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KHA Champions League Final S55

final countdown

The KHA Champions League

30-06-2014 20.00 (12/55)

This seasons KHA Champions League final see’s two sides who have never made it to the final before, let alone won the tournament. So the only guarantee in this match is that there will be a new name on the trophy.

Relapse FC and Rochdale United have made names for themselves as two difficult sides to break down, and have their main strengths in defence. Yet both teams this season have shown that this isn’t the only string to their bows and have cast all other teams aside.

Relapse topped group C, after beating both Facey’s Facilitators and Kingsway Hattrick AFC, and drawing against Cliffy’s Dappa Squad. Dale on the other hand faced a tougher group A, losing their opening match 2-1 to RC Obajan, before managing to beat Inter Minge and Angelic United to finish second in the group.

The Quarter-final’s saw Relapse face former winners Recaro Storm, emerging 2-1 winners, whilst Dale won a 6-5 thriller against Rochdale Raiders.

The Semi-final’s saw Relapse face off against RC Obajan, and in hat was a hotly contested battle that could so easily have gone either way, resulted in another 2-1 victory for Relapse and their first Final appearance in the Champions League.

Dale were set to play A.S. Dosolokkupa, and managed to defeat a strong Italian side 2-0, to take their place in the Final, also for the first time, and a chance at history.


Relapse and Dale have previous, having met five times prior to the final, with Dale just shading it, three games to two, but with the last meeting nearly one full year ago, it means a lot of things have changed at both clubs.

Face off 1

Face off 2

Make sure you log in on the 30-06-2014 at 20.00HT/19.00GMT  (12/55) and cheer on your chosen team.


KHA Season 52 Awards


Welcome to the KHA Season 52 Awards. The votes have been cast, and the results are now in.

First up is the Jozef Parent Award. This award goes to that special player who you’d just love to have in your team.

The nominee’s are:

Tyler Chipman of Recaro Storm,

Otso ‘Agent Smith’ Miller of Bad Boy Utd.

‘Dench’ Kurz of Recaro Storm


Stanney Timperman of Moggies Maulers.

And the winner is…………..

Tyler Chipman of Recaro Storm!

Our next Award is the Best Youth Academy player. This award is for the best youth products in the federation aged up to 17.0

The nominee’s are:

Lee Gregory

Lester Burton


Joe Colburne of CF Jared.

And the winner is…..

Joe Colburne of CF Jared

Next up we have the AJ Hinchliffe Award. This is for those talented young players under 21 that you just know are going to be stars.

The nominee’s are:

Dustin Cowan of Relapse F.C.

Tam Irving of Crazy Diamonds


Woody Belgrove of Inconel Resist.

And the winner is…..

Dustin Cowan of Relapse F.C.


Swiftly moving on, we now present the Players Manager of The Season Award. This is presented to the manager who has impressed you the most this season.

And the nominee’s are:






And the winner is…..


As we approach the end of the awards, we look at the teams that have impressed you the most over the past season for The Balon Schwarber.

The nominee’s are:

Inconel Resist

Relapse F.C.

Rochdale United


Facey’s Facilitators

and the winner is…..

Facey’s Facilitators!

The most entertaining player at Super Sunday Award goes to the player that brings that little extra something to SS.

And the nominee’s are:

Kenny Bronson of Inconel Resist

Ali Akbar Hami of Recaro Storm


Dick Marks of Rochdale United

And the winner is…..

Dick Marks of Rochdale United.

Finally we present the award for the most entertaining Manager at Super Sunday. They are the manager that entertains the most at a Hellslide gathering of the KHA.

And the final nominee’s are:





And the winner is…..


And that’s it folk’s, all the awards are handed out.

Congratulations to all the winners, and commiserations to those who were nominated but didn’t win.

The new season is approaching quickly, with Round 1 of the cup already played, season 53 could be your season to create a legend!

Good Luck to all!


Season End Approaches

RC Obajan

7th – Series: IV.63
A side in rebuild and trying to train an U20 star all at once, have had a tough season in IV. With just 2 wins and 2 draws to their name, they sit in an auto relegation spot. They do however sit only 5pts off a playoff spot, which with a bit of luck could allow RCO to save their season.
In reality, RCO sit a mere 9 points off second, and whilst its likely to late to reach those lofty hights, it puts into context how tight the league was this season.


