Changes, changes…

Hello again! New season is coming, so it’s a great time to making some moves in the club. What’s new about Kraken Gdańsk? Here are the headlines:

1.) First championship for Kraken Gdańsk!

2.) New league in the new season

3.) “Bye, bye players” – Kraken’s activity on TL

4.) Old player – new coach!

5.) Marian Sadło at the Kraken’s Hall of Fame!

Now – wider versions 😉

Ad.1) In its fourth complete season of play Kraken Gdańsk achieved its first championship! We won VIII.847 league. And it was the biggest surprise in HT for me :-) Especially because in the previous season I’ve defended from relegation. And next season – I’m a champion! Really great feeling! So we have first official trophy on our shelf. And one from the tournament – the club was starting to live 😉

Ad.2) In the new season we will play at VII.713 league. What can I say about my opponents? They all are stronger than me (looking on TSI), but I can do the same or higher HT-Stats than few of them. So, I think that every detail will be important and hope that I can avoid relegation after this season.

Ad.3) We had to make a tough decisions and sold four of our players: Zbigniew Młodzikowski, Zbigniew Wrzesiec, Józef Zaleśkiewicz and Radosław Stach. The money from these transactions we spent on new coach! Every from sold players was bought from outside, so our sadness will be short and spurious ;-D

Ad.4) Korneliusz Więcko – our previous goalkeeper, has new role at the club. Since yesterday he is also the coach of senior squad! We had to make change on that position, because coach Lionel Pierre had worse training skill and leadership than Korneliusz Więcko. And as I said – every detail will be important in new season’s battles…

Ad.5) This is a strange news… Good and bad equally… Marian Sadło has finished his football career and started being an actor! We have lost a great player, fantastic TDF and one of the players which were on the club since the beginning… But he was getting older and older and his form was weaker every weak. Maybe it’s good for him and for the club that was known when it’s time to say “enough”… We wish Marian everything the best on his new way of life! And we want to declare, that Marian Sadło has his place at the VIP’s lounge for ever.

And just one thing… We are still waiting for the second club!!! :-)

Greetings for everyone, may the luck be with you in the next season!

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Lat 35, socjolog, miłośnik piłki nożnej realizujący swoją pasję przez wiele lat w CM-ie, a później w FM-ie. Od 31 stycznia 2012 roku na stałe w Hattricku (wcześniej zakładałem drużyny, ale nie mogłem się doczekać ich przydzielenia). Ekipa Krakena Gdańsk zamierza zawojować grę w ciągu najbliższego dwudziestolecia!