:::The Hattrick travel mystery:::

HT-Tjecken and HT-Johan back in the early 80's working on the first Time Tunnel device - As you can see, it's very compact and manageable

This is the scenario:
All flights to and from Europe are canceled due to massive volcano eruption in Iceland. People are of course annoyed, angry, drunk and shouting bad things how it’s all Iceland’s fault.

Which it is of course. But that’s another story.

What baffles me is how all the players in Hattrick travel abroad for their international friendly games, when all international flights are canceled. Do they use some kind of magic carpets, or just click their heels and wish they were there?

I asked a professor at the HT-Headquarters in Greenland about this.

– “Tell me how HT players travel to their friendly games abroad, when the average Joe is sleeping at airports or collecting cobweb in his hotel room.”

– “Well, as we all know the most important thing in the world is for players to get their weekly training, and we sure don’t want to disapoint our managers when it comes to transportations to other countries. So to address this problem we use a time tunnel that was built back in the 80’s by two young go-getters.”

– “Time tunnel? Are you being serious?”

– “Yes.”

HT-Tjecken getting ready to try out the first Time Tunnel travel back in the 80's - Because of turning into liquid, travelers had to be naked to be able to travel in the HTTT

– “Really? A time tunnel?”

– “Are we going to continue like this or do you want me to explain this or not?!”

– ” Sorry, go on then.”

– “Ok, whenever a team needs to travel abroad, the players gather at the dressing room in their stadium, and right next to the showers is a door, and behind that door is a special custom made Hattrick Time Tunnel device. Every stadium in Hattrick has one.
Today we have the HTTT build version 2.8.1071.
Next to the door is a panel on wich you enter your destination and detailed information, like how many people are traveling and the amount of duty free stuff they will be bringing back.”

– “The team is then dissolved into a liquid form that we like to call “Team liquid”, then put inside a special made tin can and transported to the location, which is the opponents stadium dressing room. There the can is opened by the local janitor and the “team liquid” is poured into a special customized Soda-Stream application and the team is reassembled. Real simple.”

– “Simple? But…but if it is a time tunnel, shouldn’t the players travel in time and not from one location to another?”

– “No, these time tunnel of ours don’t work that way. It’s more of a device that makes somekind of wormhole that can be manipulated quite easy. It’s more like traveling “by” time instead of “in” time, and also we tought the term “Time Tunnel” was much more catchy than “Travel Tunnel”. First we went for “The Tardis Tunnel”, but some doctor bloke had the copyright to that name. “

– “How safe is it?”

– “It’s Swedish. It’s perfectly safe to crash in it.”

– “Well..er…thank you for the interview. I’m gonna go home and get drunk.”

So there we have it people.

Players in Hattrick don’t travel by trains, planes or automobiles or even boats.

They travel by time in liquid form!

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