Inter Minge

7th – Series: IV.13
3 wins and 1 draw means that Minge are facing the drop, but stand a good chance of claiming a playoff match from their final 4 matches. A 1-0 loss this week to nearest rivals Alemannia may prove costly if Minge struggle to claim points from their remaining matches.
5pts off 4th and 7pts off 2nd, it has been pretty tight for the Minge, apart from runaway leaders Gempops who have dominated this season.


Recaro Storm

7th – Series: III.10

Another team sat in 7th place, and again could claim a playoff spot. Only 1pt off 6th place who they play in the final match, this very well could decide where Storm play next season. Up next against hobo’s who have yet to claim a point, you would imagine 3pts for Storm to apply the pressure on the teams above them. Nothing is yet decided, and quite possibly have the best chance of survival out of them, Minge and RCO.


Relapse f.c

2nd – Series: V.251

Relapse have returned to V with a vengeance, and look on course for a second place finish. Mathematically they could win the league, as they sit 6pts off the leaders, Primitive. However it would require Primitive to lose 2 out of their final 4 matches, and considering they havn’t yet lost this season, it may just be out of reach for Relapse.

4pts will guarantee them D.V football next season, and Shady must surely be pleased with his season thus far.


Bad Boy Utd

3rd – Series: IV.37

Debut season in D.IV, Bad Boys have impressed, and with 4th place or higher guaranteed today, after taking a point this week to Matty Dread XI, they sit 1 solitary point off top spot, despite slipping down to 3rd. 1st placed Pork Piers are next up against Bad Boys, and if Bad Boys lose this match, it could ruin all the hard work put in up to now. Many in the KHA will be hoping Piers prevail, just for the Ooooooossssshhhhhhh!!!!! 😛

2nd placed nedsnutters are playing bottom placed Piave, so Bad Boys need the win on sunday if they are going to meet the lofty claims he has made of winning back to back promotions.


angelic united

4th – Series: V.83
Bobajob:  what the fuck .. ok we need a kick up the arse .. np we will get 1 why play like your shit when you was at the top of the league … FUCK WHY …
How can you decribe Angelics season better than the manager himself? After pushing for a top spot, the wings have fallen off, and angelic have plumeted down the table and now sit 4th in the table. Whilst 1st place is virtually out of reach, there is a very real chance angelic could drop into a relegation playoff place, and if angelic really cock it up in their final four games, auto relegation.
3 more pts will assure angelic of at worst a playoff match, but realisticly angelic need to win 3 out of their last 4 to finish in the top four.


rochdale rovers

3rd – Series: V.210
Rovers look set for a top 4 place, and only need 3pts to guarantee that. 3pts off top spot means a title is a very realistic aim. Rovers next face 2nd placed Rangers, so a win is a must if they are to catch TheMysterons.

Rovers final match is against theMysterons, and other results working in Rovers favour could mean it is a title decider.


Cliffy’s Dappa Squad

1st – Series: V.253

Cliffy’s victory today means they have claimed the D.V title, and look good for auto promotion. Having gone 10 games unbeaten in the league, they will be wondering if they can remain unbeaten all season.

With their nearest rival 13pts behind Cliffy’s can relax knowing they cant be overtaken.


inconel resist fc

1st – Series: V.84
Inconel sit 4pts clear at the top of the table, and whilst they sit top, they cant aford any slip-ups over the next four matches if they are to claim the title. Talisman Bronson has played more of a bit part role, however he has been integeral to the success so far this season.
Inconel will likely play a playoff match for promotion to D.IV if they can hold onto top spot, not bad for someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing.


Crazy Diamondz

4th – Series: IV.57
Diamondz sit perilously close to a relegation playoff spot, only 3pt clear. The title is out of reach, but they could still take 2nd dependent on other results. Diamondz could potentially finish 7th, and auto relegation as next weeks opponents Millenium battlers are only 6pts behind.
Diamondz however have a strong squad, and should be able to secure 4th spot in the league, and even push on for 3rd.



