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5 year strong!

Rising Vikings has gone through a lot of things lately. The most noticeable one is that the club reached the prestigious milestone of 5 years as a club. It was celebrated with a big party and the fans had set up some extra arrangements during the weekend’s home game in order to celebrate further and cheer the team to another victory.

April 30th was a very special day for everyone who has a soft spot for Rising Vikings. That date declared that the club has now existed for 5 years. Fans, players and employees had gathered at the stadium on the wednesday evening in honour of the club. Some big profiles of the club told the story of the club and most notable were the ones who played with the club back in the days. One of them was the former fan favorite Ivan Casado who played as a striker for the club for almost the years and now is the trainer of a polish team in their lowest league tier. The brazilian legend who has played the most matches for the club of all players (171 matches) cleared his throat and began to speak of the club of his heart.

Ivan Casado

Ivan Casado

This is something all the people involved with the club could only could have dreamt about when we started out as a poor club playing on a field of dirt in the lowest division. Most people thought that our extremely limited funds were going to vanish instantly and lead to a quick exit for our struggling club. But the lads showed proof of persistance and reached one of the most esteemed checkpoints. The 10 year achievement is left to reach, but if the club continues with the same passion and enthusiasm it will be no problem for them to reach that one as well. I am glad to have been part of the club for such a long time and being able to witness such great progress starting with a bunch of confused young players, then working really hard to become men who do everything for their club who also possesses some incredible football skills. It was an amazing time playing alongside of all of them and all goals I scored for the club came from the heart.


When the arena was left in silence later that wednesday night, it was as if it was waiting eagerly for the upcoming home game at sunday the 4th. The fans were just as eager as they took their seats on the matchday. The Vikings were facing Aka hus, a slightly weaker team with almost no offensive thinking at all. However they make up for that with a massive defence that the home team had greatly under-estimated. The defence of Rising Vikings had an easy time handling the oppositions weak attacks but the attackers could just dream of scoring against the wall Aka hus had built. As a whole this was a very uneventful game that was boring to watch for the enthusiastic fans who wanted the newly celebrated team to give them a show. This also meant that the team’s winning streak was broken but they are still undefeated this season. With 7 points they hold the lead with a better goal difference than Head Hunter.F.C. They have also impressed a lot by not conceding any goals so far in the league play. Now it will be interesting to see if the team can keep the first place and earn the promotion they have longed for so long. So far they have proven to be a mid-table team so they are more than eager to exceed these expectations this time around.


Breaking down, building up

As mentioned earlier Rising Vikings switched league before this season started in order to increase their chances of climbing one division, and to begin with it went really well for the usual mid-table team. However Vikings’ chances of winning the league shrank as more matchweeks passed. Now they have given up for this season and are currently rebuilding their strength. We had the pleasure to have a short chat with their manager, Kludden. 







Many fans had high expectations when the league swap gave results early in on the season. They had been hoping for a promotion to division IV for quite a while but they had to give up their plans as the Vikings failed to pick more important points in the first half of the season. The disappointment was overwhelming for the people involved with management of the club. “Kludden, are all people in the staff heavy-hearted after the failure of this season or can you see anything positive coming out of it?”

I’m not pleased with how this season has turned out result-wise so I have already started to make plans for the next season instead, with this season as a springboard of course! Since our chances of promotion pretty much are gone already, it’s a natural decision to sacrifice the results in order to switch to training that benefits the players the most. This way we will be better prepared for next season and hopefully ready to conquer the top spot.

“Could you please clarify what this training involves and in what way it’s going to make the team stronger as a whole?”. Kludden stopped to think for a while before he continued:

The training involves improving our wing play. Our biggest weakness the latest couple of seasons has been our offence. We have been totally edgeless since Daniel Selskog and Phil Zierl-Gerhold left and since we figured it would be smart to strengthen our midfield it was perfect to get good defensive forwards and optimize the offence on the wings instead. That way we can build up our play in the middle of the field and send it out on any of the flanks when it’s time to strike. It gives us diversity but also it makes our chances of encountering a weak section of the opponents’ defence higher. We bought two wingers recently to train into players like that so now we pretty much have the whole team finished for now.

