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Changes, changes…

Hello again! New season is coming, so it’s a great time to making some moves in the club. What’s new about Kraken Gdańsk? Here are the headlines:

1.) First championship for Kraken Gdańsk!

2.) New league in the new season

3.) “Bye, bye players” – Kraken’s activity on TL

4.) Old player – new coach!

5.) Marian Sadło at the Kraken’s Hall of Fame!

Now – wider versions 😉

Ad.1) In its fourth complete season of play Kraken Gdańsk achieved its first championship! We won VIII.847 league. And it was the biggest surprise in HT for me :-) Especially because in the previous season I’ve defended from relegation. And next season – I’m a champion! Really great feeling! So we have first official trophy on our shelf. And one from the tournament – the club was starting to live 😉

Ad.2) In the new season we will play at VII.713 league. What can I say about my opponents? They all are stronger than me (looking on TSI), but I can do the same or higher HT-Stats than few of them. So, I think that every detail will be important and hope that I can avoid relegation after this season.

Ad.3) We had to make a tough decisions and sold four of our players: Zbigniew Młodzikowski, Zbigniew Wrzesiec, Józef Zaleśkiewicz and Radosław Stach. The money from these transactions we spent on new coach! Every from sold players was bought from outside, so our sadness will be short and spurious ;-D

Ad.4) Korneliusz Więcko – our previous goalkeeper, has new role at the club. Since yesterday he is also the coach of senior squad! We had to make change on that position, because coach Lionel Pierre had worse training skill and leadership than Korneliusz Więcko. And as I said – every detail will be important in new season’s battles…

Ad.5) This is a strange news… Good and bad equally… Marian Sadło has finished his football career and started being an actor! We have lost a great player, fantastic TDF and one of the players which were on the club since the beginning… But he was getting older and older and his form was weaker every weak. Maybe it’s good for him and for the club that was known when it’s time to say “enough”… We wish Marian everything the best on his new way of life! And we want to declare, that Marian Sadło has his place at the VIP’s lounge for ever.

And just one thing… We are still waiting for the second club!!! :-)

Greetings for everyone, may the luck be with you in the next season!


What’s new?

Hello again! It was a long time when I wrote my last post, but being a “babysitter” for my little daughter is time-consuming and fantastic equally. So, now it’s the time for short summary of last two weeks.

1.) We won two league games: against W.K.S. Niesób Dobrydział (home) 4:2 and Gdańsk derby against S.K.S. Polonia Gdańsk (away) 1:6. It gave us our first champions title!

2.) We played two friendly games against “The Hunger” team from Serbia (home & away) and we won both (0:1 and 3:0). So I have another flag in my little collection. Next week (it means tomorrow ;-)) we will play a home game against “sfika” team from Greece. I plan to equal number of my “home” and “away” flags and then I’ll start to collect the rest of flags in the same way as Serbian flag (playing one week “home” game and next week – “away”).

3.) After our first tournament’s victory at “Beginners Cup” I’ve joined to the “East vs West” tournament in one of my favourite federations – “Lions Federation”. But I had bad luck and got into group with very tough opponents (their TSI is among almost 400k to 1kk – I have 60k…). I’ve lost my first game against “potje stamp” (Belgium) team 2:4 and achieved a draw against AC Poytya (Finland) 1:1. I still have a chance to play the cup phase, but I need to win my last game, and have to count on proper result in the second game in my group.

4.) In these rare moments, when I have time only for myself I’ve started to making logos. I’ve made a new logo for Kraken, for my second team, for my brother (Internazionale Malczewo) and for my son (but we are waiting for supporter’s activation). Look and comment! :-)

5.) Two players joined to Kraken last time: Radosław Stach (from transfer list) – future CD or GK and Edward Stiller (from Kraken Academy) – star of my youth team and future great winger (I hope). I have other future stars in my Academy, but they will be promoted next season.

6.) Something wrong is doing with Marian Sadło… His form gone down and he lost his place at the “first eleven”. Maybe it is good time for the “Hall of Fame”… I’ll give him few weeks to change, and then we’ll see.

I want to thank you all for your comments! Best regards for all HT-bloggers!


Monday was a big day!

Many people who play “Hattrick” know, that last Monday was something like… hmmm… “Christmas” is a good word, I think. It was connected – of course – with the second team’s choice. And – just like on “Christmas” “white elephants” happened – some people wasn’t happy with “second team’s choice” procedure. I was lucky and about 15:20 I’ve been an owner of my second team in Angola. It was a time, when I wanted to place my team in Japan, but a few visits on Japan forums showed me that it wasn’t the best idea. People were nice, but not so encouraging as I thought they were. And suddenly I’ve realized that I have many friends in “Lions Friends” federation, who are playing in Angola now, and others, who wanted to play there by their second teams. So, it was one hour left when I’ve changed my mind. 😉 But I’m very happy! My second team’s name is “Angola Avante”, I’ve prepared a simple logo for start and… I’m waiting :-) And what about you? Do you have second teams? If “yes”, please write in which place.

