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Season 51

So the season 51 will end now. I think that the most important things what happened were new supporter and second teams. Both got quite mixed critic but I liked that, especially second teams. I bought platinum and made second team in Albania. But there is one thing that I don’t like: unlimited supportplaces. Now someones have over thousand teams to support, that is way too much because I support only those who deserve it.

What about my own teams season? It was quite easy and I won the serie with gap of ten points and I didn’t lose any matches and my team promoted to fifth division to the first time in teams history, what was the only goal of this season. So in season 52 I will have to teams: AC Pöytyä in V-division in Finland and Omertas FC in IV-division in Albania.

In federation there was also many more users with great season and there is also now 300 Lionmembers. But unfortunately Lion4ever didn’t promoted to the Girabola which all Lionmembers hoped :(


Active the blog

Sorry about the silence, now is time to active this blog again. Next text will go soon.


Lions Cup XXI

Final was CerBeRuS FC VS. Piamonte.

And the winner was CerBeRuS FC! 6-4.

Congratulations to teams manager  GM-CerBeRuS!


Next cup will start soon :)



30-10-2005 – 30-10-2012 – 7 years of
Lions Federation History & still alive –
thanks to all our the members for be
around and make this possible)

Lions are hungry, we are hungry, we are the Lions.

Lion Spirit – Logos and a lot more

* Federation for all Lions, Friends & Fans.
* FED para todos os Leões & amigos.
* Federación para todos los leónes & amigos.
* Une Fedération pour tous les lions & les amis.
* Een federatie voor alle leeuwen, vrienden & fans


Are you searching for a new Logo? Step in & we will take care about your Logorequest. There is a
lot more we have to give.
We have several games, our seasonal Lion-Cup, nice threads, interesting talks, we can help you
with tips, or offer our flagcollecters the Angolaflag for free, nosy? We are full of Lion Spirit & go
hand in hand by help each other as good as possible. Why wait & miss all this any longer? Step in :)



Lions Cup XXI: Quarter finals

Quarter Finals
Lions of the Babilon(873009) VS Piamonte(539511)
KFC Schuur(187338) VS St Giles United(62163)
Polisportiva Villalba le fosse(1526025) VS Belton Wanderers(61285)
Electric Je$u$(1503428) VS CerBeRuS FC(276508)

Starting the blog

So now the federations website is ready and now is time to tell about those two day when I did this with DelphinQueen.

This all started when I made decision to write feds official history and put that in there Hattrick United. It’s started and I got information from Lions4ever, -koen- and DelphinQueen. But when I talk about this with DelphinQueen, she got idea that we can use this blog on federations homepage. I liked shes idea and we started to make federations new website. First we had problems with that how we can get me to use this blog, because it’s owner is DelphinQueen. But finally, after many messages in Hattrick, we managed to do that and now I am in there.

And then I started desing this page, I wanted simply but fine-looking site. I had little hard time but I managed to succeed my plan and now this is good. I made many different pages in there and some of them was in federations old website, I only moved info in there but I made some new, like Feds news and this blog. I will going to make some new in there but this is great so far.

And what I, teerel will going to do in this blog? I will tell my own experiences in the fed and in Hattrick. In Lions federations forum in Hattrick, you can propose your own ideas to me and I can write a text about that. Other Lions-members can also use this, they can send their own texts and I can put in there, Lions federations new homesite :) I will also bring here some news about fed, it’s games and Lions-cup.

Have a good time in this page.

teerel, Lions Minister & HUTD-corresponding


Lions-cup XXI

Lions-cup have started, enjoy :)


teerels page

Lions minister teerels blog will come here, just wait :)


Fed got new homesite

Yesterday it started. teerel and DelphinQueen made decision to move fed homesite to there, Hattrick United. It’s almost ready now.

All information about fed will come in this page.

teerel said that he will keep this blog active with his own blog.

Remember to join Lions Federation!