“Who are your most important players for the moment?”

That question has a pretty boring answer actually. I have to say that all players are just as important. In order for the team to reach their maximum potential we have to see through the individuals and try to get the team to work as an unit. Of course the skills of some individual players can be of importance but an evenly balanced team can be just as important.

“You said that your senior squad is on its place for the near future. How does it look in the junior squad? Are there any remarkable talents to talk about or are the players evenly matched there as well?”

Most of the players are similar in skill but there is one player who will enjoy most of the training until he’s getting promoted in a couple of weeks. His name is Nikola Živković and his skills as a keeper are really something over the usual. He could even be interesting for the swedish U20 team if he’s lucky. I’m not exaggerating when I say that he is the best keeper we’ve ever had in our junior squad. It will be a blast to follow his progress!

Nikola Živković

Nikola Živković

“Sounds very interesting indeed! Would you say he can compare to the talents of your faroese team Dynamo Gurkan?”

Definitely! All of them are class acts in their own way. They are splendid for their age, however far from all young talents keep their edge as they get older. Time shows which players who truly got that star quality. I hope all of them have it in them but I can’t be sure yet.

“Let’s hope so! Thanks for taking time answering my questions! I hope to talk to you again sometime soon.”


A decent start

After a fairly decent season where the Vikings ended up on a 4th place the fans had mixed emotions. Some of them were pleased with a mid-table result since that’s where the team belongs. However a vast majority wanted to see the board make changes in order to increase the chances to climb to Division IV. Manager Kludden and his closest advicers saw an opportunity to swap series in order to switch the difficulty for the better.

It was quite a while since Rising Vikings had any major success in competetive games and the dissatisfaction among the followers of the club grows extremely fast. The league swap was a quite desperate move but sometimes desperate can mean brilliant. The first game of the season was nothing less than a success. 2-0 for the Vikings despite being the underdog. However that is a role the club seems to be comfortable with, the run in The Golden Leauge a season ago is a brilliant example of that. It was a great time for the Vikings and it has already become part of the club’s finest pieces of history.

The second game was however not like the first. The optimistic Vikings fans who had witnessed their team open the season in a great way at home ground travelled to Uppsala to cheer their boys to another win, this time against Stabbypojkarna managed by GM-DrSpik. The expectations were great considering how the Vikings had crushed a clearly better team in the match before. The fans could feel that it was time for such a match again. But the opposing team had other plans. Their first 3 points for the season after a tie game was what they wanted to achieve and it was what they got after 90 minutes had passed. Rising Vikings weren’t defenceless but except for the central defence there wasn’t much to be pleased with. Stabbypojkarna humiliated the visitiors by scoring 3 goals in 63 minutes and they owned the game. Alessandro Ippolito’s 1-3 goal that came 3 minutes after the home team’s last goal was not enough to turn things around but at least it was a sign that they wanted revenge. The 300 visitor fans were dissappointed as they boarded the bus and went home. Most of them with the thought “Was the last win just because of luck?”.

The 22nd of September was a really important day for Rising Vikings. It was the day when they had to prove that they had learned something from last week’s match. This time it was on home ground once again which really pleased the fans who couldn’t make it to Uppsala last week. The opponents for this game was Robbie Fowlers All Stars, a club that is on its way down as a result of poor management. The home crowd had to wait for 19 minutes for the first goal which was scored by central defender Roland Cruise. After that the goals slowly started to pour in. The delighted fans had the pleasure to not just cheer once more, but nine more times. The match ended 10-0 and it was more because of the lack of discipline for the visitors than a flawless performence by the home team. This is what Kludden had to say about the game:

We got a really sweet result today but the guys have to remember that they played far from their potential. These 3 points were important for our confidence but we have to focus on the next game rather than thinking about this result until next sunday. I will make sure that the players are ready the next time they enter the pitch!


