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Return to the Golden League

Elimination from the Indian Cup came as a disappointment for coach Leonard Pavel who makes it clear that just like Langer House he doesn’t like loosing but there were no complains from the board because the expectations were fulfilled as the Zabardusts enjoyed another positive Cup season. It came at an expense though as Langer House found out that they had spent too much time competing in the Cup and they ran out of rounds to get enough win and thus points to get through to the next round of Golden League.

Things didn’t turn really well in the league either. After the elimination from the cup the Zabardusts wanted to put in a good show for the fans against title contenders Mumbai R&B but could only manage a draw which was a good result away from home but the coach wasn’t really happy for many reasons. “I will take the draw because Mumbai R&B are a very good side and a point at their stadium is a good result but what worries me the most is how little we created” . Just after the match Director Chellappa Pralad announced “Its a difficult place to come and win. I think now its time to get better results on and off the pitch. So for this there will be departures so that we can prepare for the coming season and balance the books from now on. We will sit together with the coach and plan for the future”. It was found out that the director was actually talking about some transfer situation relating to Marko Lemić which didn’t go down really well with coach Leonard Pavel who said “Immediately after we had just played a tiring match away from home such announcements has to be made? Do you think this is a good time?”

Langer House’ Sporting Director Yaduvir Singh came to the defence of his fellow director to clarify the situation with the coach “I think Pavel has misunderstood. Any sales relating to any of our squad member will only be possible when the coach sanctions the transfer himself. Me, Pralad and Pavel are all involved in the transfer market together and we will never do business without the opinion of Pavel. We are a team”

Meanwhile Langer House returned to the Golden League with a match against Danish side MS Odense and it was the occasion of return of Yuva graduate and former Langer House star Venkat ‘Warrior’ Variar who made a Rs. 60million ($1.5million) move to the Danish club last season. The Zabardusts fans didn’t forget him and chanted his name much to his motivation which resulted in in him scoring two goals for Odense. An entertaining encounter ended in a goalfest 5-5 draw with Variar getting a double against his boyhood club. AriyapadiKumaraswamy, Jay DeoBhupathiraju and Kazmi were on the score sheet for Langer House.


0 – 1 Chinnamuthu Ariyapadi 7′
1 – 1 Florentino Abajo 17′
2 – 1 Venkat ‘Warrior’ Variar 31′
3 – 1 Victorio Pintos 37′
3 – 2 Shankar Kumaraswamy 41′
3 – 3 Jay Deo 47′
4 – 3 Dimosthenis ‘The Greek God’ Mpatistas 52′
4 – 4 Pandi Bhupathiraju 61′
5 – 4 Venkat ‘Warrior’ Variar 82′
5 – 5 Aakaar Kazmi 87′
1 booking accumulated Aakaar Kazmi 42′

Captain Tamonash Kapoor was available after the match to give his view on the match “A very entertaining match where both teams played to win the match but I think in the end it was fair that none lost. This was a Golden League match and its sad that it is the last for us of this fourth season. We Zabardusts take this competition seriously while also maintaining the training which is very important and we have done well. Hopefully we can do better next season. Variar? It was strange to see him play against us. He was born and brought up in this city and he returned and looked happy. He is enjoying his football in Denmark. He did really well today and scored two well taken goals. I wish success for him”

Langer House will be back in league action on Sunday when they welcome Bishop Cotton Boys at Wittelsbacher Klasse.


Venkat Variar moves to MS Odense

Yuva Academy graduate Venkat Variar has been transferred to MS Odense of Danmark. The Warrior as affectionately called by the Zabardusts will play in serie VI.949 where his new club is on for a promotion and might play in serie V next season. Variar will continue his participation in the Golden League competition as MS Odense is a competitor of Langer House in the Golden League.

The official club announcement reads:

“Langer House Football Club announces the departure of Venkat Variar to MS Odense. The club will receive Rs.6 crores ($1.5 million) in return.”

Langer House FC are fully aware that this sale has been met with disappointment by the Zabardusts. Director Chellappa Pralad was immediately available on local TV channel to clarify that the transfer is a part of plan to remain competitive.

“Variar’s sale was the most difficult decision anyone at Langer House had ever made. We were fully aware that in need to remain highly competitive in serie II and promote back to I-League we had to make some sales which would be very painful for us and the fans. Variar’s sale was not an easy decision but he was the player in most demand. MS Odense had been trying for Variar’s transfer for a few weeks and their 6 crore offer was seen as a useful amount.”

