The owner of KKK couldn’t believe the news from the team’s doctor, Hieronymus Lecter – ‘Whhhhhhhhat??? So many injured players? Was it a football or a hooligan fight? I know that Danes are brave and valiant but I wasn’t aware that we should have needed a shield wall to fight them back!’

The coach of Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno, Maciej Budźko, stayed more calm and told us that he doesn’t blame the opposition.
That’s the football – some day it’s us to suffer the injuries, some other day it’s our opponents. I enjoyed yesterday’s game very much – I’m proud of my boys as they managed to defeat a classy team. I’m glad that VFJ players played with commitment in this match – I appreciate it very much as this is a very important part of my workshop to show my players how to play with strong teams. It’s clear that we’ll be having some troubles with completing the squad for our league encounter with Siwy Nowogard but it’s my problem and I’m the one who’s responsible for it.

The game itself was a very close match between two similar teams. Definitely, home side had more luck as counter attacks of players from Krosno were truly destructive – Rabiński and Mrowczyk scored 2 goals from fast counters and Katunarić with Heikkinen added another two to secure a fine 4-3 win.

Visitors played hard and sharp, for sure. But it’s us who managed to secure another 3 points in Golden League for Krosnianka Karpaty! – told us aching and painful Julien Brianceau

It may seem that our 4 players (Otrocki, Katunarić, Folkerts and Dobretsov) will be unable for Sunday’s game but I believe in our coach and I’m sure he will take an ace out of his sleeve to maintain our good run of wins! – KKK’s man of the match, Sebastian Szolc confidently confessed

The next league game will be played at Stadium Arcadium on 1st January 2012 at 10:30 AM CET.

And now for something completely different… It looks like our blog is back once again :) I’m not sure if it’s back for good but I’ll do my best to update it more regularly – that’s my New Year’s resolution :)

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