both with 417. Looking at sectors the best defence was Brow of the Hill South with supernatural (low). Ville Warriors with magnificent (low) ratings had the best midfield with Ironopolis posting the best attack of supernatural (very high) in the game against Giant Hobos. Thank you to all the teams for taking part and helping me celebrate 10 years playing Hattrick.


Wincobank’s oldest surviving opponents

On Tuesday 27th October 2014 Ironopolis will play a friendly game against German club YoungBoys 2003. Nothing remarkable in that you may think however YoungBoys are one our oldest opponents still playing hattrick. We first met April 2005 in a game that went to penalties. Check out those ratings!

How do we know this? Well as part of the club’s Decade on Hattrick celebrations the club archivist has been hard at work. He’s delved into the club’s playing history to find out which teams we met in our formative hattrick years are still playing the game. Our first ever game was 17th October 2004 which was week 1 of season 24. See the table below for the clubs we’ve met since then who are still going strong.

Our oldest surviving opponent is Denmark’s Red Star Haderslev. We didn’t actually play our third oldest surviving opponent F.C. Orlović of Serbia as they fielded a 1-1-2 line-up and conceded to a walkover. The first UK team we met which survives to this day is Dunkys Mob of Scotland whilst our oldest surviving league opponent is Banana Bravos.

Date Team Country Match
22/02/05 Red Star Haderslev Denmark Fr
19/04/05 YoungBoys 2003 Germany Fr
26/07/05 F.C. Orlović Serbia Fr
09/08/05 Dunkys Mob Scotland Fr
08/11/05 Milan Switzerland Fr
24/11/05 Sheffield Steel USA Fr
29/01/06 Banana Bravos England Lg
14/02/06 West Ham United.. England Fr
22/02/06 Ataqqs Switzerland Fr
21/03/06 Helloween Fears Bulgaria Fr
18/04/06 Cherrytown FC Germany Fr
17/09/06 Gummigboadsy 80/- England Lg
31/12/06 FC Oldham England Lg
13/02/07 Banshee Football USA Fr
08/04/07 united nitram England Lg
08/05/07 RIP Wetherby Park USA Fr
15/05/07 biggens Norway Fr
22/05/07 Klyve Soccerstars Norway Fr
20/06/07 Malacka FC Hungary Fr
26/06/07 chicco day Italy Fr
22/07/07 Depor Diaz England Lg
19/08/07 ChebsRUs England Lg
02/09/07 Polydactylous United England Lg
11/12/07 Tactical Chunda England Cp