Indian Cup Archive


Return to the Golden League

Elimination from the Indian Cup came as a disappointment for coach Leonard Pavel who makes it clear that just like Langer House he doesn’t like loosing but there were no complains from the board because the expectations were fulfilled as the Zabardusts enjoyed another positive Cup season. It came at an expense though as Langer House found out that they had spent too much time competing in the Cup and they ran out of rounds to get enough win and thus points to get through to the next round of Golden League.

Things didn’t turn really well in the league either. After the elimination from the cup the Zabardusts wanted to put in a good show for the fans against title contenders Mumbai R&B but could only manage a draw which was a good result away from home but the coach wasn’t really happy for many reasons. “I will take the draw because Mumbai R&B are a very good side and a point at their stadium is a good result but what worries me the most is how little we created” . Just after the match Director Chellappa Pralad announced “Its a difficult place to come and win. I think now its time to get better results on and off the pitch. So for this there will be departures so that we can prepare for the coming season and balance the books from now on. We will sit together with the coach and plan for the future”. It was found out that the director was actually talking about some transfer situation relating to Marko Lemić which didn’t go down really well with coach Leonard Pavel who said “Immediately after we had just played a tiring match away from home such announcements has to be made? Do you think this is a good time?”

Langer House’ Sporting Director Yaduvir Singh came to the defence of his fellow director to clarify the situation with the coach “I think Pavel has misunderstood. Any sales relating to any of our squad member will only be possible when the coach sanctions the transfer himself. Me, Pralad and Pavel are all involved in the transfer market together and we will never do business without the opinion of Pavel. We are a team”

Meanwhile Langer House returned to the Golden League with a match against Danish side MS Odense and it was the occasion of return of Yuva graduate and former Langer House star Venkat ‘Warrior’ Variar who made a Rs. 60million ($1.5million) move to the Danish club last season. The Zabardusts fans didn’t forget him and chanted his name much to his motivation which resulted in in him scoring two goals for Odense. An entertaining encounter ended in a goalfest 5-5 draw with Variar getting a double against his boyhood club. AriyapadiKumaraswamy, Jay DeoBhupathiraju and Kazmi were on the score sheet for Langer House.


0 – 1 Chinnamuthu Ariyapadi 7′
1 – 1 Florentino Abajo 17′
2 – 1 Venkat ‘Warrior’ Variar 31′
3 – 1 Victorio Pintos 37′
3 – 2 Shankar Kumaraswamy 41′
3 – 3 Jay Deo 47′
4 – 3 Dimosthenis ‘The Greek God’ Mpatistas 52′
4 – 4 Pandi Bhupathiraju 61′
5 – 4 Venkat ‘Warrior’ Variar 82′
5 – 5 Aakaar Kazmi 87′
1 booking accumulated Aakaar Kazmi 42′

Captain Tamonash Kapoor was available after the match to give his view on the match “A very entertaining match where both teams played to win the match but I think in the end it was fair that none lost. This was a Golden League match and its sad that it is the last for us of this fourth season. We Zabardusts take this competition seriously while also maintaining the training which is very important and we have done well. Hopefully we can do better next season. Variar? It was strange to see him play against us. He was born and brought up in this city and he returned and looked happy. He is enjoying his football in Denmark. He did really well today and scored two well taken goals. I wish success for him”

Langer House will be back in league action on Sunday when they welcome Bishop Cotton Boys at Wittelsbacher Klasse.


Bishop Cotton Boys 1 – 1 Langer House

Week 6 fixtures saw Langer House travel to Karnataka to face Bishop Cotton Boys who are seventh in the league. The match was a hard fought one which ended with a point for both the teams. Langer House continue to occupy the fifth spot in the league. The coach didn’t look very worried but wasn’t really happy either.