1st – Series: VI.143
3pts clear at the top of the table, Super Sic look on track for the league, despite it not being secured yet. They have won all 10 matches so far, and you would expect them to finish the job in style.
The worst they can finish is 2nd, and as it stands, they are looking at auto promotion to D.V



3rd – Series: IV.6
2pac sit 3pts behind the leaders and 7pts above 7th place, and whilst they look to be battling it out at the top for 1st place, they could easily get dragged into a relegation battle. One mistake could be costly for 2pac.
2pac should have enough in them to finish in the top 4, but after 7th placed Cov City beat 2nd placed London Boys, it just shows that in this league anyone can beat anyone, no matter what the league places suggest.


Faceys Facilitators

1st – Series: VI.926
Maximum points see’s Facilitators 5pts clear and look unstoppable, and with them on course for auto-promotion the question is, will they be ready for D.V, or are they peeking to early.
The worst Facilitators can finish is 3rd, but after such a good season, anything less than 1st will no doubt be looked upon as a failure.


Rochdale United

3rd – Series: V.212
After a strong start to the season, United have hit a rough patch, and has seen them drop from 1st to 3rd. United sit 4pts off top spot, and still have to play all the teams in the top half of the table. These matches will determine if Uniteds season was a success or failure.
United have secured at least a relegation playoff should they lose all their remaining matches. Avoiding injuries to key players will be key to Uniteds success this season.


Rochdale Raiders

1st – Series: V.183
8pts clear at the top of the table, Raiders are almost home and dry, with them needing just 4pts to secure them the title. Behind them, both 2nd and 3rd placed Locomotiv and PanGalactic need to win all their remainder games to have a chance. The title could be wrapped up next week if both Locomotiv and PanGalactic lose and Raiders win.


Moggies Maulers

5th – Series: II.1
The highest ranked team in the KHA have found it tough going this season, finding themselves sat precariously on the edge of auto relegation. With 4 wins and 1 draw, Maulers have done well in their first season in II, however they now sit 3pts off 7th place, and 5pts behind 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Survival is a very real possibility for the Maulers, but they are going to find it tough to take points next week off Equalizers.



KHA Champions League Final

KHA Final season 3


The KHA trophy returns to the electric cupboard after Makaveli rammed a huge finger up enzo’s arse, to claim a 5-2 victory.


Both teams set out in a 3-5-2, with 2pac looking to attack in the middle. Storm were looking for one strong wing attack, with Siggins playing FTW.


It wasn’t to start well for Storm, as they gave away a penalty, which allowed Ari Suvela to put 2pac up 1-0 on the 6th minute. Storm looked shaken, but knowing the goal had been so early, continued to plug away. However it was going to get worse for Storm, when on the 31st minute, 2pac’s Gaétan Leguay burst through the central defence and let loose a cannonball of a shot, scoring for 2-0. This wasn’t what Storm had been expecting before this match. 2pac riding high on taking a two goal lead, found themselves with another chance, when Hossein Al-Malik received a delicate pass through Storms central defence after 38 minutes, and chipped it past the flailing keeper to score making it 3-0. The 2pac fans went wild, whilst Storm fans started to think about leaving early.

Storm continued to pressure 2pac’s defence and on the 40th minute, when given a penalty, Petr Selinger fired the ball into the net to make the score 3-1. The Storm players looked to have recovered from the shock of going 3 goals down with that goal, and pushed for their second, but ran out of time as the referee blew his whistle for half time.


With the tie at 3-1, Storm still had a chance of turning things around, but it was 2pac who were going to have the first chance of the second half, Chesus Lama Cuevas on 49 minutes, was almost able to extend the lead with a well placed diving header after the ball had looped into the centre, but Storms keeper Baldo Zambelli made the save. 11 minutes later though, 2pac made it 4-1 as Julian Janik got a touch to the floated corner kick and flicked the ball to Chesus Lama Cuevas who whipped a low drive in off the far post. Surely it was over now for Storm.