It all comes down to this!

After an impressive 2-1 win against Rochdale at Sutter’s Mill where Phil Zierl-Gerhold scored both the goals for Rising Vikings the team is ready for the final of Golden League. Their opponent there will be Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno from Poland and even though the Vikings have impressed a lot in the tournament so far it is very unlikely that they would even be close to a win this time. The match will take place at Waegari Park in South Korea at wednesday, 2 Am swedish time. Our reporters took some time to ask some club profiles what their expectations of the game are. Here are 3 hand-picked interviews:

Kludden (manager)

Hello there Kludden! What do you think that your team can get out of this game?

A win would be a dream come true to me and everyone else involved in the club. However I’m almost 100 % sure that it won’t happen. Both Krosnianka and us have made a good work to come this far but they have been among the favorites all the way while we have been counted out before pretty much all games in the play-offs. That makes Krosnianka the favorites but being an underdog is like a hobby for us. It’s a great way of giving away the pressure to your opponent and play for fun instead which is often more fruitful.

Very good analyzed, we’ll hope to see you there!

Actually I won’t even be in South Korea at the time of the final. I will make a trip to Barcelona at monday morning for business purposes. It was a hard decision to have to let the team down but we will try to livestream the match from there so that I can see how they are doing.


Sören Bokstål (Homegrown Defender)

Great to see you Sören! How do you see on this match?

We will as always give our best but we will have a hard time defending ourselves against KKK. We are well-known for our compact defence but that doesn’t mean we are a wall. If the opposite side is dangerous is enough it will of course give result. The most important thing for us players to think of when we meet such a skilled team is that we have to work as a unit rather than depend on individual strength. We will try to do that on wednesday and you’ll see then if it works.


Phil Zierl-Gerhold (Important goal-scorer)

Hello Phil! Can we expect some more goals from you on wednesday?

I can’t promise anything but I will certainly try. If I get that perfect pass and find an opening I will take a shot instantly rather than try getting an even better chance. Obviously it has worked out for me in previous matches so I hope it will work now as well. What I’m most worried about is that we won’t have much ball so that would make it even more important to don’t waste good chances on goal. Most of us feel that this is an impossible game to win but despite that we will put 11 eleven hungry fighters on the pitch, me included.


The Vikings refuse to obey the laws of nature

This wednesday was just like the last filled with exciting Golden League games, this time it was time for the quarter finals. For the Vikings a match against Blue Royals 04 was on the schedule and pretty much everyone expected nothing else than a Royals win, even Kludden himself.

The match started early on the morning and Kludden was having some sort of meeting over his mobile phone in order to make his busy schedule work out. He kept an eye on the game at the same time though, a really good decision considering how entertaining the match turned out to be in the end. 2381 people showed up at the stadium of Blue Royals situated in Austria, a decent number of spectators who were there to watch some great football.

Vikings chose their traditional 3-5-2 formation in order to have a strong midfield and good balance at the rest of the pitch. There were no surprises in the line-up since they had chosen to field the same players as last week. The trainer didn’t feel the need to change a winning concept. This meant that both of the heroes from the last game, Daniel Selskog and Phil Zierl-Gerhold were in the starting eleven which pleased the few away fans who had braved the distance between Sweden and Austria in order to witness the exciting Golden League quarter-final game. What didn’t please the fans as much was that Blue Royals had chosen a very offensive formation in order to break down the defence of the Vikings. Their choice fell upon 2-5-3 which gave them both a strong attack and a big ball possession advantage.