0 – 1 Stanisław Świtoń 4′
1 – 1 Kailash Rathore 25′

“I have to say we did well to get a point from this fixture. A win was what I was expecting but the way our luck has been so far we could have even lost the game – commented coach Leonard PavelConcentrating on the Cup? That’s why I am satisfied with a point at the moment and avoided a defeat. Our aim is to replicate the cup run we enjoyed last season but at the same time do well in the league. We should do more to turn these draws into wins and avoid defeats that we have suffered this season”

Langer House home form this season has not been good with both the defeats coming at Wittelsbacher Klasse and the coach blamed luck for it. “I am not the coach that makes excuses. Our performances has not been up to the standard of last season and thus have allowed bad luck to play a role in our results. These things happen in HT. We are loosing because of bad luck there will be time that luck will be on our side and we will take advantage of that and we have done it before. The home form is a thing I am not very worried about but only about achieving our aims of the season in which we were very successful last season”

Langer House will travel to Uttaranchal to face Kama India FC in the seventh round of the Indian Cup.


Langer House 0 – 3 ESTEGHLAL FC

A 3-0 defeat to ESTEGHLAL FC delayed the progress of Langer House recovery. The fans left the Wittelsbacher Klasse disappointed as the Zabardusts had fallen further behind in the title race now occupying the fifth position. The coach though took time to praise and defend the players but made it clear the their needs to be seriousness taken in the championship now.

Attendance: 57,821
Officials: Đorđe Ramić (referee),  Mattia Lagneaux and Thierry Bastiaens (assistant referees)

Langer House: 3-5-2
Helmantel – Bajpai, Iribi, Vlasenko – Villaseca, Kapoor, Ariyapadi, Muralidharan, Świtoń – Kazmi, Bhupathiraju.

Pietzonka – Kradzītis, Hanaratski, Yousif, Steingaertner – Galparsoro, Popone, Kuliga, Reddy, Meneghello – Zanda.


0 – 1 David Zanda 41′
0 – 2 Bari Yousif 68′
0 – 3 Paweł Kuliga 87′
1 booking accumulated Arkadiy Vlasenko 33′
1 booking accumulated Giovanni Meneghello 86′
Position swap Out  Luis Miguel Iribi
In  Bhootakingam Bajpai
Substitution Out  Bhootakingam Bajpai
In  Bodmar Schofnegger
Substitution Out  Tamonash Kapoor
In  Marko Lemić

“We have to keep in mind that we are competing with various aims that we are looking to fulfill this season and unfortunately today’s defeat was a result of it – a disappointed Leonard Pavel explained – but we cannot make excuses. Langer House don’t loose at Wittelsbacher Klasse 3-0 and get away with it. We need to get our confidence back from what has been a very poor and unlucky start to the season. Today as well we were unlucky but we have ourselves to blame for it. I hope the lads will bounce back with a win in the cup mid-week. That would be a real confidence booster which will also help us in the league.”

Langer House travel to Delhi tomorrow for the round 6 fixture of Indian Cup against CHAMPIONSXI and the coach is well aware of the challenges from this match. “We have to be at the top our game. Not only do we have to win for our aims but also for our fans who deserve better. So its a very important match which we have to win without letting any slip-ups or let luck let us down again”


Langer House climb the ladder

After successful season last HT year, Langer House will be hoping for a better season this time around as they missed out on promotion back to I-League but still it was one of the most successful season in Langer House’ history as all the objectives were met. Zabardusts continued their perfect serie II record by winning the II.2 last season and also making it to the round 8 of Indian Cup. Their best ever cup campaign.

Langer House started the new season badly as they fell to a disappointing home defeat to title rivals Bangalore Tigers on the opening day of the league season. Though favorites for the game, the Zabardusts failed to take their chances while Bangalore Tigers did the exact opposite and took their chances that came and won the match 1-2 but Langer House made sure there were no upset in the cup Nagaland.

An away trip to Bunte Kori was always going to be a tricky one for the Zabardusts and it was. Langer House drew 1-1 and left Mumbai disappointed as once again Langer House couldn’t turn their domination into goals dropping vital points early in the season but the cup fixture were as usual dominated by Langer House as the early season meant the States were still in the cup.

