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News from Krosno

After a long break some news and a zephyr of changes from Krosno have come!

As you may see in our league table, KKK is in the middle of a deadly fight for promotion to III. division. Two games to go, six points to collect – this is the goal for the end of this season.
Jürgen Keppler, the coach of KKK, says: – We’ve come a long road to get back on the top. So far this season has been a crazy one for us as we had our ups and downs. Now we would like to remain at our current position and I am sure that I don’t need to motivate my boys as many of them have already turned 30, which should be a turning point in their lifes, and it’s probably last call for any spectacular success in their careers.

Hieronim ‘Lucky’ Łukasiuk, the captain: – We have this opportunity to write a history of our club. We are aware that nobody before us wasn’t that close for promotion to III division. Of course, even if we manage to maintain a top position, we will have to play a play-off game, but I’m sure that we can handle this task as we are confident of our skills and potential.

But what about Golden League? Our team has managed to join the most prestigious group of 8 teams, among Rochdale United, FC Rünenberg, Pig Hunters, Los Mejores, Lost Saxons, SK Brann and – last but not least – a GL4 winners FC X-Team, and fans would be delighted to see players’ dedication for fighting for this trophy.
Jürgen Keppler once again: – Forget about GL this season. I’m sorry to say this but we need to focus on the league – I’m sure that our fans will understand it and show us their support during this Sunday clash against MKS Radziejów.
Bolesław Blacha, the team’s spokesperson: – Despite modifications in starting 11, KKK players will surely compete for another round of GL. Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno is a trademark which can’t show any signs of passing up. We have a squad which is capable of giving a full play twice a week. Of course, regarding our recent signings, you may expect many decent BALLS from our young players.

Young players? In Krosno? Seriously?

Yes, and they are likely to bring some quality to our team soon!
Let me introduce you our new players – Günter Lepers and Augusto Cabral.

From lef to right: Günter Lepers, Jürgen Keppler and Augusto Cabral

Bolesław Blacha: – These two are the future of KKK. They are young, talented and quick. Our scouts adviced us not to hesitate and to pay over 300.000 euro for Cabral and Lepers. Mr Keppler will take care of them for sure and I expect he will be giving them some chances in the first squad. Besides, we have very good specialist hired as a coach and our training grounds are perfectly prepared for youth training. I’m sure they will be writing our history, just like Kölbl or Hałabis.
Jürgen Keppler: – I’m glad that the board has finally found money for some fresh blood. I expect them to be important part of this team in three seasons – until then they shouldn’t expect playing too much in the first squad. At the moment all they need to do is to train hard, but I’m afraid our training facilities aren’t well-adjusted for such youngsters. Therefore, although I see some potential in these boys, I don’t think they will be able to reach a level similar to ‘Gepard’ or ‘Hałabała’.

Although mr Keppler seems to be sceptical, it has to be stressed that Günter Lepers has one interesting feature…

Günter Lepers: Ja, Gerhard und ich sind Zwilinge. We are twins. Despite we have different parents and Kölbl is older than me. Oh, and he is Austrian. But we are twins, believe me!

Indeed, when bought in 2010 from Austrian club FC Lutschbuam, ‘Gepard’ not only had the same look and the same personality but also the same level of skills as Lepers has now.
Andre Bras, a former coach of KKK recalls: – Gerhard was a solid playmaker with inadequate level of passing and playing on the wing. Right now, after 13 seasons, nobody in the club can even think about first 11 without him on the flank.

ht 2014
Twins from Krosno – nr 7 Gerhard Kölbl and nr 77 Günter Lepers

First opportunity to see both Lepers and Augusto in action is today, so make sure you don’t miss the game against Rochdale United at Stadium Arcadium at 5:55 P.M., which you may see on HT-Live here.


Putting Out Fire with Gasoline

The time has come and Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno goes to Odense in order to overcome the curse of MS Park and to break through another round of GL competition.