Venkat Variar born and brought up in the city of Hyderabad came for Langer House’s Yuva Academy and immediately caught the eye of everyone when he won HTUA Talent of the Season 38 aged only 18 years old. His record in a Langer House jersey is impressive having made 42 official appearances scoring 51 goals with 6 hat-tricks at a rate of 1.21 goals per game. Variar is also  an experienced Golden League competitor having participated in 40 Golden League matches.


We want to win everything

Things are going really well for Langer House at the moment are leading the league, defeated the leagues strongest team Bangalore Tigers at the weekend and now are into round 7 of the  Indian Cup after defeating True Blazers last round. While the squad were in Delhi for the cup tie, Langer House President AzeemClark spent the time watching the match with the fans in Hyderabad. After the match Azeem had some time to take part in an interview for a local TV channel and threw some light on league and cup expectations, Golden League and HTUM Challenge Trophy.

Q: Azeem. Thank you for joining us here. It was a good performance today by Langer House, into the next round and also leading the league. It has been a good start to the season.
”It has been a positive start. We recovered really well from a disappointing last season. I think Leonard has done a good job in reviving the winning mentality of the squad. You can clearly see a more motivated group of people and I think this relegation from the I-League has actually helped us as now we can rebuild but we should also keep ourselves away from the red zone of relegation. Serie II.2 is also very competitive and its difficult to win. Defending Indian Cup winners Bangalore Tigers are in the league and they are the favorites and the best team in the league.”

Q: and the Cup?
”I think the seventh round is the best we have ever reached. So this season we want to go a little further and into round eight but we will do our best to go as far as possible”

Q: Last season Langer House were relegated from I-League and surprisingly this is only your second season in division II because the last time Langer House competed in division II you won immediately. So is it going to be same this time again?
”I am not sure because we need to work on the squad. We won serie II and competed in I-League for three season with a squad that was built investing about Rupees 400 million only. While the other teams were well built and expensive squads worth more than 1000 million rupees but still we competed with them. We are proud of those three seasons because one thing people don’t realize yet is that we competed in the nations top division with a squad that had 28 players and 15 of them were Yuva graduates. Vihar, Ariya, Nandini, Kazmi, Variar played a big role. I think now Dinamo Shiva is doing even a better job with academy players but we look at ourselves and not others. We are really proud of it but if we want to be really successful then we have to change.”

 Q: Langer House also participates in friendly competition The Golden League and takes it very seriously which has resulted in big fan base across Europe. Last season you went all the way to the semi-finals and eventually finished fourth. Whats the aim this time?
”We are very serious competitors in GL and it can be seen from last season that we wanted to win it but finished fourth in the end which was very disappointing. Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno won it and is now setting up a benchmark for others by also winning the HTUM Challege Trophy again and again. They are a very well managed team with experienced players and it will take a great effort by someone to topple them and I think Langer House is one of the team to do it. Hopefully we can do it by winning GL4 because Langer House wants to win everything that is possible”

Q: So is promotion the target at the end of the season? also at the start of the season coach Leonard Pavel said some more players were promised to him. What are the areas Langer House are looking to strengthen?
”The promotion question is what everyone are asking these days. Certainly it is one of our aim to go back to I-League but it is not our biggest worry. Of course the fans want us to be back up and we are also planning a promotion to I-League but the question is whether is it this season? It could be but this season is the season to stabilize the club financially”

Q: and any players coming in this season?
Mr.Pralad is working closely with the coach on that issue. Both of them know what the requirements and expectations are. So if there are any requirements which will help us to remain competitive then there will be arrivals. Certainly in the future big players will come in because I-League requires big players and for that we have to remain competitive So arrivals will be there if required”


HTUM Striker of the Season: Amish Gangawane

Langer House striker Amish Gangawane has been voted as the best striker of Federation by the members of the HTU Managers federation. The player showed his delight through a TV show on a local channel and coach Leonard Pavel took the opportunity to congratulate and motivate the strikers further.