The first minutes of the game didn’t include many chances but Royals started out strongest of the two by having a good chance in the 4th minute that hit the crossbar. After that chance the game became very dull and a decent scoring chance didn’t occur for many minutes. It wasn’t until minute 26 something worth reporting happened and that was when the Vikings had their first real chance of the game which also resulted in a goal! Phil Zierl-Gerhold passed the middle defence brilliantly and effortlessly put the ball into the net giving his team the lead. The small Group of Vikings fans on the terraces cheered and Kludden became so overwhelmed with joy he threw his mobile phone onto the ground and jumped up and down like crazy. The people on the other side of the line probably wondered what happened but Kludden picked up the phone from the ground and pretended like nothing had happened. Right after they had coneeded a goal Blue Royals made a substitution in order to increase their chances of scoring an equalizer. Stefano Liquori left the pitch and gave Place for Gabriel Galbarro. This gave the home team a boost of energy and they had a good opportunity to even the score just a couple of minutes after this. However Mika Tammi failed to make a shot and wasted that chance. The clock ticked to half time and the score remained 0-1 which was an incredibly good result for the underdogs from Sweden. However it was quite dangerous considering Royals had a possession of 57 %. The only goal for the guests was to retain the lead and try to keep their own goal safe since they already had a result they were happy with.

When the second half was about to start Royals made another substitution in order to try to grab a win. The winger Nils Muffel who had not impressed much was replaced by Per Eriksen, a monster winger player. The most natural outcome of this would be that Royals would get a better grip of the game but instead Vikings got the next chance when Karl-Ludwig Papstein broke through on the left flank. Shortly after Vikings made their first substitution and it was the goal-scorer Zierl-Gerhold who was replaced by Albert Martinovics. The following minutes belonged to Blue Royals and they first got a chance where they shot wide but the next chance that they got was used better. Cees Jan Gilliam impressed many when he passed the entire defence and made it 1-1 which made the home fans extremely satisfied. However their satisfaction didn’t last for long since Daniel Selskog dramatically fired away just one minute later and gave the away team the lead once again. Kludden threw his mobile phone once again in pure joy but this time it hit a brick wall and couldn’t be saved. It didn’t seem to upset him though since he kept cheering like he’ve never cheered before. After the goal both teams were clearly nervous. Royals had pressure of having to score a goal and Vikings had the pressure of keeping the score. However there were no more real chances in this game and it ended with a 1-2 result to the favour of Rising Vikings! We asked Kludden what his thoughts about the game was and this is what he said:

I’m very proud of the boys. I told them to not expect too much of this game but they didn’t seem to listen to me which in this case was a good thing. We didn’t have much ball but that didn’t stop us today since we did the most of the few chances we had. Hopefully they will keep up the good work against Rochdale as well but it will be a tight one. I have to go now though, it’s time to buy a new mobile phone.

Up next is as said by Kludden Rochdale United from Greater Manchester, England. The match will be played at Sutter’s Mill in the beautiful Switzerland which means that none of the teams will have the advantage of being the home team. It’s feels like the game can go any way really. I would say that the chance of this game going to penalties is extremely high and Charles Colburn would not be an easy nut to crack in a penalty shootout. Rochdale is the better team and I’m too humble to say anything else. However I hope that we will be able to show that we haven’t come this far for nothing.


The underdog outsmarted its opponent

Wednesday the 17th was a very special day for Rising Vikings. It was finally time for the first round of the Golden League playoffs and the Vikings stood against Los Mejores Fútbol club who were the favorites seen to player material. However it was really hard to predict the result in this game since both teams are fairly equal and can play some really good football if they have a good day. It took some effort in order to find a winner but eventually one of the teams put theirselves ahead and hold their lead until the final whistle.