It’s been so long…*

The first time we had come to Odense on 19th September 2012. The weather as well the game itself were awful – both sides played very inaccurately but MSO was much better organised in defence and played with pressing on a passable level. It was enough to defeat Krosnianka Karpaty.
Our second visit in the city of Andersen took place half year later on 20th March 2013. The weather was once again awful and it was a clear message that it wouldn’t be the best day for our players. It was a disaster and our team returned home in disgrace

Feel my blood enraged…

As you might have already noticed, KKK have never won in Odense, as well as we still have not scored a goal at MS Park. ‘Lucky’ Łukasiuk played in both above mentioned games:

When I look at those two games I can’t believe that we weren’t able to score. I’m pissed at myself for allowing Burch and Estoles scoring two goals in just 2 minutes and I still can’t believe how did ‘Goose’ score this goal last month… But now I’m sure that this time we’ll chase away bed memories and we’ll mark our presence with some goals and of course a fine win.

Marian Ferenz also remembers the bitter taste of losing in Odense.

I’m eager to play the best I can and I want to lead our team to a success. I’m aware our fans expect to see more from me and I want to show the best I can, just like I did last Sunday.

See these eyes so red…

…red like jungle burning bright. These eyes will be the worst nightmare of MS Odense players this season.

My players are extremely motivated and well-prepared for a hard 90 or 120 minutes of battle. I’m sure they will not be thinking about previous visits in Odense and they will be focused on winning right here and right now. There’s no way they may let me and KKK fans down. – mr Andre Bras claims.

The clash with MSO will be also an official debut of Adam Kuchciński, who has joined Krosnianka Karpaty this Monday.
I’m really glad to be the part of this team and I’ll do my best to become one of the best strikers in the club’s history. I hope to start doing my job from Wednesday. Yet, I’m a rather tranquil guy – my friends call me ‘the Peacemaker’ – and please don’t get me involved into all this warlike rethorics… I just want to play good game and bring joy to our fans. I won’t have a problem if the home team win this game if only I will be pleased and satisfied with my performance.

Thank you Adam, we haven’t spent almost 12 mln zlotys on you to hear this bullsh*t this is your opinion and we respect it, but tomorrow our team will play a very tough game and…

And I’ve been putting out the fire…

And what about this extremely hot atmosphere in Odense? The owner of MSO, mr Hojris, warned us about the hell on the pitch. What is the statement of KKK owner, hubeq?
Thank you Hojris for your, nomen omen, warm welcome! Being aware of a lot of fire around us, we should bring some extinguishers or at least we should call the fire brigade. But don’t worry, we’re not like this – we like to take care of ourselves on our own. Hence, my boys are going to put out this ring of fire with gasoline. We’re bringing our big guns and we’ll not hesitate to use all our firepower at MS Park. ‘Apocalypse Now’ and colonel Kurtz are not just a coincidence. It’s an omen of incoming firestorm and the horror… And the smell of napalm in the morning too!

*all these lines are taken from “Cat People” – a song by David Bowie


Another Trophy on the Shelf

After an extremely close game Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno claimed its first trophy in HTUM Tournament and defeated Langer House 2-1.

The first half was rather disappointing but in 25′ Damian ‘Rocky’ Otrocki managed to finish a fine indirect free kick hit by Mateusz ‘Hałabała’ Hałabis.

Soon after the beginning of the second half manager of Langer House decided to change things around and decided to strengthen the midfield with Joakim Fyhrlund. ‘El Nino’ Branco only waited for this:
– I had very little space in the first half as Joakim didn’t give me too much place for making an attempt at the goal. It changed in 50′ and just one minute later I increased our lead after finishing the great crossing from the left wing.

As far as wings are concerned, it wasn’t the best game for Gerhard ‘Gepard’ Kölbl, the leader of KKK, as he wasted two good chances:
– I know I should have scored in 79′ and after it didn’t happen we nedlessly started playing nervously and when Fyhrlund reduced our lead to 2-1 there were even some symptoms of panic in our actions. Luckily, it all went well for us and now we are very proud and happy! Woohoo!

Mr Andre Bras, although very touched and move by today’s success, tries to stay calm:
It’s the greatest success in my coaching career. I feel really proud of my boys and I envy them this joy of winning the trophy after playing such a good game with such classy team as Langer House. Nevertheless, we must all remember that this is only half of our way scheduled for this week. I will let my players drink a beer or two. Or three. Or fo… Or how many they want but they can’t have any crisps, because they will be fatsoes! Anyway, we end our celebrations in couple of hours and we travel to Denmark, where brave MSO players with a huge support of their local fans and Holy Cows await us.