And the second thing – maybe even more important than the second teams: Kraken Gdańsk has won its first trophy! Yabadabadooo! ;-D We won the “Beginners Trophy” tournament, after a thriller game (for me, of course ;-)) in final against 1.FC Magdeburg e.V. We lost our game against them in the “group stage”, so I was afraid of final result. But we won 3:1! It’s true that one of my opponent’s players get a red card (so it was easier for Kraken), but… victory is victory! Happy goalscorers were: Ludwik Cała, Marian Sadło and Jakub Kułakowski. Cała and Sadło are already famous – they are hanging on your right 😀

So, as you see I’m in very good mood and feel better when I think about next Sunday… If we win ours next league game – we’ll be a champions for the first time!

Finally, I want to thank you all for reading my blog. It is very nice feeling when I think that you’ll read my words and we share common passions: HT & writing. Greetings to you all!


Late summary – 11th week

1.) We won a semi-final game in “Beginners Tournament”! More info in previous post.

2.) It was a good week if we talk about training results. Passing skill increased for three players and a balance of form is +6/-2 this week. Sad news – I had to sack my best defense player – Krzysztof Wójcik. He had injury for about 5 weeks, returned for one game and cought injury again. And because he was old (35 yo) I saw no reason to keep him in the squad (he had very high fee also).

3.) Marian Sadło has been chosen as a “Fan’s Favourite Player”. Marian is one of the oldest players in Kraken’s team, but also one of those, who are in the club since its beginning. It’s quite funny, that his second name – Sadło – means “suet” in English, because he is very skinny. But these knees and technics… Brilliant!

4.) This week Kraken played its friendly game in hot, brasilian beach. Our opponent was Oderschvank Team (VI league). We trained our defensive formation (5-5-0) and draw this match 1:1. We need only one game more to bring 5-5-0 experience at the highest level. Our next friendly game will be played in Serbia. And a riddle: what will be the Kraken’s formation for this match? 😉

5.) 4:0 league victory against FCCBarcelona!!! Only one victory left to win my first championship! Ludwik Cała, Marian Sadło, Robert Niemiec and Amadeusz Zimowski were goalscorers. We are very happy with this result – it was away game. But we have to stay focused. Tomorrow we will play a final game in “Beginners Tournament”. That would be lovely to win two trophies in one week! 😀 Keep yours fingers crossed!


We’ve reached the final of “Beginners Cup”!

Yesterday, Kraken Gdańsk has played his semi-final game against Auseklis team (from Latvia). I had many bad feelings before this match, but everything found its good end! Victory! We won 3:0, thanks to Jakub Kułakowski’s (1) and Alfred Trzonkowski’s (2) goals. I have to say, that both scorers are from Kraken Academy. They are young, but both are important players for senior squad. Auseklis is a very strong team (has twice TSI than ours), but we’ve done it! Next week – 8th of April – we will play a final game against 1.FC Magdeburg. We have met in the group stage, when we surprisingly (for us, of course ;-)) lost 2:3. So, we have a score to settle!


Cloudy Easter, but ray of sunshine for Kraken!

Today is Easter. Cloudy and cold in Poland. But Kraken’s fans are loyal and resistant for weather conditions. So, there were no free seats on Kraken Arena – 17 500 people in the stands! And each after a “heavy” breakfast with lot of eggs and sousages. It is a very good fuel for supporting and making juicy farts. So, in this atmosphere Kraken has played a game against FC OJO team and won! 3:0! This time Marian Sadło – the fans’ favourite player – wasn’t in the “first eleven”, but his colleagues, fortunatelly, were able to score 😉 Thanks to Amadeusz Zimowski, Jacek Dyjach and Ludwik Cała three points stayed in Gdańsk. For now, we have 8 points more than the second team in our league – Victoria Ruszów. I think, it is a major advantage – only 4 games left.

After the match I’ve met with Czesław Matyjek – one of youth scouts. He told me, that he have a great prospect for our club. His name is Zenon Dynarski, he’s 15 years old and have passable potential at passing. I thought, that this young man deserves for his chance and I approved his candidature for Kraken Academy. We will see if he is worth it in a distant future. Our youths also won their match – 2:1 – so it was really good day for the club!


10th week summary

1.) Kraken Gdańsk has won an important tournament game against Mighty Atoms of Szeged (Hungary). This allowed us to be promoted to semi-final of “Beginner Tournament”. We won only 2:0, but our opponent’s team TSI was twice than ours. Jakub Kułakowski and Gaweł Kotarski were goal scorers. It was third goal of Kotarski in this tournament and he is a leader of scorer’s ranking. Our next opponent will be Auseklis (Latvia). It will be a tough game for us!

