A decent start

After a fairly decent season where the Vikings ended up on a 4th place the fans had mixed emotions. Some of them were pleased with a mid-table result since that’s where the team belongs. However a vast majority wanted to see the board make changes in order to increase the chances to climb to Division IV. Manager Kludden and his closest advicers saw an opportunity to swap series in order to switch the difficulty for the better.

It was quite a while since Rising Vikings had any major success in competetive games and the dissatisfaction among the followers of the club grows extremely fast. The league swap was a quite desperate move but sometimes desperate can mean brilliant. The first game of the season was nothing less than a success. 2-0 for the Vikings despite being the underdog. However that is a role the club seems to be comfortable with, the run in The Golden Leauge a season ago is a brilliant example of that. It was a great time for the Vikings and it has already become part of the club’s finest pieces of history.

The second game was however not like the first. The optimistic Vikings fans who had witnessed their team open the season in a great way at home ground travelled to Uppsala to cheer their boys to another win, this time against Stabbypojkarna managed by GM-DrSpik. The expectations were great considering how the Vikings had crushed a clearly better team in the match before. The fans could feel that it was time for such a match again. But the opposing team had other plans. Their first 3 points for the season after a tie game was what they wanted to achieve and it was what they got after 90 minutes had passed. Rising Vikings weren’t defenceless but except for the central defence there wasn’t much to be pleased with. Stabbypojkarna humiliated the visitiors by scoring 3 goals in 63 minutes and they owned the game. Alessandro Ippolito’s 1-3 goal that came 3 minutes after the home team’s last goal was not enough to turn things around but at least it was a sign that they wanted revenge. The 300 visitor fans were dissappointed as they boarded the bus and went home. Most of them with the thought “Was the last win just because of luck?”.

The 22nd of September was a really important day for Rising Vikings. It was the day when they had to prove that they had learned something from last week’s match. This time it was on home ground once again which really pleased the fans who couldn’t make it to Uppsala last week. The opponents for this game was Robbie Fowlers All Stars, a club that is on its way down as a result of poor management. The home crowd had to wait for 19 minutes for the first goal which was scored by central defender Roland Cruise. After that the goals slowly started to pour in. The delighted fans had the pleasure to not just cheer once more, but nine more times. The match ended 10-0 and it was more because of the lack of discipline for the visitors than a flawless performence by the home team. This is what Kludden had to say about the game:

We got a really sweet result today but the guys have to remember that they played far from their potential. These 3 points were important for our confidence but we have to focus on the next game rather than thinking about this result until next sunday. I will make sure that the players are ready the next time they enter the pitch!

About Kludden

Hello! I'm a young lad from Sweden who've had a burning passion for Hattrick ever since I started out in 2009. I look forward to spend even more time on HT and of course Hattrick United as well :)