”I am delighted with this award and really gives me a lot of motivation before the start of the season. I struggled in the I-League last season but I think my performances in the friendly tournaments like Golden League and particularly  HTUM Challenge Trophy convinced many HTU Manager’s members and I would like to thank all of them who voted for me. I hope I can get more goals in competitive matches and score many important goals for Langer House”, commented the Karnataka born striker on a TV channel showing a 15 minute clip of Langer House moving towards their new objectives.

In the same show is an interview of coach Leonard Pavel in his office and brimming with confidence in front of the camera. ”Congratulations to Amish. He is a fantastic striker with incredible technical ability. I believe this is the season where he will show his true worth. He is a much improved player than he was at the start of last season.”

The coach then went on to motivate other Zabardust strikers especially youngster Venkat Variar ”I am lucky to have wide variety of strikers at my disposal. the power of Aakaar Kazmi, the creativity of Nandini, the work-rate Bhupathi, They are all important part of my plans. Variar on the other hand is just 21 years old and he looks like he’s been with us for ages. Statistics shows his goal scoring ability whenever called upon. He is immensely talented but I think I want to see more improvement from him and I want him to do it now”


Attention towards Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno

Today afternoon’s 3-1 defeat to Estrella Negra Bengaluru all but ended the Zabardusts hopes of survival in the prestigious I-League. Coach Leonard Pavel wasted no time in turning attention towards tomorrow’s HTUM Challenge Trophy final against Polish side Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno.

”It has been a disappointing season for us.– commented coach Leonard Pavel – We lost important players through injury during crucial stages of the season and that hurt us a lot. We did really well to be fighting so far with all the injuries. We still have a slight chance if we can win next week against Dinamo Shiva who have proved their quality this season and won’t be an easy opponent at all”

The coach wants to end the season on a high note and thus has set his sights on a double friendly titles.Langer House are one of those teams who sees the Golden League and HTUM Challenge Trophy as very prestigious and that can be seen through our participation in both the competitions are very regular. We have participated in every HTUM Challenge Trophy so far and we had shown a lot of promise but usually were left disappointed with the Semi-final being the best we had done”

This season Langer House has gone a step closer to HTUM Challenge Trophy and will participate in the final against Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno but is aware that getting the trophy to Wittelsbacher Klasse would require a perfect performance. ”After waiting for so long we can finally participate in the final and we don’t want to let this chance slip through. KKK has shown their class this season and their name itself can strike fear into the opponent. We don’t fear but we know we need to be at our best if we are to win this match. I am confident my boys will be a tricky opponent for KKK”

Immediately after the HTUM Challenge trophy (Season 7) final Langer House will be back in Golden League action against  Romanian side FC X-Team at Ecaterina Teodoroiu on Wednesday 10.00 HT time.


Langer House 4 – 3 The Spaghetti Incident?

Langer House were back to winning ways in the league after last weeks defeat but it was a close escape for Langer House against The Spaghetti Incident? as they came out 4 – 3 winners to stay in touching distance of leaders mastraboiz. It was a decent performance though keeping in mind that the Zabardusts had to play the last half an hour with 10 men as Ukranian defender Arkadiy Vlasenko was given his marching orders in the middle of second half.

Attendance: 53,260 at Wittelsbacher Klasse

Langer House lineup: Vochin – Bajpai, Ibarra, Vlasenko – Świtoń, Satyanaraina, Ariyapadi, Jenayah – Piazzo, Nandini, Kazmi. 3-4-3 setup
The Spaghetti Incident?: Parisotto – Ventrone, Brotons, Gillis – Mancipe, Pastuszak, Kovalik, Shrivastava, Văcaru – Anton, Baiocchi. 3-5-2 formation


1 – 0 Hmed Jenayah 31′
2 – 0 Aanandaprakash Nandini 40′
3 – 0 Claudio Piazzo 52′
4 – 0 Aanandaprakash Nandini 73′
4 – 1 Xavier Anton 74′
4 – 2 Xavier Anton 82′
4 – 3 Vanni Baiocchi 85′
1 booking accumulated Arkadiy Vlasenko 42′
Suspended for next match Arkadiy Vlasenko 61′
.... - .... - .. Out  Stanisław Świtoń
In  Luis Miguel Iribi
RW  To  LB
2-4-3  To  3-3-3
Substitution Aanandaprakash Nandini 70′

”It was a close call – commented coach Frederik MichaelsenI think we did enough in the first half and then scored a goal eventhough we were down to 10-men. A team on 10 men are always vulnerable and so were we as we conceded late goals and made it difficult for ouselves. We were well prepared for this game and thus made quick changes which helped us maintain the lead we had. So in general it was a good performance and we got vital three points we needed to confirm our selves away from direct relegation zones and we did that which means we are now just a win away from staying in this league

Langer House will travel to Danmark this week to play a GL fixture against MS Odense at the venue MS Park. Langer House has climbed up in the Golden League table lately and are looking for another victory.