Long Season Race

And so the race for glory has just begun. Before today’s league game we had four checkpoints ahead of us:
1. MKR Nidel 04
2. Langer House
3. MS Odense
4. KKS Kanonierzy

The first one of above mentioned obstacles is behind us after a fine 3-1 win at the sold out Stadium Arcadium. Our boys were really motivated this day and they started attacking from the beginning. In 4′ KKK took a lead after a fine strike by Marian Ferenz who added another goal in 12′ when he closed a very good action on the left wing.

Our wings were working really fine in the first half. The crème de la crème was probably the goal scored in 27′ by ‘El Niño’ after a wonderful pass from ‘Gepard’. Unfortunately, my boys took back after the third goal and when in 39′ Ivan Sagaydachny had to leave the field, our attacks lost impetus. – says mr Andre Bras.

Indeed, within 15 minutes from 50′ to 64′ our team wasted three good opportunities and our opponents scored in 76′ a consolation goal.
Hieronim ‘Lucky’ Łukasiuk who didn’t stop visitors’ forward on time:

It was a moment of inattention. We were all focused on Viktor Lauber, the best Nidel’s striker, and we left too much space for Bert Severinsen. But don’t worry – tomorrow Ariyapadi, Gangawane and Świtoń will not have easy life with Rocky, Szolc and me!

We all hope that ‘Lucky’ will keep this promise. Hubeq, the owner of KKK is less inclined toward guaranteeing anything.
We are taking part in this long season race as we are present at three fronts – our domestic league, HTUM Challenge and the Golden League. We’ve made only a small step and with a little bit of luck we’ve moved to the first place in the league. Now we still need this luck in order to succeed in the final game of HTUM Challenge Trophy against mighty I-League Langer House, to overcome our feebleness in Odense and take a revenge on KKS Kanonierzy for the shocking loss in the first round. Achieving these goals won’t be easy and our players need to be aware of this extremely difficult and exhausting end of the season.

Well, it sure won’t be easy but so it goes in life. Just like in this song written by Maciej Werk with mesmerising vocal of Mark Lanegan…


A Faded Classic

KK Krosno encounters with Sigulda 08 used to be one of Golden League classics. Just to mention some of these exciting games:

Season 47: Krosnianka – Sigulda 3-3 (4-3 pen.)

Season 48: Sigulda – Krosnianka 4-3

Season 49: Krosnianka – Sigulda 2-1

After almost one year our teams have met once again in the group of top 16 teams of the third edition of GL. The same teams but different squads – no Heikkinen in KKK and no Šerif Bošnjak in Sigulda. Lack of legendary Bosnian striker turned out to be very painful as Latvian team was unable to score and the game ended without a history with 5 goals scored by Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno…

Coach of KKK, mr Andre Bras:
Sigulda had their chances but it wasn’t enough for our well-organised defence and hardworking defensive midfielder ‘Lucky’ Łukasiuk. I must also praise our veteran players – Mrowczyk did really well in constructing our offensive and Folkerts with Fröstål scored twice. I’m really glad that this team is able to play attractive football without our top players – it’s all the more important when you look at our fixtures – on Sunday we play very important league game against MKR Nidel 04, on Monday we play in the final of HTUM Challenge against mighty Langer House and next Tuesday we’ll travel to Odense. It’s very tight calendar, isn’t it?

Damian Otrocki, who played in three games against Sigulda and scored yesterday:
It may look as if it was an easy game for us. I can’t agree with such point of view. The crucial moment was probably the injury of Charles Chambon as his absence weakened Sigulda’s left wing and eased our task of attacking. From the other hand, I think that lack of Bosnjak amid visitors’ forwards and our domination in ball possession were key to our success.

Sipko Folkerts, who scored two goals yesterday:
Sigulda still have a very solid team and I think they were simply unlucky yesterday to play against such motivated collective of players like we are.