Vgrille and his "Los Mejores" stood for the opposition

Vgrille and his “Los Mejores” stood for the opposition

It was a decent day for football and there were 3023 spectators on Theater of Rising Vikings as the spanish referee started up the match. There were not many surprises in the line-up of the Vikings except for the goalkeeper. His name is Boris Hrisimov and he was bought the day before the game in order to provide safety to the own goal. However his debute was nothing to brag about as he performed worse than any other player of his own team this game. One good example of that was when Los Mejores broke through to the right in the 18th minute and Aderbal Gaudério managed to find the back of the net. The minutes that followed were unstable for the Vikings defence since they were clearly shocked because of the goal in the back. Despite the terrible defending in the first half they enjoyed most of the ball with a percentage of 65. With such a big possession it was quite a shame that almost nothing happened forward.

The second half started off with an early equalizer which gave the swedish team some hope. They expected Los Mejores to score again soon but at least they were no longer in the lead. Vikings kept trying for goal though and only 2 minutes after their 1-1 goal they had a chance to score but Lambert Beerens shot wide. After this chance the match turned into a more aggresive event. Two yellow cards were shown between minute 73 and 79 and it was no secret that both teams were really scared of letting the match go to extra time. Daniel Selskog of Rising Vikings had other plans though which he showed by surpassing the opposing defenders and firing away a low shot which put his team in the lead. The crowd became hysterical and sang his name like never before while the Mejores players tried to stay positive, knowing that their chances were minimal considering only 8 minutes remained. They gave it a try but they didn’t manage to equalize. The players and staff of Rising Vikings thanked the opponents for a good match and wished them good luck in the future. The Mejores side were thankful for the understanding and seemed to shake of the disappointment almost immidiately.

After the game was finished the preparations for the next Golden League game started. The opponent for the quarter finals is Blue Royals 04 which is a tricky game. In this match we are an even bigger underdog and we would need a miracle to win this one. I don’t say it’s impossible, just that our opponent is significantly better than us and most likely will give us a really hard time. How it goes will be decided on the wednesday morning. Go Vikings!


Reinforcement at its best

The Golden Leauge playoffs are just one week away and the situation is starting make the players nervous. The fans are a bit sceptical that the team has something exclusive to offer now that they will play a crucial match against Los Mejores. The truth is another, better players than usual will be fielded and a very anticipated player is on his way to the training grounds from the youth academy. This match will be a though one but thanks to all preparations we are making it will be possible.


The Vikings qualified to the knock-out stage of Golden Leauge as winners of Group C. The recent statistics are not very impressive since the guys have lost pretty much all games lately. Some major actions are going to be made in order to tackle the issue of constant losing. The biggest action is to let the best possible team play in GL matches instead of the league since there is nothin to win or lose there anyway. This reinforcement is very important in order to have a chance of winning Golden Leauge. The other action that actually already has been taken is to promote Michael Morgansson from the youth academy. As soon as he heard he would get the chance to play in the senior squad he packed his stuff in the speed of light and left an empty locker behind at the youth camp.

Michael Morgansson, now in the senior squad

Michael Morgansson, now in the senior squad

The expectations on Michael are huge and he needs to do wonders in order to live up to his glory. The fans have already given him a nickname, “The beast of the east”. He is very glad that the people who are supporting the club have accepted him as much as they do and he’s going to do everything he can in order to give something to them in return. “A goal from 40 metres in the Golden Leauge final would probably do the trick” he says.

It’s still unclear what the Mejores eleven will look like but regardless of that they will stand against a group of vikings with a smell for gold who will do anything to get what they want. Kludden gives his picture of the upcoming game. “The Mejores have a better team than us in general but their results will depend on whether they are planning to throw it all in or hold back their resources in order to secure their spot in division IV. What they decide to do is crucial for our chances in this match and for continuing participation in the current season of Golden Leauge.”