Although the whole team were struggling to impress, Storm’s Petr Selinger was singled out as being the problem as he was called off the pitch after 62 minutes, with Tyler Chipman being given a chance to change things around.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Storm, on the 69th minute an incisive pass through the middle gave Farhad Ezzati a chance to increase the lead for 2pac, and he did not disappoint. The score was then 5-1. On the 71st minute Storm’s Eugenio Cannavaro got the home crowd going, and dreaming of a glorious comeback, when he finished off a left wing charge, reducing the lead to 5-2, but it was to prove just a consolation goal, as 2pac managed to play out the rest of the match in comfort.


Final score was 5-2.


I managed to catch up with Makaveli and Enzoferrari later on to find out there opinions of the match.

Makaveli unusually had very little to say, only managing to utter the words “Oh My God, not again” over and over. There seemed to be the sound of fear in his voice, supported by his no show at sundays, Super Sunday.

Enzo was unavailable for comment, however teacups could be heard being thrown, even a week later down at Hellslide.



The KHA Season 50 Awards

The Kenny Bronson Award – Player of the Year
Hendrik Küfner Moggies (207779117)
17 goals, 10 of them in Series II showed that this 31 year old trainee is good enough to cut it in the 2nd tier of HT England. His goals assisted Moggies Maulers to 2nd spot in II.1, the highest ever finish by a KHA Club.

The Anton Holland Award – Young Player Of The Year
Nicholas “Nipper” Paulson (346608757)
With 16 U20 England caps, 9 of them as Captain this 19 year old homegrown defender’s career has been something special thus far. 9 career goals to day gives an added dimension to this head specialist’s game

Manager of The Season
Shady17 – Relapse FC
With a TSI to wage ratio of 10.87 and a team with an average age just shy of 24 it is clear to see that here is a team in the making. Whilst Walks of Moggies Maulers is the benchmark, Shady has found himself back in Series V the strongest he has been giving him the best chance. It is because of this that Shady has earned himself Season 50’s title of Manager of the Season.

Golden Boot
David ‘Rizzy’ Afnan Relapse(313512056) 24
Flavio Biondo Inconel (299625944) 19
Manuel Pupa RC Obajan (163600221) 19

Achievement Award
This seasons achievement award goes to a player who signed for his club on 20th April 2008 back in Season 35 and made his competitive debut on 5th May in a 8-0 victory over Knights of the Templar. 15 seasons later he made his final outing having played 278 times, scoring 71 goals including 3 hattricks. One of his last league matches was perhaps his finest scoring an 84th minute equiliser away to West Country Toons. Now a Hall of Famer for his club with a tournament that celebrated his career that saw Enzoferrari rise up to Series III and stay there. Gentlemen, I give you Ricco Schwarber of Recaro Storm. In recognition of Schwarber’s achievements next season’s Most Improved Team Award will be named The Balon Schwarber in light of his teams rise up the leagues whilst Ricco was there.


The Jozef Parent Award – Players Player of the Year
Yohan Beukers ((249151180)) – 2 Votes
This 29 year old Dutch head specialist is Inter Minges midfield general and has been at Stadio Crapio for 9 seasons with 159 appearances for the club.

Paulson, Serlinger, Green, Siggins, Colbourne,
Timperman, Bals – All 1 vote

Players Young Player of the Year
Nicholas “Nipper” Paulson (346608757) – 7 Votes

First player to win both Young Player and Players Young Player due to international experience. Paulson has been playing in RCO’s first team since he was 17 years old. Nipper is the highest capped player in the current U20 squad.

Stu Rodale, Claudio Bigaglia, Christopher Reusser – 1 vote

Players Manager of The Year
Walks of Moggies Maulers – 7 Votes
The benchmark of the KHA excelled in his first season in II by finishing 2nd, against all odds and expectations of his opponents. Excellent training and shrewd transfer activity makes Walks the finest manager in the Federation and will be setting his sights firmly on the Premiership. The current KHA Champion is ranked 14 in England and ranked 1682nd in the world.

Most Improved Team
RC Obajan – 4 votes
RCO’s rebuild has surprised a few fellow KHA managers who expected things to take longer. A £17M overhaul saw HB bring in some young talent, training them in defence. This has made RCO difficult to beat losing only 3 competitive matches since August 23, all by a single goal.