Next Sunday the Zabardusts play again at Wittelsbacher Klasse. This time we welcome ocean 12 of Mumbai. A win would edge us closer to safety.


Wittelsbacher Klasse to host GL finals

The Golden League Comitee (GLC) has rented Wittelsbacher Klasse for a week to host the Friendly (Cup Rules)GL Final between Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno and Vi flæsker jer which will take place on Wednesday 15 February 2012, 6.00 HT time.

”The GLC wanted a stadium for the final and we offered Wittelsbacher Klasse – commented a delighted President Azeem The GLC has always given positive reveiws for our stadium. I would say almost everyone has liked the stadium since we moved here many seasons ago and extending the stadium has made it even more popular. GLC’s decision to make Wittelsbacher Klasse the host of GL final fills us with a lot of pride because many other stadiums were available but they decided to go for Wittelsbacher Klasse”

The tickets are available in India at Langer House ticket counters and in Europe through various call centers.

Some facts about Wittelsbacher Klasse:

  1. Named after a deep-blue diamond called Wittelsbach Diamond which originates from the famous mines of Golkonda the neighbour of suburb Langar House the home of Wittelsbacher Klasse and Langer House Football Club.
  2. The stadium was called Der Blaue Wittelsbacher but was renamed at the start of last season when the stadium was extended to 60,354 seats and entered the 60K+ class of stadiums. Zabardusts (Official Langer House fans) came up and voted for the name ‘Wittelsbacher Klasse’
  3. The stadium was a full house twice in its history. The cup match against Estrella Negra Bengaluru and the last match of the season against Omnitech to see Langer House lift the serie III.6 trophy
  4. Last season’s official average attendance is 54,748.

Langer House’ GL return marred with controversy

Hyderabad has been in constant cover of cloud and rain for the last one month. The locals have seen sun only a few times over this time so it was a cool day at Hyderabad as Langer House returned to Golden League with a victory against Renaissance FC. The Renaissance FC fans liked the weather though as they could stay away from the cold in Poland. The match ended 3-0 but was controversial.

The match started really well for the Zabardust as they created many chances and eventually took the lead on 28th minute through Aakaar Kazmi. Just two minutes later Yaduvir Singh increased the lead to 2-0. In the second half, veteran Yaduvir Singh made it 3-0 on minute 3-0.


1 – 0 Aakaar Kazmi 28′
2 – 0 Yaduvir Singh 30′
3 – 0 Yaduvir Singh 77′
1 booking accumulated Yaduvir Singh 34′
Sent off Benedykt Zarembski 78′
Got bruised Mãdãlin Dinu 35′
Got bruised Isidoro Cocito 85′
Substitution Out  Nico Harder
In  Fatoni Agung
Substitution Out  Mãdãlin Dinu
In  Alfredo Parada
Substitution Out  Marian Cană
In  Aleksandr Vagharshyan

The 78th minute controversy was not welcomed by the fans as RFC’s Benedykt Zarembski was sent off for head butting Langer House’ Aakaar Kazmi. What Kazmi said is unknown but Zarembski clearly didn’t like it. The players realised what happened and were trying to convince the referee to avoid a red card. The fans particularly the opposition fans were adamant that Kazmi must have said something because he is nasty sometimes.

President AzeemClark didn’t like the veiw as it was just a friendly. ”I am a big Juventus fan and it reminded me of  Zidane not for that world cup final but for his head butt on Jochen Kientz. I think Zarembski saw that but I don’t know why it happened.  It was just a friendly. Yaduvir made a bad challenge earlier in the game but showed sportsmanship by encouraging his opponent to his feet. Thats the right attitude in a friendly”


Falcon’s victorious in under construction stadium

Langer House‘s poor record against Czech teams continues. Horus Falcons beat Langer House 1-3 at Wittelsbacher Klasse. This makes it four defeats out of four matches after heavy defeats earlier to FC Prague Slivers.