Reportage: The story of Michael Morgansson

Michael Morgansson has become a sensation after winning the price as the best youth player at the prestigious HTUM Awards ceremony. It was a worthy victory but at the same time it is unbelievable in its own way. We couldn’t imagine that such a huge talent would come into our team when there are thousands of other clubs that are able to scout talented players before us. It’s also many things for the star himself to take in. Michael Morgansson went from living a regular life in Visby as a boy who loves soccer more than anything to getting transferred to a youth academy of a professional (or at least semi-professional) football team in a completely new town miles from home. We had the pleasure to meet Michael and ask him some questions about his adventure that has just begun and where he thinks he will be heading in a couple of years.


Michael Morgansson in his hometown Visby

Michael Morgansson in his hometown Visby

Interviewer: Hello Michael! It’s a pleasure to meet you hear in Visby! How’re you doing?

Michael: I’m fine, it still feels quite strange to be in the center of attention but I think I will be able to adapt to my new role fairly quick.

Interviewer: I bet it must feel strange to all of a sudden be a celebrity when you could walk the streets just like everyone else a month ago. Has it affected your life in a negative way or do you feel pleased with how things have become?

Michael: I’m pleased that people recognize  me for my football skills since that’s what I like to do the most but I’ve never been a showoff so it feels like fame kind of grabbed me rather than the other way around. Before I became famous I thought about fame as something that completely reprograms your brain and makes you gready and ignorant. However I haven’t felt like this yet but I think my strong negative approach to fame holds behaviours like these away since I know what pieces of the puzzle I want to keep and which ones to throw away.

Interviewer: Seems like you hate fame pretty much in general. Doesn’t this make you miss the days you were 100 % free and could do whatever you want without anyone wanting to take a picture with you?

Michael: I would say both yes and no on that question. It’s a great feeling to be able to be on your own without having to hide but at the same time it’s a total blast meeting fans. I think that the optimal solution would be to be famous 50 % of the day and then be able to blend in with the rest.

Interviewer: Speaking about fame, can you tell me about your life before joining the Vikings’ youth academy?

Michael: Sure thing! As you already know I lived on Gotland back then. Before living in the city of Visby I was settled a couple of miles south of there which meant a 1 hour drive to get into Visby where I played football. When the coach took me aside and said that I had a great future ahead of me I listened closely to what he had to say. One of the things where that I would benefit from living closer to the training grounds so I spoke to my parents later on that day in order to get that problem out of the picture. None of them have any interest in sports so they couldn’t care less about that department. However they want to do everything to make me happy so they eventually agreed to look for a solution. I was 14 years old when we finally moved to Visby and my coach told me that he would not decline any offers from interesting clubs if we would get any. He also stated that we should start to make me ready for this possible scenario by making me more fit than ever and practicing my technique further. Back then I felt that it was a bit over the top since I was only a little boy but I’m thankful for his help now when I can see what it gave me in the long run.

Interviewer: I would guess that nobody is complaining about how hard you were training when you were 14 now that you have reached your first destination on your path to become a professional footballer, but it feels like it has to be at least a little bit controversial to train a young teenager as if he was a full-grown man. Can you tell me what the people around you were thinking about your training?

Michael: My parents were glad that I was enjoying myself but at the same time they were worried about the risk of me getting completely exhausted due to the hard work on the training pitch mixed with tons of homework. My friends were just amazed by my talent and they were unable to see that the stress might be bad for my health in the long run. Now that I’m on Senior High School people tend to see it as normal to take training seriously, probably because I have reached the age when people consider athletes to be able to judge their situation on their own.

Interviewer: Interesting. Sounds like the people around you haven’t been too concerned about getting engaged in sports at a young age, which reminds me of another thing. Have you ever felt that you would like to do something else?

Michael: Not that I can think of. The only thing I can remember was that I wanted to become a police back when I was 8 or something. However that is not exactly relevant anymore.

Interviewer: I see. Guess the choice of occupation is simple for some of us. However, I’m taking a look at my little script here and couldn’t help but notice that I have asked almost all questions now. Only two left, but these are pretty hard. Let’s get started! “If you have any thoughts about the future, could you please share them with us?”