As Langer House’poor start put them in the relegation zone the first thing in their minds were to get a victory and come out of the red zone immediately. 1. FC Stern Marienfelde provided the opposition in week 3 fixtures and Langer House were hungrier than ever for a much needed victory which they managed to win after devastating first half performance as the Zabardusts were 4-0 up. The second half performance was a different story and a disappointment to the coach Leonard Pavel as Langer House conceded 3 goals but just managed to get a 5-3 victory which was what the fans wanted. A much needed win.

Week 4 and it was the turn of Return Of Darkness to face Langer House. Last weeks victory brought the taste of a win to the Zabardusts and they were eager to continue winning. As the cup still involved state clubs Langer House could field a full strength team yet again and the strength of the team could be clearly seen by yet another dominating performance by the Zabardusts coming out 3-1 victorious climbing the table to third position behind title rivals Mumbai R&B and Bangalore Tigers.

Next challenge for Langer House will the week 5 cup fixture against BLACK_HAWK and then on Sunday Langer House will be back in league competition at home facing ESTEGHLAL FC who are in fourth position in the league just behind Langer House.


Langer House into Round 8

A demoralizing defeat at the weekend to the recovering Mumbai R&B was still fresh in minds of the Zabardusts when they took on the high flying VISHKIDZ FC in the seventh round of Indian Cup in Kerala. Langer House were positive for a good result but an injury to Eduardo Villaseca threatened to push the plans of a decent cup run off track but the Zabardusts showed great determination and strength to inflict VISHKIDZ FC’s first defeat of the season and enter the last 16 for the first time.


0 – 1 Venkat Variar 11′
0 – 2 Henrik Zwagerman 56′
1 – 2 Volkmar Pacher 69′
1 booking accumulated Mathias Portier 18′
1 booking accumulated Stanisław Świtoń 28′
1 booking accumulated Joel Sangi 68′

Eduardo Villaseca missed the crucial cup fixture due to a concussion suffered during the league match against Mumbai R&B. Captain Tamonash Kapoor made himself available to comment on today’s performance and wish Villaseca quick recovery ”Today was a very important victory. We really wanted to be there in round 8 for the first time and we can proudly say this is the best cup we have had. We missed Villaseca and hope he makes a quick recovery because we need him for the next round. Dharma did really well to fill in for Villaseca. It was difficult for him but he played a different role and he did it well in a crucial match like this”

Langer House will be back in action on Sunday when they take on Bishop Cotton Boys at  Wittelsbacher Klasse.


We want to win everything

Things are going really well for Langer House at the moment are leading the league, defeated the leagues strongest team Bangalore Tigers at the weekend and now are into round 7 of the  Indian Cup after defeating True Blazers last round. While the squad were in Delhi for the cup tie, Langer House President AzeemClark spent the time watching the match with the fans in Hyderabad. After the match Azeem had some time to take part in an interview for a local TV channel and threw some light on league and cup expectations, Golden League and HTUM Challenge Trophy.

Q: Azeem. Thank you for joining us here. It was a good performance today by Langer House, into the next round and also leading the league. It has been a good start to the season.
”It has been a positive start. We recovered really well from a disappointing last season. I think Leonard has done a good job in reviving the winning mentality of the squad. You can clearly see a more motivated group of people and I think this relegation from the I-League has actually helped us as now we can rebuild but we should also keep ourselves away from the red zone of relegation. Serie II.2 is also very competitive and its difficult to win. Defending Indian Cup winners Bangalore Tigers are in the league and they are the favorites and the best team in the league.”

Q: and the Cup?
”I think the seventh round is the best we have ever reached. So this season we want to go a little further and into round eight but we will do our best to go as far as possible”

Q: Last season Langer House were relegated from I-League and surprisingly this is only your second season in division II because the last time Langer House competed in division II you won immediately. So is it going to be same this time again?
”I am not sure because we need to work on the squad. We won serie II and competed in I-League for three season with a squad that was built investing about Rupees 400 million only. While the other teams were well built and expensive squads worth more than 1000 million rupees but still we competed with them. We are proud of those three seasons because one thing people don’t realize yet is that we competed in the nations top division with a squad that had 28 players and 15 of them were Yuva graduates. Vihar, Ariya, Nandini, Kazmi, Variar played a big role. I think now Dinamo Shiva is doing even a better job with academy players but we look at ourselves and not others. We are really proud of it but if we want to be really successful then we have to change.”