It was a funny start to the day as spectators were confused and even the loyal Zabardusts seemed surprised and confused where to go as the mighty Wittelsbacher Klasse was surrounded by cranes and concrete slabs. The work on the stadia started last week to upgrade the capatcity to 60,354. The season tickets sales will start this saturday.

This was the last match under coach Bence Jávor. ”Ofcourse victory is not important in these matches but this is Golden League and we should have won. Falcon’s got their chances and they took it completely opposite compared to us. We missed chances but the credit goes to their goal keeper. He was almost unbeatable today. I would like to thank my people here in Hyderabad. It was a great journey together. Their were hard times and good times mostly good times and I enjoyed it. I will always wish the best for Langer House because I am a Zabardust and I will always will be”.

Langer House will now take a break for Golden League fixtures to concentrate on the start of the season and the upcoming cup fixtures. The new coach will be announced this saturday.


0 – 1  Ladislav Hašek 5′
0 – 2  Savvas Kolevas 14′
0 – 3  Mikhail Llosa 23′
1 – 3  Dinesa Satyanaraina 76′
1 booking accumulated Savvas Kolevas 24′
1 booking accumulated Ladislav Hašek 31′
1 booking accumulated Mads Grønholdt 32′
Sent off Ladislav Hašek 70′
1 booking accumulated Josef Motyčák 81′
Substitution Out  Jérémy Pernet
In  Bhootakingam Bajpai
Substitution Out  Kai Fürstenwärther
In  Martin Valdman
Substitution Out  Savvas Kolevas
In  Thore Kolbenschmidt
Substitution Out  Loke Dommergaard
In  Josef Motyčák

Horus Falcons vs Langer House exciting as expected

The Golden League fixture between Horus Falcons and Langer House required a golden goal to decide the winner in front of partying crowd at the The Falcons Nest.

Horus Falcons took the lead in the middle of the first half through a controversial penalty which was protested by the Zabardust but coach Bence Jávor in good spirit waved his players to get on with it. Josef Motyčák slotted the penalty expertly giving Horus Falcons the lead on 24′ minute.

It was 70′ minutes into the game when Evaír Cisneros increased Falcons lead by attacking from his right hand side and giving Horus Falcons a 2-0 lead. Langer House however proved they never like loosing even if it is a friendly and on 83rd minute came back into the game through centre back Jérémy Pernet‘s cannon ball of a free kick which beat Kryštof Martinek completely. Pernet was not done yet as he was given the freedom to attack and just four minutes before time he leveled the score after a brilliant counter attack from the left wing. It was 2-2 and required extra time to see a golden goal.

Unfortunately only three minutes into extra time Horus Falcons were awarded a penalty. Josef Motyčák‘s clever spot kick send Matías Alvarez in the wrong direction and the ball into the net. Horus Falcons came out 3-2 winners. Impressive as they had to play the last 20 minutes with 10 men.

1 – 0 Josef Motyčák 24′
2 – 0 Evaír Cisneros 70′
2 – 1 Jérémy Pernet 83′
2 – 2 Jérémy Pernet 86′
3 – 2 Josef Motyčák 93′
1 booking accumulated Tobiáš Šindelář 19′
1 booking accumulated Martin Valdman 68′
1 booking accumulated Ilusha Chatterji 72′
Got injured Amish Gangawane 20′
Got injured Jaromír Pluhař 73′
Substitution Out  Petr Čekal
In  Ladislav Hašek
Substitution Out Amish Gangawane
In Ilusha Chatterji
Substitution Out  Petr Görner
In  Evaír Cisneros
Normal To  Towards Middle
Substitution Out  Thore Kolbenschmidt
In  Alberto Saputo
Substitution Out Jaromír Pluhař
In No substitute

Unfortunately the friendly and party atmosphere was not enough to stop injuries as Tobiáš Šindelář‘s 20th minute reckless tackle injured Amish Gangawane who could be out for two weeks as a result. Later in the second half Falcons wingback Jaromír Pluhař was injured by Ilusha Chatterji‘s criminal tackle on 72nd minute which could see Pluhař out of action for a mammoth four weeks. Chatterji later apologized to Pluhař and offered to pay his medicine bills which the Falcons medical department rejected saying ”Take it easy. We will take care of it. Its football, injuries can happen.”