Michael: Hm, guess I haven’t thought much about the future. I’m kind of focused on the here and now for the moment  but I had to think about what will happen after the youth academy due to all the commotion about me. I’ve heard that there is a certain interest for me from several clubs. This makes me think of whether I should stay with the Vikings when I get promoted or leave for another club that may give me a better start. However it’s hard to decide since I haven’t seen any concrete offers yet and have nothing to base my opinions on. There is one thing that I can say though, and that is that I want to keep developing as much as possible and always give my best on the pitch, regardless of which team I’m representing.

Interviewer: Really good answer! Let’s move on to the last question right away, should we? “Do you have any good tips to young ambitious footballers who want to be discovered by a bigger club?”

Michael: Yes, a couple of them actually! Firstly, sit down and think for a while. Whoms wish it that you should be serious about football. Is it your dream or have someone else pushed you to think that way? When you have found the answer to that question there is a good way to back it up. If you really feel that it is your own wish, try to keep your will to train at a decent level without thinking to much of your goals. It’s important to have fun on the way to your dream. Also inform your coach that you are willing to take your football career to the next level. That way you are not alone in your struggle and the coach will be able to know how ambitious you really are. I think that these are the most basic tips. Let me know if there is something important I forgot to say.

Interviewer: That was some brilliant answers! No need to change anything at all. I’ll let you know when I have published this article so that you can read the outcome of this nice interview. Thanks for having the privilige of meeting you!

Michael: The same to you! It was a pleasure answering your questions. Hope to see you again!


Project: “Swap till you drop”

Many things are happening in the club house of Rising Vikings and it’s clear that a lot of changes are going on. We are glad to announce that most of the changes are in a positive manner. Hopefully the evolution that is going on right now will stick with us for seasons to come and get the most out of every character that is a part of the team. You could say that it is an extremely exciting time to be part of this particular club at this time since the current season is coming to its end, the squad is changing a lot and there are many christmas gifts to hand out to the fans. Let’s get the rundown started!


Theater of Rising Vikings

After an excellent number of ticket sales and a packed terrace section the decision to extend the arena was made. The construction of the arena will be done at christmas eve which makes it a perfect christmas present for the fans. The arena will get room for 9360 more people with an overall capacity of 63480. At first many were sceptical about making the stadium so much bigger but there were on big reason behind this. The terraces needed to get extended so we decided to extend a little bit of everything to make it worth the startup costs.


Training swap & player transfers

The Vikings have been trained in defending for quite a long time now and most of the players have been responding well to this type of training. The defenders who have been granted an extension with the club are all players who have become stable enough to do the defensive work of Rising Vikings all by themselves for a couple of seasons ahead. Those defenders are Wasinton Sheriff, Sören Bokstål and Roland Cruise. The plan is to start training playmaking and buy promising midfielders to train to even greater heights. Therefor we have no room for all the defenders that we had before. A couple of transfers have already been made. For more information about whom the transfers concern, take a look in this list:


Bought players:

Miguel Byns (Rapid Neapolis)

Lambert Beerens (TUS Teutonia Alveslohe)

Hans-Rolf Baierl (beşiktaş -jk)

Phil Zierl-Gerhold (Jupiter 12)


Sold Players:

Janko Magaš (Tick Team)

Rabih Nassar (Danone Team 2009 Pila)

Ernest Varlamov (EdDe´s eleven)

Robert Andreasson (Pitort Myjox)

Cedrik Aquamarin (mlks konopnica)

Eddie Möllerkvist (praia das maçãs)

Tony Mwangi-Powell (Amarrategui F.C.)