 Q: Langer House also participates in friendly competition The Golden League and takes it very seriously which has resulted in big fan base across Europe. Last season you went all the way to the semi-finals and eventually finished fourth. Whats the aim this time?
”We are very serious competitors in GL and it can be seen from last season that we wanted to win it but finished fourth in the end which was very disappointing. Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno won it and is now setting up a benchmark for others by also winning the HTUM Challege Trophy again and again. They are a very well managed team with experienced players and it will take a great effort by someone to topple them and I think Langer House is one of the team to do it. Hopefully we can do it by winning GL4 because Langer House wants to win everything that is possible”

Q: So is promotion the target at the end of the season? also at the start of the season coach Leonard Pavel said some more players were promised to him. What are the areas Langer House are looking to strengthen?
”The promotion question is what everyone are asking these days. Certainly it is one of our aim to go back to I-League but it is not our biggest worry. Of course the fans want us to be back up and we are also planning a promotion to I-League but the question is whether is it this season? It could be but this season is the season to stabilize the club financially”

Q: and any players coming in this season?
Mr.Pralad is working closely with the coach on that issue. Both of them know what the requirements and expectations are. So if there are any requirements which will help us to remain competitive then there will be arrivals. Certainly in the future big players will come in because I-League requires big players and for that we have to remain competitive So arrivals will be there if required”


Magic’s Knights 2 – 3 Langer House

Langer House take the lead of the league as they made a late comeback against Magic’s Knights to come out victorious in this week 4 fixture. Bangalore Tigers defeat to Mumbai R&B puts Langer House a point clear of Bangalore Tigers who have a the Hattrick Masters fixture to play this week.

Langer House had taken the lead on 16th minute after Amish Gangawane scored but Magic’s Knights brought the score level through a 26th minute goal by Hasan Engin. Magic’s Knights’ Janik Ille scored after the break giving them the lead but the the Zabardusts would not give-up and Pandi Bhupathiraju brought them back into the game on 76th minute. Four minutes before time Arkadiy Vlasenko made an inspired run beating all the defenders and scoring the winning goal and completing a comeback.


0 – 1 Amish Gangawane 16′
1 – 1 Hasan Engin 26′
2 – 1 Janik Ille 62′
2 – 2 Pandi Bhupathiraju 76′
2 – 3 Arkadiy Vlasenko 86′
1 booking accumulated Henrik Zwagerman 50′
1 booking accumulated Alexander Weiß 86′

”We showed our mental strength today – commented coach Leonard Pavelloosing the lead and then lagging behind. We didn’t give-up and made a well deserved comeback to win the game. Leading the league? Yes we are now the leaders of the league but that doesn’t mean anything because nothing has been won yet. We are not even halfway through the season and we also have a tricky cup fixture coming up and its a must win match for us. So we have to keep our concentration and not to look at the table too much. We should rather look at our next opponents for weaknesses”

The coach seems to have got the players right under control because it is indeed a tough week coming up for Langer House as they travel to Kolkata for the fifth round of  Indian Cup against BLACK ALLIANCE-‘endecy of century’ on Wednesday.


Langer House 5 – 0 Pushkar Camel

In week 3 fixtures Langer House eased past Pushkar Camel with a 5-0 victory. The win brings the Zabardusts back to winning ways after a draw last week but remains in second position in the league two points behind leaders Bangalore Tigers. The coach looked satisfied with the performance and especially praised the attackers.