Relapse fc – 2 votes

Bitturd r Us, Bad Boy, Angelic Utd – 1 votes

Most entertaining player at Super Sunday
Kenny Bronson – Inconel Resist – 5 votes
Il Bruto is the scourge of many a team who have felt his presence… and his goals!!

Gé Coessens – Angelic United – 3 votes
Hamalinen – Bad Boy Utd – 1 vote

Most entertaining Manager at Super Sunday
Banham – 3 votes
The man who’s mouth moves quicker than his brain has brought a lot of laughter to Super Sunday and his side isn’t bad either, getting to Series IV in short order. Also has an impressive TSI to wage ratio and a contender for future manager of the season. Funny and talented… must be on drugs!!

Shady 17 – 2 votes
Makavelli – 2 votes
Walks/Enzo/HB – 1 vote


KHA Final Season 2

Brother faced Brother in a thrilling KHA final, both teams were out to take the spoils in what looked on paper to be a thrilling match, and they didnt disapoint.


Moggies Maulers

  • Miguel Iñigo-Ruiz
  • Krsto Andrisević
  • Alberto Cárcamo
  • Einer Schröder
  • Daniel Picanyol
  • Pol Pomanyons
  • Iuri Silini
  • Josué Larraona
  • Stanny Timperman
  • Alessandro Gualandi
  • Hendrik KüfnerSP

Recaro Storm

  • Baldo Zambelli
  • Grzegorz The Bull Kuzimski
  • Mark Lorenzen72′ Jonathon Dench Kurz
  • Eugenio Cannavaro
  • Jack Siggins
  • Gert Erlach
  • Dale The KHA Needham
  • Léon Spijkers
  • Kim Shishkin
  • Petr SelingerSP
  • Tyler Chipman

Both teams set up in a 3-5-2, with Moggies focusing their attacks on the wing, but the first goal of the match came through the middle, with Stanny Timperman of Moggies, causing the crowd to go mental on the fifth minute with a fine goal from the edge of the box. On fourteen minutes, M0oggies’s Pol Pomanyons swung in a good chance from the left, but the visitors’ defence were able to clear the ball. Stanny Timperman then came close to extending the lead twenty one minutes into the game. His shot came in from the right hand side but Baldo Zambelli managed to save it with an unbelievable reaction stop. Storm however quickly shifted the ball back up the field, and from all the corner flag, Storm’s Jack Siggins somehow managed to get a perfect pass into the middle, impossible to miss for Petr Selinger, who struck for 1 – 1.

Moggies however quickly went on the attack again, this time Moggies took the lead twenty seven minutes in, as Iuri Silini broke through on the left and put the 2 – 1 shot just beyond the reach of the outstretched keeper. Storm soon leveled up the score on thirty two minutes when a well placed corner kick from Petr Selinger was followed by Léon Spijkers’s hard but accurate header, which flew in the back of the net, the Moggies keeper had no chance.

Not to be outdone, Moggies again scored when they put themselves ahead  after thirty six minutes courtesy of a breakthrough from Josué Larraona, who scored with a stunning volley following a cross from the right wing.

Moggies managed to hold onto the lead as the first half came to an end, and what a first half it had been. five goals in the first half, and with another fourty five minutes to go, you could only imagine what the final score would be.

As the second half started, Moggies began as they left off. Josué Larraona should probably have put the Moggies up another goal after fifty four minutes, but some great goalkeeping by Baldo Zambelli kept Storm in the game. On seventy two minutes, Storm manager Enzoferrari decided he needed to make a change, if he was to turn this match around, and gave Jonathon ‘Dench’ Kurz the opportunity the player had been hoping for with Mark Lorenzen reluctantly leaving the field.

The fresh legs looked to give Storm some extra impetus, and they pulled themselves back in it when Gert Erlach finished off a quick charge from the left of the field, by chipping the ball just past the home side’s keeper to make the score 3 – 3, seventy eight minutes into the match. Unfortunately Storm couldnt hold on for more that two minutes, when a Moggies corner kick created great disorder in the penalty area with a goal nearly scored by Alessandro Gualandi. The ball however rebounded to Moggies’s Daniel Picanyol was able to backheel the ball in to make it 4 – 3.