Bruno Bech (FC Avenarix)

Tommy Ward (Pretenders’ football team)

Claudio Torda (Topini FC)

Zdenek Strolený (SK Svojšice)



The epic trio

“The epic trio”, from the left: Wasinton Sheriff, Roland Cruise & Sören Bokstål 


League summary

This season has been a really good one. Stable results throughout the whole season and minimized chances of getting demoted, at least until today. The loss against Enbacka makes the 2 last games sweaty since that leaves us only 3 points above the demotion line. The last 2 rounds will however be full of clashes between us bottom teams so hopefully the other teams will steal points from each other and help us from getting relegated. Our goal is to get promoted in 2 seasons and then fight with the big guys in Division IV. This means that one season spent in Division VI would be everything but ideal. The many transfers lately is a big part of the preparations for our climb and it would be sad to watch those future superstars play at such a low level.


Christmas greetings

Daniel Selskog wishing you all a merry christmas

Daniel Selskog wishing you all a merry christmas

All players and everyone in the staff wish you all a merry christmas! Hopefully the activity around the club won’t die out completely just because it’s christmas time but it will certainly not be as high as usual. 2012 has been an awesome year in most aspects so I’m really looking forward to see what 2013 has to offer. Now I will focus on getting the most out of what’s left of 2012 and then go for an awesome start of the next year. Bye everyone, until next time!


“A vote for me is a vote for you”

As soon as the board of Rising Vikings heard that a Golden League council will be founded, they immediately asked all people involved in the club if anyone would be interested in becoming a candidate for joining the council. The interest seemed non-existent as all employees sat by their desks and picked their nose, threw paper planes at each other and listened to Gangnam style loud enough for the whole town to hear. The only employee who was actually listening to what the board had to say was Thomas Grönstrand, the team’s Head Equipment Manager. Therefor he was the only candidate, which left him with mixed feelings. Inside sources have revealed what he had to say about it: “I was glad to be chosen as the candidate of the Vikings, even though I wasn’t exactly ‘chosen’. It is always funny to win but when your opponents are these dipshits you don’t even have to put up a fight!”. We had the pleasure to interview Thomas Grönstrand about the Golden League council and hear his arguments for getting elected.


Reporter: Hello Thomas! It must feel really good to be representing your club in this election. How does it feel?

Thomas: It sure does, however the competition for this position was as dull as it gets. Even Ricky Granfeldt held himself in the background despite the fact that he is the club’s secretary and probably more suited for this role.

Reporter: I’m sure that you will fit right in. So, can you tell the story of yourself?

Thomas: My career pretty much started at the same time as this club was founded. Up till then I had only been playing in amateur leagues for fun but it was something special with this team that made me bloom out as a decent footballer. It was the same for the rest of the guys as well, Ricky Granfeldt is a good example of that. The two of us were both mediocre soccer players who were too old to be considered as ‘prospects’. However we made progress and managed to keep a place in the squad despite that the rest of the original line-up fell apart and made place for new players. Me and Ricky became best friends and we did everything together. We are still really tight and it’s a pleasure to still have the opportunity to be able to work with him, even though he has a more glamorous job than I have now.

Ricky Granfeldt, Thomas's best friend and colleague

Ricky Granfeldt, Thomas’s best friend and colleague

Reporter: What are some things that you could contribute to the Golden League council?

Thomas: Enthusiasm, joy and experience. I haven’t really been able to try out office work yet so it would be nice to get the opportunity to show what I am capable of.

Reporter: That sounds like a great set of attributes to me. Do you think that the fact that you have a fairly long football career behind you affect your leadership style and so on?

Thomas: Of course it does! It doesn’t give me an edge compared to the other contestants since most of them have played football for longer than me but it is a good experience whenever it comes to being part of the Golden League council.

Reporter: Do you know anything else about the other candidates?

Thomas: Not much. I know that some of them were really good football players, that’s pretty much all I know. There are some quite shady characters involved in this election though, that’s for sure.

Reporter: Is there anything more you would like to say to the readers? Otherwise this would be enough for wrapping up this article.

Thomas:  Vote with your heart and don’t let anyone manipulate your vote. And remember, a vote for me is a vote for you!

Thomas Grönstrand