Next week Krosnianka Karpaty goes to Odense where MSO players and staff await us and they don’t lose their hope for playing a final game at Wagaeri Park. Needless to say that mood in Krosno is, to put it mildly, combative.
Ex-Falcon, Petr Čekal, recalls last meeting at MS Park:
I feel ashamed for this game and I think we shouldn’t have lost it. Just look and think – 5 tall players defending the corner against 2 guys able to use their head… And what happens? Nobody is able to stop Daniel Borre. Well, shame on us, but you know how it goes – over 2000 MSO Ultras screaming behind our goal, a moment of distraction and it ended with 1-0. I hope, well I’m almost sure, that it won’t happen again.

However mr Andre Bras cools it down:
We all know how prestigious game we are about to play next week but I kindly remind you that on Sunday we play the most important game this season. We’ll start getting ready for the GL game as soon as we end our league game against MKR Nidel. Of course, I along with my staff will be preparing our boys mentally and tactical for this game. The most important part of our preparation will be ensuring a positive approach – my boys need to forget that they have never won at MS Park and they have never scored a single goal there. It all may change in one game! Of course we’ll be looking very carefully at MSO – tactics, game schemes, transfers and so on. We have our people keeping track of MS Odense even now.

Hearing news from Odense...
Hearing news from Odense…


No Club for Young Men

By Mehmet Ouldamar

It’s hard to believe but the owner of KK Krosno is not a heartless or insensate robot – what is more he is very committed to his players and he is even said to follow closely their careers. Such declarations sound all the more strange, since in the present squad of Krosnianka Karpaty plays no product of club’s academy… But let’s give voice to hubeq and let’s see how the owner of KKK explains these fact – commitment to players on the one hand and on the other, no place for U-21 players (especially those from our academy) in Krosnianka Karpaty.

At the moment young players are unable to provide us satisfactory level of quality. The results of our youth team, SMS Karpaty Krosno, have been recently abysmal and hopeless – boys were relegated from the HTUM U18 Championship and I’m sure someone will need to clean this mess one day. For example, one of our scouts, mr Mirosław Kotek – with all due respect – is 72 now and it’s probably high time to look for a replacement for him. For that reason I’m not willing to focus on development of young players at the moment, especially that even these two 19-year old guys – Röbi Wiesmann from FC Rünenberg and Alexandre Sardinha Jr. from Los Mejores Fútbol Club – let our coaching staff down and to be honest we are looking forward to sack them.

So what about this attachment to ex-KKK players?

Well, I don’t forget about former members of our squad. Many of them took their first steps here in Krosno and later made nice careers abroad. Krzysztof Przybyłowicz is probably the most significant example – 9 seasons in Dutch club Smitties made him a really great defender. But of course, I’m tracking not only players from our academy but also these players who had been bought for a relatively low price and later sold with a profit – ‘El Nino’ Branco and ‘Batigol’ Batina may be good examples. Hence, I decided to launch a small project, which I unofficially call ‘Project Nostalgia’. It’s a little bit usurpatory idea, launched without any arrangement with the supervisory board, but luckily it’s not very expensive and our funds are not running low because of it. The idea is simple as I’ll be trying to find on transferlist mature ex-KKK players seeking the end of their careers in Krosno. Of course these guys will be still able to play in friendly games and I will be honoured to place them later in hall of fame of Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno, as many of them – like Czesław Wolsztyniak or Lucian Prodan – have truly deserved a special place in memories of our fans and should be model examples for their successors in Krosnianka Karpaty.

Is there any glimmer of hope for youngsters who would like to follow Wolsztyniak, Szolc or Kölbl?

Of course there is. But first we want to provide those young boys some role models. Pure professionalists who give their heart for the club, who are loyal to the club’s emblem and who are able to inspire other players. I am sure the time for young players will come one day, but at the moment I may only say that Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno is no club for young, unskilled or inexperienced men.

Let’s go back to your idea of hiring former players of KK Krosno. Can you provide our fans any names of possible future transfers?

You have probably noticed that we are going to sign a contract with Mustafa Brunner. He was a member of KKK in season 34 and 35 – he showed up in 26 games and scored 3 goals. But as far as other names are concerned, I would like to keep them in secret. A few seasons ago we were close to finalize the transfer of Marcel Fryc – our loyal fans remember him as an early example of multiskilled player who was an extraordinary playmaker and winger those days. Unfortunately the deal fell through as this club went bankrupt due to some unclear business connections and corruption allegations leading to a lifelong disqualification of all players playing in Marcel’s club.

