New players in KKK

Five new players were presented and introduced to fans of Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno during the press conference organized by our spokesman, Bolesław Blacha.

Mr Budźko is currently on a trip to Hyderabad where KKK will face VFJ in the great GL final. Our today meeting has to be short as the newly signed boys will be in a hurry to get the plane from Balice airport.

From left to right: Fröstål, Guillot, Keppler, empty space for coach, Kurzela, Cotrim

The club decided to spend some money on new defenders – Mickael Guillot and Józef Kurzela who have already played in GL game against FC Prague Slivers.
Mickael who spent last few months in Israel seemed to be content with his move to KKK.
I missed Europe and I was really content when my agent told me there is a possibility to play in this ambitious Polish team. I’m aware that there are some problems with the team’s coach but I’m sure the new one will be chosen shortly.

Józef despite his age has already visited some countries and collected some skills and experience there
I like to travel and change things around me. So I don’t expect to stay in Krosno for too long. Sorry guys, but I’m honest man and I don’t want you to think that playing in this backwoods is fulfilment of my ambition.

Signing two new forwards gives a room for manoeuvre for the future coach of KKK. Tall Ze Cotrim scored 14 goals for Spanish team Juegatukyomecanso and is willing to upkeep his good form in Krosno.
There is a competition among strikers. I know the strong and firm position of two Balkan forwards in the club but I’m sure that I will also get a chance to show my skills.

Pacey Christer Fröstål after mediocre season in Greece will be looking for revival in Poland.
I had a poor season, that’s a fact. But I learned a lot in Thiella Polidrosoy F.C and I’ll do my best to use my abilities in favour of KKK.

The most surprising newcomer is Swiss goalkeeper Jürgen Keppler, who didn’t give us too many details on his move to KKK.
Excuse me, these are my very first moments here. I’m tired after journey and I’d like to join the rest of team in India. I feel I need to explain a few things and clear the air a little bit…

Indeed, signing of Keppler caused some concern about the position of Julien Brianceau between the goalposts. Mr Blacha tried to explain it.
Julien is doing a fine job in Krosno but he needs a rivalry to become even better player. The season will be very long – we have 14 difficult games in league and even more Golden League encounters. Oh, I’m very sorry but we have to finish – we can’t be late for our flight! Wish us luck in the Wednesday’s clash with Mentor C and his unstoppable team!

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