:::The Robots are coming!:::

No. They have not taken over the world.

Forward Sindri Jensson of Johann Eiriksson shows his bot skills with the ball - His teammates have nicknamed him 'Bot number 354'

They are simply coming to Þórshamar’s Asgard stadium today for a league game in the IV.46 division in Iceland.

The bot team Johann Eiriksson, a rather silly name for a team, consist of 42 players! Yes that’s right, 42 bot players who’s avarage age is 32 years old (in Hattrick years of course). They are currently in 7th position in the table, while  Þórshamar sit tight at the top.
So this should be a cake in the park for Þórshamar.

Like a wise man in Iceland (yes there are still few) said once about crushing their opponent:
We are going to take them to the bakery!” –
But of course in this case, they will be taken to some electronic store.

I interviewed LA-LordBastard, the manager of Þórshamar, earlier today in a press meeting about the upcoming game.

“Have you analysed your opponent for the match, and do you think they will score a goal against you?”

“No and No. No further questions.”

A short but very informative answer from the brilliant manager LA-LordBastard.
We thank him for his valuable time and congratulate him on his awesomeness.

I then turned to the boring bot manager of the not-so-brilliant bot team, Johann Eiriksson and asked him some questions.

“Mr. Klemensson. Have you deceided the strategy you’re going to implement on the field today against the strong and superior team Þórshamar?”

“00110100011100001101011100110001. 100011101000111000011, 10001111101001100110.”

That concludes our post-match briefing for the day.
I’m off to the pub. Tell my wife I love her very much, she knows.

John Jay Johnsson –
Local reporter for HTU in Fáskrúðsfjörður –
Iceland –

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