Just one more thing at the end – can you give us away any details on the announced during Monday’s shareholders meeting transfers of two forwards?

Our scouts are looking for U-23 titanic strikers who are either quick or unpredictable. I’m in touch with the agent of Ivan Sagaydachny, however I’m not sure if and how he will be able to acclimatize in our club as I’ve heard that he is often fiery and infamous, but maybe it’s just a stupid gossip. We are not in hurry but I would be glad if we find these strikers by the end of the season.


In Search of Missing Parts

By: Johan Börjesson & Mehmet Ouldamar

The season is slowly going to an end. Although it is still too early to provide any detailed analysis, the seasonal meeting of shareholders held this Monday pointed out a few important issues.

First of all the club’s marketing and PR are appaling.
We cannot stay passive and watch the owner’s negligence in communicating with fans, not to mention his dilatory approach in running club’s website! – said Jakub Bindas, legendary player of Shalom Kazimierz and one of shareholders of Krosnianka Karpaty.

It’s a shame that due to the owner’s laziness and indolence the last post on KK Krosno’s blog appeared on August 2012! – shouted Maciej Budźko, ex-coach of KKK.

Blacha must go! – screamed angry Teddy ‘The Chocolate’, representative of Krosnianka Karpaty fan-club ‘Karpaciarze’.

Another problem was club’s financial situation.
It’s more than OK, but we are deeply concerned about needless expenditures. – stated club’s auditor – We have been unable to fill a stadium recently, mainly due to a bad weather but also because of unsatisfying level of marketing.

Please, don’t forget that our players are still developing into extra-terrestrial level! They have to be paid what they deserve…Bolesław Blacha, KKK spokesman added.

Blacha must go!!! – repeated furious Teddy.

I would also like to remind that we have a small surplus over 100 mln zlotys, that is almost 25 mln euro.hubeq recalled numbers from a balance sheet – Furthermore, I ask you for a permission to sign contracts with two U-23 forwards this season. At the same time I would like to waive one forward and two or three defenders at the end of this season.

Such statement brought a confusion among all gathered at conference room.
Dear guests and friends of Krosnianka Karpaty Krosnohubeq tried to calm down this unnecessary excitement – Mr Andre Bras, the coach of KK Krosno, asked me to assure him full starting eleven before the year 2014. I trust this guy and I have no doubt that such movement on a transfer market is a necessity if we want to celebrate more success in the nearby future.

Surprisingly, the voting went smooth, despite the unexpected absence of Teddy. The seasonal report was accepted and a green light for new transfers was switched on.

I feel a relief. I am sure that we will find these two missing parts in our puzzle. I am also convinced that we are able to end this season with some good games in Golden League and HTUM Challenge Trophy. After next two seasons we’ll start focusing on our domestic league and I’m sure we will bring some fear and scare amid teams in 4th division!hubeq announced.

There is also another winner of this meeting.
Yes, I’m still a spokesman and a secretary of Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno. Needless to say I’m very proud and happy that the club’s shareholders gave me a vote of confidence. I also hope that it will be a new beginning for me and for people responsible for our PR.Bolesław Blacha told us with mysterious smile like Mona Lisa…

So what happened with the notorious motion of Teddy ‘the Chocolate’? We have no idea, but just a first glance at his disarming smile and precious collection in his arms gave us an irresistable feeling of continuous drunk El Dorado in Teddy’s social housing…

Happy Teddy 'The Chocolate'


Baptism of Fire

Do you remember newly signed playmaking trio? Just to remind: Marian Ferenz, Łukasz Dulat and Sobiesław Hełmecki came to Krosno for a sum exceeding 27 000 000 PLN (ca. 6 600 000 euro). These guys are very promising players and are considered to be a solid base for our midfield with their fine physical abilities, anyway – let’s coach of KKK mr Andre Bras has his voice:
In my opinion they are not only hot prospects for the future but even now, still lacking experience, they are able to underlie the quality of midfield in many clubs. Everyone in the club is looking after these boys and our staff is keeping special attention on them.