Storms Petr Selinger looked to tie the game up again, on the eighty third minutes as he made a good effort at breaking through on the right, but Moggies defence cleared the ball to a corner.

Moggies looked to close up the game, with Josué Larraona unleashed a swerving effort from the right that Storm’s keeper did well to tip wide, and Hendrik Küfner put in a disappointing effort on a penalty after eighty five minutes, firing just wide of the goal. Storm struggled to get the ball in any decent scoring chances, and the referee called time on the match for Moggies Maulers to win the KHA Champions League Trophy.


Moggies Players at the final whistle.



KHA Champions League Final

Tonight see’s brother take on brother, in another fight for the title of ‘number one son’, and for the title of ‘the best team in the KHA’.

Moggies Maulers

Div II side, and last seasons quarter-finalists, have already impressed many this season. They sit 3rd in their debut season in II, and reached round 9 of the English cup. With the Maulers all but assured survival this season, they will be looking forward to the final, and the chance to get one over Recaro Storm Manager Enzoferrari.

Moggies beat Rochdale Raiders, RC Obajan and Inconel resist in the group stages, SUPER SIC FC 6-0 in the quarters and4 Rochdale United 3-0 in the semi’s, to claim their place in the final. They have scored 19 goals and conceded 2.

Moggies GK Miguel Iñigo-Ruiz and CD Alberto Cárcamo, both carry injuries into this match, and it will be touch and go as to wether they are included in the squad or not. Moggies have no other injury concerns.


Recaro Storm

Div III strugglers, are experiencing second season syndrome,and have found things tough going this season. They sit 7th, but survival remains a possibility. With a disapointing third round exit from the English cup, Recaro will be hoping they have something to cheer about this season, by winning tonight.

Recaro beat SUPER SIC FC, Bitturd R us FC and Them Guys in the group stages, and beat Relapse f.c 4-0 and Rochdale Raiders 6-3 to book their passage to the final. They have scored 32 goals and conceded 4.

Recaro have no injury concerns going into this match, and have a full squad to choose from.




KHA Champions League semi-finals

Tonight we have a treat in store for you with two highly anticipated matches, to decide who plays in next weeks final.
First up we have surprise package, and slayer of giants Rochdale United taking on the force of Moggies Maulers, and we also see last seasons finalists Recaro Storm facing new boys Rochdale Raiders.

Moggies Maulers Vs Rochdale United
What can be said about this match, quite possibly the biggest mis-match since a certain cup victory from Angelic United. Suffice to say Maulers are clear favourites to win this match and match into the final. Again Rochdale are up against superior opposition, but with a bit of luck there may just be a surprise on the cards. However this task has been made harder with the loss of Colbourne, who picked up an injury yesterday.

Recaro Storm Vs Rochdale Raiders
Tough match for both teams, and could go either way. Recaro will be looking for something to cheer about after losing Sunday, and I feel they will just shade this match. Expect goals galore, in this hotly anticipated match. Recaro will be looking to make amends for last seasons loss in the final by going that one step further. Raiders who are entering for only their first time, will be hoping that won’t be the case.

Good luck to all the finalists.


KHA Champions League Quarter Finals

The KHA Champions League Quarter finals are upon us already, and we are faced with eight teams encompassing divisions II-VI.

Div II

Moggies Maulers


Recaro Storm

Div IV

2pac-olips, Inter Minge

Div V

http://hattrickunited.org/kingswayhattrickassociation/wp-admin/post-new.phpRochdale United, Rochdale Raiders

Div VI

SUPER SIC FC, Relapse f.c

Moggies Maulers Vs SUPER SIC FC

David and Goliath comes to mind when you look at this match. This looks to be a clear cut victory for the Maulers, and I cant see any way that SUPER SIC can get anything from this game. Maulers will be looking to secure progression after crashing out last season at the quarter final stage. The neutrals will be hoping SUPER SIC can pull off a surprise victory.

