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Return to the Golden League

Elimination from the Indian Cup came as a disappointment for coach Leonard Pavel who makes it clear that just like Langer House he doesn’t like loosing but there were no complains from the board because the expectations were fulfilled as the Zabardusts enjoyed another positive Cup season. It came at an expense though as Langer House found out that they had spent too much time competing in the Cup and they ran out of rounds to get enough win and thus points to get through to the next round of Golden League.

Things didn’t turn really well in the league either. After the elimination from the cup the Zabardusts wanted to put in a good show for the fans against title contenders Mumbai R&B but could only manage a draw which was a good result away from home but the coach wasn’t really happy for many reasons. “I will take the draw because Mumbai R&B are a very good side and a point at their stadium is a good result but what worries me the most is how little we created” . Just after the match Director Chellappa Pralad announced “Its a difficult place to come and win. I think now its time to get better results on and off the pitch. So for this there will be departures so that we can prepare for the coming season and balance the books from now on. We will sit together with the coach and plan for the future”. It was found out that the director was actually talking about some transfer situation relating to Marko Lemić which didn’t go down really well with coach Leonard Pavel who said “Immediately after we had just played a tiring match away from home such announcements has to be made? Do you think this is a good time?”

Langer House’ Sporting Director Yaduvir Singh came to the defence of his fellow director to clarify the situation with the coach “I think Pavel has misunderstood. Any sales relating to any of our squad member will only be possible when the coach sanctions the transfer himself. Me, Pralad and Pavel are all involved in the transfer market together and we will never do business without the opinion of Pavel. We are a team”

Meanwhile Langer House returned to the Golden League with a match against Danish side MS Odense and it was the occasion of return of Yuva graduate and former Langer House star Venkat ‘Warrior’ Variar who made a Rs. 60million ($1.5million) move to the Danish club last season. The Zabardusts fans didn’t forget him and chanted his name much to his motivation which resulted in in him scoring two goals for Odense. An entertaining encounter ended in a goalfest 5-5 draw with Variar getting a double against his boyhood club. AriyapadiKumaraswamy, Jay DeoBhupathiraju and Kazmi were on the score sheet for Langer House.


0 – 1 Chinnamuthu Ariyapadi 7′
1 – 1 Florentino Abajo 17′
2 – 1 Venkat ‘Warrior’ Variar 31′
3 – 1 Victorio Pintos 37′
3 – 2 Shankar Kumaraswamy 41′
3 – 3 Jay Deo 47′
4 – 3 Dimosthenis ‘The Greek God’ Mpatistas 52′
4 – 4 Pandi Bhupathiraju 61′
5 – 4 Venkat ‘Warrior’ Variar 82′
5 – 5 Aakaar Kazmi 87′
1 booking accumulated Aakaar Kazmi 42′

Captain Tamonash Kapoor was available after the match to give his view on the match “A very entertaining match where both teams played to win the match but I think in the end it was fair that none lost. This was a Golden League match and its sad that it is the last for us of this fourth season. We Zabardusts take this competition seriously while also maintaining the training which is very important and we have done well. Hopefully we can do better next season. Variar? It was strange to see him play against us. He was born and brought up in this city and he returned and looked happy. He is enjoying his football in Denmark. He did really well today and scored two well taken goals. I wish success for him”

Langer House will be back in league action on Sunday when they welcome Bishop Cotton Boys at Wittelsbacher Klasse.


Langer House signs Bodmar Schofnegger

German defender Bodmar Schofnegger has arrived at Langer House the club announced today afternoon. Bodmar arrives from German club Wernauer SF and the Zabardusts had to part with Rs. 8.16 crores ($2 million) for the versatile footballer.

Official announcement by Director Chellappa Pralad :
”Langer House Football Club announces the signing of Bodmar Schofnegger from German club Wernauer SF for a fee of Rs. 8.16 crores (approx. $2 million). The club welcomes Bodmar who is a no nonsense Central Defender with a very good vision for the game and can also be used as a midfielder.”

Coach Leonard Pavel who had a major say in this signing was available at the MD Lines training complex to comment on the signing. “I am delighted with the arrival of a defender of the caliber of Schofnegger. He will certainly be an important brick in the defense and the fact that he can also participate in midfield is even better. I think his form will improve as he gels into the team. I would like to congratulate Mr. Pralad on a brilliant work with this recruitment.”

Langer House will travel to Rajasthan on Sunday for the league match against Pushkar Camel at Pushkar Camel Fair.


Venkat Variar moves to MS Odense

Yuva Academy graduate Venkat Variar has been transferred to MS Odense of Danmark. The Warrior as affectionately called by the Zabardusts will play in serie VI.949 where his new club is on for a promotion and might play in serie V next season. Variar will continue his participation in the Golden League competition as MS Odense is a competitor of Langer House in the Golden League.