How this special attention looks like? Just like this:

15 July – injury of Marian Ferenz (+2),
22 July – injury of Łukasz Dulat (+1),
25 July – injury of Sobiesław Hełmecki (+3).

So what’s going on with our young playmakers? Club’s spokesman, Bolesław Blacha, tries to explain it:
Our training regime is very exhausting and it may fatigue some of younger players who are not accustomed to such load. Besides, mr Bras clearly stated that there will be no ‘off peak tariff’ this season and unfortunately boys fell victim to it.

Sebastian Szolc, who is also currently injured, plays it down too:
I know what does it mean to train hard and to be suddenly blow with a serious injury. But I think we are all professionals and injuries are part of our job and it’s our standard risk. I’m sure dr Lecter and his medical staff will help boys with becoming fully fit and ready to play within one week.

Injuries, ups and downs of form – these circumstances surely don’t help our team in a long run. And in the present season this run is pretty long – on Sunday KKK is going to play away league game in Zofiów against local KS, on Monday there is an extremely tough away encounter with Klaukkala Bears in 1/4 final of HTUM Challenge Trophy and finally on Wednesday afternoon our players are going to end this exhausting marathon with a Golden League game against FC X-Team at Stadium Arcadium.

Łukasz Dulat admits that life in such hurry is not easy:
We are moving from one place to another all the time. We are training very hard all the week. I wasn’t aware of it when I was coming to Krosno. But I understand it and accept it. One day Wiesław Pruszkowski, the legend of KKK, took Marian, Sobiesław and me on a walk and told us: ‘Boys, be prepared for hard work, be aware of injuries, tears and moments of discouragement. Consider it as your baptism of fire and forge of your character.’


Maciej Budźko – Hall of Fame Member

Due to the so called permanent lack of time, the blog hasn’t been updated for a long time. Now it’s time to change things a little bit. It’s too late to describe last season’s 1st place in VI. division and the battle for promotion but it’s good time to pay a tribute to our former coach and hall of fame member – mr Maciej Budźko.

Maciej was born in Silesia, Poland.

Budźko was born somewhere within those yellow fields called ‘Silesia’ (‘Śląsk’ in Polish)

After spending his youth as a miner in Halemba coal mine, he decided to devote himself to football and started his career in Halemba HKS. In 2007 he was spotted by scouts of Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno.

I liked him from the first sight. I was fascinated with his bravery, leadership and professionalism. Therefore I asked the owner of KKK for the permission to sign Budźko. – says mr Manole Petrea, former coach of KKK.

As soon as Budźko moved to Kraków (until 2011 a head office of KKK was located there) he met the legendary coach of Shalom Kazimierz mr Benjamin Hirth.

Mr Hirth had a huge influence on me and my view on coaching. He was insisting on my further education in gaining qualifications for the professional coach. I remember those times when mr Hirth was in a good health and me along with Erotokritos Papanikolopoulos from Vifon Krosno spent many Sunday evenings in his country house, enjoying his olives, wine and of course watching and analising football games. He taught us both how to attack in the middle, how to attack on wings… – mr Budźko recalls and adds: –Now mr Hirth is an elderly gentleman and spends most of his time in provincial specialist hospital in Kraków. I’m still thinking of him and I hope he feel better soon.

From left to right: Erotokritos Papanikolopoulos, Benjamin Hirth, Maciej Budźko having good time in mr Hirth’s garden

After ending his rich in experience (he was a solid forward and solid defender) playing career, Maciej Budźko finally became a coach.

First I was shocked. I played with Maciej in one line for a few seasons and when he came one day to locker room and told me that we’re not going to play together anymore, I was sad and almost cried. Then he poked me and said ‘Wiechu, I’ll be a new coach!’. You may imagine how surprised I was. – KKK veteran Wiesław Pruszkowski smiles.

Not only Wiesław was surprised. Many people considered Budźko as not the best choice for Krosnianka Karpaty leader.
Some people told me that I’m not the best choice, I had some arguments with our fans. But after all, if I had been that bad, I wouldn’t be able to stay in this club for such a long time, would I? – mr Budźko asks rethorical.