2.) This week’s friendly match was played at Russia with the team EQUILIBRIUM (M). It was a great chance for us to train our new line-up (5-5-0). We won this game 0:3 after Grzeca’s, Zaleśkiewicz’ and Sapielak’s goals. It gave us a good mood before our next league game.

3.) Training summary – three players are “up” in the pass skill and balance of Kraken players’ form is +6/-6. Not bad, but also not so good. Now, it’s time to decide who will play at Sunday?

4.) I’ve decided to run this blog in English (instead of Polish), because, first of all, it’s a great opportunity to train my language skill (weak, I think) and – secondly – I hadn’t any comment from Polish players, but only one comment made by MOD-paquebot (master of kits making :-)). Maybe he will be the sole reader? 😉 And because Polish language is not as popular as English – the decision was quite easy.

That’s it for now! Wish me luck on Sunday!



Zima co prawda w “realu” nie odchodzi, ale dla Krakena Gdańsk nastała właśnie wiosna. Dziewiąta kolejka ligi VIII.847 pozwoliła zawodnikom, sztabowi szkoleniowemu i mnie – Prezesowi zobaczyć nadlatujące jaskółki z VII ligi. Nasza pewność siebie – osłabiona nieco zeszłotygodniową porażką – znów osiągnęła wysoki poziom, co pozwala nam z optymizmem patrzeć na pozostałe pięć kolejek (do zakończenia obecnego sezonu). Przyczyną tego stanu rzeczy stało się wyjazdowe zwycięstwo nad Wybrzeżem Rewalskim Rewal w rozmiarach 0:8! Co prawda, ktoś mógłby pokręcić nosem i powiedzieć, że to żadna sztuka pokonać ostatnią drużynę w tabeli, której dorobek punktowy równy jest dokładnie “zero”, ale bądźmy szczerzy – do mistrzostwa potrzeba wygranych odniesionych nie tylko z bezpośrednimi kandydatami do fotela lidera, ale i z drużynami o celach całkowicie odmiennych. Dlatego też nie pomniejszamy wagi tego zwycięstwa i wierzymy, że znajdzie ono przełożenie na jeszcze lepszą grę zawodników Krakena w kolejnych spotkaniach.

Podobne podejście radziłbym przyjąć sztabowi szkoleniowemu i piłkarzom reprezentacji Polski: diagnoza słabości po porażce i druzgoczące zwycięstwo w kolejnym meczu, aby utwierdzić samych siebie w przekonaniu, że jednak nie jesteśmy najgorsi, a porażki zdarzają się każdej drużynie.


Aktualizacja treningowa – 9 tydzień

Dzisiejsza aktualizacja przyniosła więcej pozytywów, niż ta, która miała miejsce tydzień temu. Zanotowaliśmy skoki umiejętności u 8 zawodników (podania), zaś bilans formy to +5/-3.

Bez wątpienia treningowym plusem tego tygodnia było podwyższenie poziomu nowego ustawienia, które w przyszłości wykorzysta drużyna Krakena Gdańsk – 5-5-0. Jeszcze 2-3 sparingi i będziemy na niej hulać bez żadnych skutków ubocznych.

Cieszą wzrosty formy u kluczowych zawodników drużyny. Może jest to dobry prognostyk przed kolejną kolejką ligową? Przypomnę tylko, że w zeszłym tygodniu, kiedy spadki formy zaliczyli liderzy drużyny skończyło się to pierwszą ligową porażką w tym sezonie oraz przegranym dzień później spotkaniem turniejowym. Być może zatem teraz sytuacja się odwróci?


Remis w meczu z SC Champion

W dzisiejszym towarzyskim spotkaniu drużyna Krakena Gdańsk bezbramkowo zremisowała z austriackim SC Champion. Drużyna naszych przeciwników jest IV-ligowcem (na 6 lig), przewyższała nas wskaźnikiem TSI, a więc remis traktujemy w kategoriach małego sukcesu. Głównym jednakże zadaniem piłkarzy i sztabu szkoleniowego Krakena było ćwiczenie nowego ustawienia – trzeba dysponować również zaskakującymi rozwiązaniami taktycznymi. SC Champion zagrało kontrą, ale wobec tego, że mieli przewagę w pomocy – mecz był nudny i nic się nie działo. Nie mniej – efekt treningowy dla drużyny został osiągnięty. Dopiero jutro będziemy wiedzieć z kim przyjdzie nam się zmierzyć w kolejnym tygodniu. Liczę – rzecz jasna – na nową flagę i to “w domu”, bo dzisiaj udało się zakończyć rozbudowę naszego stadionu. Kraken Arena od dziś może pomieścić 17500 widzów!