The official club announcement reads:

“Langer House Football Club announces the departure of Venkat Variar to MS Odense. The club will receive Rs.6 crores ($1.5 million) in return.”

Langer House FC are fully aware that this sale has been met with disappointment by the Zabardusts. Director Chellappa Pralad was immediately available on local TV channel to clarify that the transfer is a part of plan to remain competitive.

“Variar’s sale was the most difficult decision anyone at Langer House had ever made. We were fully aware that in need to remain highly competitive in serie II and promote back to I-League we had to make some sales which would be very painful for us and the fans. Variar’s sale was not an easy decision but he was the player in most demand. MS Odense had been trying for Variar’s transfer for a few weeks and their 6 crore offer was seen as a useful amount.”

Venkat Variar born and brought up in the city of Hyderabad came for Langer House’s Yuva Academy and immediately caught the eye of everyone when he won HTUA Talent of the Season 38 aged only 18 years old. His record in a Langer House jersey is impressive having made 42 official appearances scoring 51 goals with 6 hat-tricks at a rate of 1.21 goals per game. Variar is also  an experienced Golden League competitor having participated in 40 Golden League matches.


Langer House signs Julien Barbier

Langer House announces the signing of French winger Julien Barbier from Belgian side uno sumus animo for a fee of  Rs 124.8 million ($3.1million). Barbier immediately started his preparations for the league match against Bangalore Tigers and was presented after the last training session.

”We are delighted to announce the arrival of Julien Barbier to Langer House – commented Technical Director Chellappa PraladHe is a winger with an incredible eye and vision for the game with very quick feet. I am sure he will gel into the squad immediately and will be available for tomorrow’s crucial match because he is not only a top player but also a very very good human being who impressed with his ideas on life and his thoughts. It’s great to have Julien here. We were looking at the market for sometime now and Julien was the player who the coach insisted us on signing. After careful assessment we decided to part with 12.4 crores.”

Julien Barbier was delighted with his new adventure in India and was amazed to see the excitement of fans on his arrival. ”My first experience of India has been good and the fans has been amazing. The club has been taking care of everything really well and I am really looking forward to participate in tomorrows match which is a crucial fixture as the league is concerned”

Langer House will be in league action away against Bangalore Tigers at Sri Kanteerava Stadium.


Preparations start for serie II

Today morning the club President Azeem, Coach Leonard Pavel and Director Chellappa Pralad held a press conference at Wittelsbacher Klasse announcing their views on their new league and thanking their loyal fans for the support during this difficult time ”We know that the fans are disappointed with the relegation. We are as much sad and disappointed with how the season panned out and caused the relegation but we should not loose hope. We are Zabardusts and we don’t give up. We played every match last season to win and we did have big wins but unfortunately we also had to suffer big defeats. We the board of Langer House were prepared for everything that can happen and thus we had a plan prepared for life at serie II”

The  President continues by commenting some of the positive aspects of last season ”Other parts of our season showed glimpses of promise. We participated in the HTUM Challenge Trophy final this season and we were quite competitive but yet had to settle for runners-up to Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno and then we lost to them again in Golden League semi-final. So there is plenty of promise shown by the players and I think with a little experience we can attain I-League status once again”

It was then announced that some of the players at the club had to leave in an effort to revamp the squad and Director Pralad commented ”unfortunately due to this relegation we had to manage our financial stability first and thus some of the players will leave soon as an agreement has been met with some clubs. Joakim Fyhrlund, Gandolf Besenkamp, Hmed Jenayah and Priteesh Shrivastava will leave the club. As promised we have immediately recruited the services of  Swiss midfielder Roli Wetterwald

The coach spoke of his disappointment at the departures but has put faith in the club. ”Joakim, Kamp and Hmed were important players who played important role in the squad and Priteesh is a promising youngeter but it has to be understood the position of the club and the future. I am delighted with the arrival of Roli Wetterwald and I am sure he will prove to be a success. I have been promised more recruitment’s this season who will arrive as per the requirement of the squad”

The coach then took the opportunity to comment on the new opponents of Langer House. ”Certainly the league looks quite strong and tight. The winners of last season’s Indian Cup Bangalore Tigers are the bright spot of this serie and understandably start as the favorites after their heroics in the cup last season. BLUE XI, Bishop Cotton Boys were quite competitive last season in this serie and Bunte Kori are quite well known. Its a competitive league and I think we have a difficult task this season”


Langer House sign Joakim Fyhrlund

Wittelsbacher Klasse was a busy place on Friday morning as Langer House held a press conference to launch there latest recruitment in preparation for Season 39. Swedish central defender Joakim Fyhrlund joined Zabardust in a deal worth Rs. 110 million ($2.75million).

