Season 51

So the season 51 will end now. I think that the most important things what happened were new supporter and second teams. Both got quite mixed critic but I liked that, especially second teams. I bought platinum and made second team in Albania. But there is one thing that I don’t like: unlimited supportplaces. Now someones have over thousand teams to support, that is way too much because I support only those who deserve it.

What about my own teams season? It was quite easy and I won the serie with gap of ten points and I didn’t lose any matches and my team promoted to fifth division to the first time in teams history, what was the only goal of this season. So in season 52 I will have to teams: AC Pöytyä in V-division in Finland and Omertas FC in IV-division in Albania.

In federation there was also many more users with great season and there is also now 300 Lionmembers. But unfortunately Lion4ever didn’t promoted to the Girabola which all Lionmembers hoped :(

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Manager of AC Pöytyä