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After a long break some news and a zephyr of changes from Krosno have come!

As you may see in our league table, KKK is in the middle of a deadly fight for promotion to III. division. Two games to go, six points to collect – this is the goal for the end of this season.
Jürgen Keppler, the coach of KKK, says: – We’ve come a long road to get back on the top. So far this season has been a crazy one for us as we had our ups and downs. Now we would like to remain at our current position and I am sure that I don’t need to motivate my boys as many of them have already turned 30, which should be a turning point in their lifes, and it’s probably last call for any spectacular success in their careers.

Hieronim ‘Lucky’ Łukasiuk, the captain: – We have this opportunity to write a history of our club. We are aware that nobody before us wasn’t that close for promotion to III division. Of course, even if we manage to maintain a top position, we will have to play a play-off game, but I’m sure that we can handle this task as we are confident of our skills and potential.

But what about Golden League? Our team has managed to join the most prestigious group of 8 teams, among Rochdale United, FC Rünenberg, Pig Hunters, Los Mejores, Lost Saxons, SK Brann and – last but not least – a GL4 winners FC X-Team, and fans would be delighted to see players’ dedication for fighting for this trophy.
Jürgen Keppler once again: – Forget about GL this season. I’m sorry to say this but we need to focus on the league – I’m sure that our fans will understand it and show us their support during this Sunday clash against MKS Radziejów.
Bolesław Blacha, the team’s spokesperson: – Despite modifications in starting 11, KKK players will surely compete for another round of GL. Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno is a trademark which can’t show any signs of passing up. We have a squad which is capable of giving a full play twice a week. Of course, regarding our recent signings, you may expect many decent BALLS from our young players.

Young players? In Krosno? Seriously?

Yes, and they are likely to bring some quality to our team soon!
Let me introduce you our new players – Günter Lepers and Augusto Cabral.

From lef to right: Günter Lepers, Jürgen Keppler and Augusto Cabral

Bolesław Blacha: – These two are the future of KKK. They are young, talented and quick. Our scouts adviced us not to hesitate and to pay over 300.000 euro for Cabral and Lepers. Mr Keppler will take care of them for sure and I expect he will be giving them some chances in the first squad. Besides, we have very good specialist hired as a coach and our training grounds are perfectly prepared for youth training. I’m sure they will be writing our history, just like Kölbl or Hałabis.
Jürgen Keppler: – I’m glad that the board has finally found money for some fresh blood. I expect them to be important part of this team in three seasons – until then they shouldn’t expect playing too much in the first squad. At the moment all they need to do is to train hard, but I’m afraid our training facilities aren’t well-adjusted for such youngsters. Therefore, although I see some potential in these boys, I don’t think they will be able to reach a level similar to ‘Gepard’ or ‘Hałabała’.

Although mr Keppler seems to be sceptical, it has to be stressed that Günter Lepers has one interesting feature…

Günter Lepers: Ja, Gerhard und ich sind Zwilinge. We are twins. Despite we have different parents and Kölbl is older than me. Oh, and he is Austrian. But we are twins, believe me!

Indeed, when bought in 2010 from Austrian club FC Lutschbuam, ‘Gepard’ not only had the same look and the same personality but also the same level of skills as Lepers has now.
Andre Bras, a former coach of KKK recalls: – Gerhard was a solid playmaker with inadequate level of passing and playing on the wing. Right now, after 13 seasons, nobody in the club can even think about first 11 without him on the flank.

ht 2014
Twins from Krosno – nr 7 Gerhard Kölbl and nr 77 Günter Lepers

First opportunity to see both Lepers and Augusto in action is today, so make sure you don’t miss the game against Rochdale United at Stadium Arcadium at 5:55 P.M., which you may see on HT-Live here.

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