Attendance: 54,997
Referee: Patrik Forsman
Assistant Referees: Imer El Mansali and David Kölbel


1 – 0 Aakaar Kazmi 37′
2 – 0 Arkadiy Vlasenko 41′
3 – 0 Aanandaprakash Nandini 61′
4 – 0 Aanandaprakash Nandini 65′
5 – 0 Aakaar Kazmi 66′
1 booking accumulated Bhootakingam Bajpai 39′
Got injured Leo Dahle 40′
Substitution Out Leo Dahle
In Matei Codrescu


”I think for the first time I have seen my team control the game like this – commented coach Leonard PavelI am happy with the performance of the boys and I hope they keep up like this because we need performances like this to stay competitive in this league. I think Nandini is enjoying the best form of his career so far. He is creating and scoring and also Kazmi even though he had difficulties today he showed his finishing ability by taking all the chances that came to him. Amish? He is a top class footballer. Today he was the best player out there and only thing missing was a goal.”

Langer House will be playing their fourth round fixture of Indian Cup against the newly formed Goldmine United of Maharashtra on Wednesday at Goldmine United Arena.


LIGHTNING TRICHUR 0 – 11 Langer House

The fans at LIGHTNING TRICHUR FC Arena were treated with a goal fest by the Zabardusts as they eased past LIGHTNING TRICHUR to go into the fourth round of the Indian Cup. The score was 11-0 as the hero was once again Venkat Variar who got his sixth cup hat-trick and second this season already. Vihar Muralidharan and Pandi Bhupathiraju got themselves a brace while Shankar NatarajLuis Miguel Iribi and D Lebbai scored a goal each with Lebbai getting his first competitive goal.


0 – 1 Shankar Nataraj 6′
0 – 2 Vihar Muralidharan 18′
0 – 3 Vihar Muralidharan 38′
0 – 4 Venkat Variar 39′
0 – 5 Luis Miguel Iribi 41′
0 – 6 Pandi Bhupathiraju 49′
0 – 7 Pandi Bhupathiraju 53′
0 – 8 D Lebbai 58′
0 – 9 Chinnamuthu Ariyapadi 61′
0 – 10 Venkat Variar 74′
0 – 11 Venkat Variar 80′
1 booking accumulated Vihar Muralidharan 83′

”I am satisfied by the performance – commented coach Leonard Pavelbut we should keep our feet on the ground as more difficult fixtures will be coming up and we should not loose concentration. The guys know what is expected from them and today they delivered which was a spot on performance. Variar? He is a brilliant talent but there are some areas where he has to improve but he scores a lot of goals. He has done a good job and I think not only him but everyone did a good job today”

Langer House will be back in action this weekend as they welcome Pushkar Camel to Wittelsbacher Klasse.


Bunte Kori 1 – 1 Langer House

It was a draw for Langer House in the week 2 fixture as Bunte Kori‘s late equalizer puts Langer House second in the league. A very tightly contested match brought both the teams a point and the Zabardusts coach seemed quite satisfied with the performance.


0 – 1 Amish Gangawane 29′
1 – 1 Dalyan Menşur 85′
1 booking accumulated Stanisław Świtoń 86′
Behaviour Arnau Mitjavila
Towards Middle  To  Offensive
Behaviour Kerem Kılıç
Towards Middle  To  Offensive

”It was a great match – commented coach Leonard PavelBoth the teams wanted to send their opponents home disappointed but in the end both goes with a point in hand. We can take many positives from today’s performance. We can say we were a little unlucky and could have done better because we conceded so late but we lead for 84 minutes. That’s positive”

Captain Tamonash Kapoor seemed a little disappointed with the result and has asked his team-mates to already focus on the next fixtures and get back to winning form. ”I think everyone thought the game was in the bag and started to take it lightly. I feared that would happen and it happened as we allowed Menşur to equalize. Conceded a late goal always gives you a feeling of emptiness and when you don’t win. That’s always a bad feeling. We should now concentrate back in the Cup fixture and stay on track”

Langer House will travel to Kerala for the third round fixture of the Indian Cup against LIGHTNING TRICHUR FC.