Indeed, he was probably the only one who was willing to stay with our club during poor seasons and bad times. Not only did he stay, but also he kept his proud and faith in his vision of the great Krosnianka.
Actually, this catchword ‘Great Krosnianka’ was invented by me. I told the owner about my idea, he was sitting in his office, he listened me carefully and told me to get the f… out go back to my work. I thought he didn’t agree but when he told me a few weeks later that players like Berrettoni, Cieślikiewicz or Świątkowski our going to be sold I thought to myself ‘Oh my God, he’s doing it! Times of disgrace are coming…’. And yes, next years were extremely tough as we had to focus on training our young forwards and play with players like Pujol, Fassano or Luis Figl on other positions. Luckily, I got support from Andre Bras who was our starting goalkeeper and fans often booed him for his clumsy saves. Then we started the proper training and now I’m really proud when I see players like Kolbl, Szolc or Otrocki.Budźko says.

And what about Budźko’s bad temper? Opinions are divided.
He’s a foul and mean man! Remember how was he motivating players to inflict injuries to opponents in Golden League, eh?Francois Delort (ex-Scousers goalkeeper) asks.

Ah, Francois… He’d better start cleaning carpets again. But honestly, I was always with my players. I wanted to support them and when I saw that games were getting sharper, I was willing to help my boys somehow. You know, maybe it’s my Silesian temper or simply I’m this kind of person who is likely to become easily thrown off the balance?Budźko wonders.

In my opinion Maciej is a great man. His behaviour during games can’t simply shatter his character and approach toward players. Besides, he’s a man of great vision, strong psyche and moral immunity. Without those abilities he wouldn’t be able to become the first member of KKK Hall of Fame titled as a great coach. – the owner of Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno summed it all up.

Everyone in the club is sure that our present coach mr Andre Bras will also become a hall of fame member as he managed to win VI league in his debut season and is willing to continue mr Budźko’s philosophy of training. If he achieve another success? Time will tell.


New players in KKK

Five new players were presented and introduced to fans of Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno during the press conference organized by our spokesman, Bolesław Blacha.

Mr Budźko is currently on a trip to Hyderabad where KKK will face VFJ in the great GL final. Our today meeting has to be short as the newly signed boys will be in a hurry to get the plane from Balice airport.

From left to right: Fröstål, Guillot, Keppler, empty space for coach, Kurzela, Cotrim

The club decided to spend some money on new defenders – Mickael Guillot and Józef Kurzela who have already played in GL game against FC Prague Slivers.
Mickael who spent last few months in Israel seemed to be content with his move to KKK.
I missed Europe and I was really content when my agent told me there is a possibility to play in this ambitious Polish team. I’m aware that there are some problems with the team’s coach but I’m sure the new one will be chosen shortly.

Józef despite his age has already visited some countries and collected some skills and experience there
I like to travel and change things around me. So I don’t expect to stay in Krosno for too long. Sorry guys, but I’m honest man and I don’t want you to think that playing in this backwoods is fulfilment of my ambition.

Signing two new forwards gives a room for manoeuvre for the future coach of KKK. Tall Ze Cotrim scored 14 goals for Spanish team Juegatukyomecanso and is willing to upkeep his good form in Krosno.
There is a competition among strikers. I know the strong and firm position of two Balkan forwards in the club but I’m sure that I will also get a chance to show my skills.

Pacey Christer Fröstål after mediocre season in Greece will be looking for revival in Poland.
I had a poor season, that’s a fact. But I learned a lot in Thiella Polidrosoy F.C and I’ll do my best to use my abilities in favour of KKK.

The most surprising newcomer is Swiss goalkeeper Jürgen Keppler, who didn’t give us too many details on his move to KKK.
Excuse me, these are my very first moments here. I’m tired after journey and I’d like to join the rest of team in India. I feel I need to explain a few things and clear the air a little bit…

Indeed, signing of Keppler caused some concern about the position of Julien Brianceau between the goalposts. Mr Blacha tried to explain it.
Julien is doing a fine job in Krosno but he needs a rivalry to become even better player. The season will be very long – we have 14 difficult games in league and even more Golden League encounters. Oh, I’m very sorry but we have to finish – we can’t be late for our flight! Wish us luck in the Wednesday’s clash with Mentor C and his unstoppable team!