Langer House’ new sporting director Chellappa Pralad had a big smile across his face as he announced the first recruitment under his direction. “I am delighted to announce the signing of Joakim Fyhrlund who is a well built central defender and can also move up the pitch as a Defensive midfielder. We see Joakim  as an important member of the squad for the next 2-3 seasons or more and would like to welcome him to the club”

Joakim Fyhrlund was as happy as Chellappa Pralad as he greeted his new fans “I am delighted to be here in Hyderabad, India and playing in the elite league of the country. The fans have been amazing and weather has been really pleasant as  well because back in my home its all white and snowy in Sweden. At the moment I am only thinking about meeting my new coach and new team mates because we have a match on Sunday”

Coach Leonard Pavel who was at the training ground when he commented on Joakim’s arrival “I know Joakim really well as I have seen him play back in Europe and I am sure he will gel into the squad quickly. I would like to congratulate Mr. Pralad on this transfer”

Since the evening Joakim has already started training and will be available for sunday’s I-League opener against Dinamo Shiva.


Dinesa leaves Langer House as new coach arrives

Preparations for the new season were underway long back with various changes that were announced by Langer House and now there are some more big changes as Zabardusts like all other Indian clubs continue their preparations for the new season which starts tomorrow with the Indian Cup kick-off.

One of the sad news/change is the departure of Langer House legend Dinesa Satyanaraina to French club Soline28. Dinesa Satynaraina who is the record holder for Langer House as the most appearances made with 143 matches scoring 42 goals. Dinesa had been a part of Langer House since its formation. Some fans might know the story of a former Langer House player and now a director Yaduvir Singh saw Dinesa playing in his school and invited him to join the new Langer House project. Thus becoming a part of the proud Langer House success getting a taste of I-League football was his dream which he accomplished this season. Dinesa had left the club about 3 weeks ago and everyone at Langer House wishes him best of luck for the future.

The other obvious change is the coaching position at Langer House. Frederik Michaelsen left at the end of last season thus the Langer House BoD’s had the task of recruiting a high quality coach similar to the standard of Fred. It is Leonard Pavel who will guide Langer House from now on. Pavel is a young coach from Romania at just 32 years of age is seemed as the best candidate to replace Frederik Michaelsen.


Gandolf Besenkamp joins Langer House

Langer House has started their preparations for next season by capturing German midfielder Gandolf Besenkamp Rs.18000000 ($450000) from Romanian club org 32. Gandolf is brought into the team to strengthen the midfield which has been a serious cause of concern for the Zabardusts. A creative midfielder and ball winner who can also sometimes be a set piece taker.

”I am delighted to announce the arrival of Mr. Gandolf  Besenkamp to Langer House. He will certainly strengthen the squad and push us to more success in the future. A warm welcome to him into this Zabardust family and wish him good luck.” said transfer director Marko Kallas.

Besenkamp is available for the Golden League match against Vi flæsker jer but it is unlikely he will feature. He is expected to make his Langer House debut on Sunday in a crucial fixture against Tullamarine the last league match of the season.


Langer House sign Henrik Zwagerman

Many Zabardust fans who have attended the pre-season training sessions have been a little surprised lately looking at a new red head player in the training grounds. The news is now being announced.

Dutch midfielder Henrik Zwagerman has joined Langer House from Rafitos FC for a fee of 61 million rupees ($1.5 million). The arrival of the midfielder will bolster the midfield of Zabardusts as they look to be competitive in their first season in India‘s top league – I-League.

”We are delighted to announce the signing of Zwagerman – said Transfer Director Marko Kallas – He is a creative midfielder with great vision and I believe our attackers would be delighted to have him in the team. We have signed him on a very competitive price after a careful search of the transfer market”


Langer House sign Dutch goalkeeper Helmantel

Langer House announces the signing of Dutch goalkeeper Matthieu Helmantel from Finnish club xwerou for a fee of 108 million Rupees ( $2.7million). Langer House has made no secret of their search for a top class goalkeeper to help them reach their dreams and win more trophies and Helmantel’s arrival clearly shows the intentions of the club.

”I am delighted to welcome a goalkeeper like Matthieu Helmantel to our club – commented President Azeem – His arrival was unexpected but in the end it took us only one bid and he was ready to come to India. I am sure he will prove to be a success in India and I think we bought him for a much reasonable price and appreciate the job done by our transfer director Marko Kallas for that matter.”

Helmantel will straight away take the jersey no.1 from Adam Vochin and is expected to make his debut tomorrow against ocean 12.