5 year strong!

Rising Vikings has gone through a lot of things lately. The most noticeable one is that the club reached the prestigious milestone of 5 years as a club. It was celebrated with a big party and the fans had set up some extra arrangements during the weekend’s home game in order to celebrate further and cheer the team to another victory.

April 30th was a very special day for everyone who has a soft spot for Rising Vikings. That date declared that the club has now existed for 5 years. Fans, players and employees had gathered at the stadium on the wednesday evening in honour of the club. Some big profiles of the club told the story of the club and most notable were the ones who played with the club back in the days. One of them was the former fan favorite Ivan Casado who played as a striker for the club for almost the years and now is the trainer of a polish team in their lowest league tier. The brazilian legend who has played the most matches for the club of all players (171 matches) cleared his throat and began to speak of the club of his heart.

Ivan Casado

Ivan Casado

This is something all the people involved with the club could only could have dreamt about when we started out as a poor club playing on a field of dirt in the lowest division. Most people thought that our extremely limited funds were going to vanish instantly and lead to a quick exit for our struggling club. But the lads showed proof of persistance and reached one of the most esteemed checkpoints. The 10 year achievement is left to reach, but if the club continues with the same passion and enthusiasm it will be no problem for them to reach that one as well. I am glad to have been part of the club for such a long time and being able to witness such great progress starting with a bunch of confused young players, then working really hard to become men who do everything for their club who also possesses some incredible football skills. It was an amazing time playing alongside of all of them and all goals I scored for the club came from the heart.


When the arena was left in silence later that wednesday night, it was as if it was waiting eagerly for the upcoming home game at sunday the 4th. The fans were just as eager as they took their seats on the matchday. The Vikings were facing Aka hus, a slightly weaker team with almost no offensive thinking at all. However they make up for that with a massive defence that the home team had greatly under-estimated. The defence of Rising Vikings had an easy time handling the oppositions weak attacks but the attackers could just dream of scoring against the wall Aka hus had built. As a whole this was a very uneventful game that was boring to watch for the enthusiastic fans who wanted the newly celebrated team to give them a show. This also meant that the team’s winning streak was broken but they are still undefeated this season. With 7 points they hold the lead with a better goal difference than Head Hunter.F.C. They have also impressed a lot by not conceding any goals so far in the league play. Now it will be interesting to see if the team can keep the first place and earn the promotion they have longed for so long. So far they have proven to be a mid-table team so they are more than eager to exceed these expectations this time around.

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