2pac-olips Vs Rochdale United

2pac are favourites for this match, but United have been on somthing of a giant killing spree this season. Although 2pac should have this match wrapped up by half time, they need to ensure there is no complacency, or they could be in for a shock. 2pac are the current holders, beating Recaro Storm 2-1. United are in the quarter final for the first time in their history.

Inter Minge Vs Rochdale Raiders

The Raiders perhaps just shade this match, but it’s the closest match at this stage of the competition. A little bit of tactical brilliance from either manager could be the difference between being in the semi-finals, or going home. Both teams had strong group stages, with Minge looking the stronger team, but with them crashing out in the quarter finals last season, they will be hoping history doent repeat itself. Not an easy match to call.

Recaro Storm Vs Relapse f.c

The second David and Goliath match of the Quarter finals. Storm are expected winners, but Relapse have impressed many this eason, in how well they have done against the ‘big boys’. They have gained a great amount of respect from fellow KHA managers. Is a surprise result on the cards?


Maulers Bursts Relapse’s Bubbles

Pre-match much was put on Moggies manager Walks who knew that he was in a no win situation facing fellow KHA side, Relapse FC.

The scene was set as over 50,000 made their way into a rainy New Way in the hope they would see a classic. Come the final whistle nobody, but nobody would be disappointed. For the first 40 minutes both sides were trading goal for goal with Series II side Moggies taking the initiative both times and by the time Krst Adrisevic made it 4-2 just before half time you would have thought the outcome of this fourth round tie was simply academic.

Not so, and to a man the Relapse faithful stayed to cheer on their team and their faith and Relapse’s endeavour in the second half would bring one of the most dramatic minutes in KHA history. David Afnan’s low cross was met inside the 18 yard box which was duly met by Ulf Molsted who reduced the deficit by one with minutes to spare. Right from the kick off Moggies conceded an indirect free kick just inside the visitors half. Caught unawares David Afnan was on the end of the ball to send New Way into a frenzy. 4-4 and you could sense the tension running through the highest ranked side to grace the KHA.

However, you should not underestimate a side like Moggies Maulers who buoyed by Walk’s team talk went out to make the first half of injury time a procession as they homed in on a winning goal. After a chance or two it finally fell to the midfield general that is Iuri Silini in the 106 minute to take Maulers through by 5 goals to 4. Broken hearts at New Way but the crowd roared their heroes off and Walks knew he’d been in a game.

Speaking after the game Walks remarked that he wasn’t especially happy at losing two goals in a minute that left him shitting bricks.

“I didn’t want the abuse that HoudiniBhoy got last season.. I was on a loser anyway, win and you was supposed to win and loose ha ha hah you got beat by monkey boy”

When asked on how surprised he was at the result Walks commented “…as soon as he (Shady17) went 2-5-3 I thought it was gonna be a cricket score. So well done Simon”

Talking of whom, was rather magnanamous in defeat. “I was expecting an arse kicking in the 5-1, 6-1 area. I had no idea I was going to get to extra time.”

And get there he did, albeit in very difficult and dramatic circumstances. It was obvious that Shady played to his own strengths, ignoring what Moggies were bringing to the game. Advice from a couple of managers gave the Relapse manager food for thought and effectively came up with his own plan that nearly worked..

When asked to describe how he felt when the fourth goal went in the hairy manager smiled recounting the goal.

“I was playing FIFA on my xbox with the lads thinking 4-2 will do fine, not as bad as I thought. At 4-3 I was happy I pulled one back then at 4-4 I hurt my had smashing it on the table shouting YEAH!!”

Despite the disappointment of losing in injury time Shady was rather upbeat about the outcome feeling vindicated about his team choice and indeed how he is setting his team out for the future

“…Chris is a series two side and this result proves to me I’m doing the right thing and going the right direction. As of late I have been doubting myself and thinking “Am I the right man for the job?” kind of thing, the reason I am still in series VI after 11 seasons and getting nowhere fast.”

The outcome appears to have left both managers happy at the end of the day. Walks has progressed and Shady showed progression so all in all it was a good day for the KHA.

Well done gentlemen.