Season final

With half of the team on their last legs AFCW luckily managed to avoid relegation to the strongest series in divison V in Austria.

When Antonio ‘C-4’ Maselli sparked the bomb in minute 112 many of his fellow teammates were completely whacked from a long and intensive fight under the hot sun pressing their opponents. The medical staff had to treat several players after the match for heat stroke and total exhaustion. Some were carried out on stretchers. 35yo Carlos Monteiro was brought in a helicopter to a nearby hospital.

However, most of the plans we had were turned over several times during the season. We were flirting with the idea to relegate deliberately, but only to a comparably weak series. When the relegation match opponent popped up the management was speechless. Shocked over this news it was clear there is no option left on the table anymore. It was abolutely vital to avoid relegation to that series my counterpart came from: V.96, the then strongest series in the entire division. But the barrier in front of us came along with a 1.7m TSI team.

It appears incredible AFCW eventually won this. Admittedly totally undeserved. We sense criminal luck was involved.

Looking forward to another season in IV.53. Team overhaul still underway. 😀