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Dawn at The Paradise

Efraín Sepúlveda

Efraín Sepúlveda

It was just another calm, sunny morning in Copacabana. I was sitting in my penthouse, looking at the tourist hordes that flooded the beaches every year during the summer. It wasn’t an ordinary day, though. You could feel there was something in the air, even though there wasn’t a single cloud to be seen. Call it a journalistic intuition, if you may, but I knew there was a storm coming. Little did I know, I was right.

I was taken away from my trance by the sound of the doorbell. It was my producer Afonso. He was meant to take me to the airport as I had a plane to catch. Newly elected GL President Christian Farroni had called a press conference in Odense, to announce his intentions to the world. On my way to the airport I went over my notes one more time. Farroni had been a good player and an even better coach, but ever since he retired he had been involved into some… shady business, as some might say. Rumours had it that he was involved with the Italian mafia, but nothing was ever proved and when Peroni resinged he was quick to fill the void. Now, he had one of the most prestigious offices in football and I was flying to meet him.

As we arrived in Denmark, I was quickly welcomed by a short, bald man. An emissary, sent by the Golden League, he introduced himself. He was kind enough to drive us to our hotel, though his words suggested that we better not leave it until the press conference. I was eager to check the hotel bar, so I shrugged off the idea that there was anything sinister behind his words and went on to get a few martinis.

On the next morning, Hans, the emissary, picked us up in the morning and droves us to the GL Headquarters in Odense. An imposing building, built by Peroni during his brief stint at MSO that had been repurposed to be one of the many HQs the league owned across the globe. Hans took us to the 3rd floor, where the press conference was taking place in a large room with a looming view of the city.

The press conference itself was exactly like you’d expect it to be. Rehearsed answers and a few threats, the type of thing you’d expect from an Eastern European dictator or the sorts of it. But the most relevant fact that day happened when we returned to the hotel. The door to my room was ajar and in the bed there was a note, handwritten, with 3 very simple words: “Look into Sophia”



Farroni Adresses The Media – LIVE

Former Mejores’ coach Christian Farroni has called for a press conference at the GL Headquarters in Odense. He’s expected to announce his confirmation as the new GL President and to adress the Rochdale-Saxons feud among other situations. We’ll be providing live coverage as events unfold.


Good evening ladies and gentlemen. As you may recall, a few months ago Mr. Peroni resigned the GL presidency to go back to Poland. When he left, decisions were left unmade and someone needed to step up and fill up his place. As an experienced businessman, I decided that I was the most capable man for the job and have been doing it ever since. However, some people thought I didn’t have the right to do a job I wasn’t elected for. Well, the reason I’ve called this press conference is to announce that following a closed election, held last week, with the members of the GL Council, I’ve been elected the new GL President. It was an unanimous decision and I’m very much looking forward to what comes next. I’ll be answering some questions now.

The first question comes from experienced reporter Piepaolo Scavo: Mr. Farroni, there’s been clamour from The Lost Saxons part for a GL intervention following Mr Mayhem’s comments regarding their rivalry. What’s your stance on the case?

I’m glad you asked. As it is, I can assure you that we’ve looked into Mayhem’s accusations and found no wrongdoing from the Saxons part. However, we have received an anonymous tip that Rochdale has put up a bounty for whoever injuries Saxons’ star Martin Frain and that is not something we will tolerate. We’ll be taking a further look into it, but I can announce that we’ll be suspending Mr. Nélson Faria from any GL related position for the near future.

Tommy Linden, Rochdale United Press: Mr Farroni, your entry into the presidential hotseat is rumoured to be dodgy and underhanded, especially considering you came dead last in a three horse race in the last election. What would you like to say to all those that doubt your integrity, and your ‘right’ to hold such a position?

You want to talk about an election, talk about these results: no member of the council voted against me. Now, you may say I wasn’t elected by the people, like Peroni, but the popular vote is overrated. I was elected by the finest and most involved people in the GL, the ones that know what needs to be done, the ones that know I’m the one to move the GL forward.

And please! Don’t you talk about my integrity, when we all know the kind of man your club wanted in this seat…

Efraín Sepúlveda, GL-TV Brasil: Following up on my colleagues question: Some people were surprised by the abscence of representatives of FC Rünenberg and Clan Phoenix, who were among your most vocal opposition, in the vote. Some even suggest that you have a hand on their sudden disappearance. Don’t you think it’s an odd situation?

When you’re in a position like mine you have to accept not everyone will be happy with you. But as I have only the GL’s best interest at hearth, I sat down with them and to solve our differences I sent them to a night with the fishes. Unfortunately, they haven’t returned so far.

The next question comes from a Polish reporter: Mr. Farroni, let me first congratulate you on your succession to the Presidency of the Golden League, in this prestigious tenth season. I know many people will be pleased to see strong leadership at the helm of the GL ship, and that it is in safe hands. Already, you have shown that you will not stand for any sort of underhand business and we can’t quite believe that Mr. Mayhem is here on your blog casting doubts and shadows against your name. However, back to topic – our question for you, would be to ask if you have any burning issues that need resolving regarding the Golden League e.g. existing format, sponsorship, awards, HTU Masters etc?

Thank you, it’s great to see not everyone here is a pawn for the opposition. We have big projects in mind for the tenth aniversary. I’m happy to announce that I’ll be indeed launching the Golden B, GL’s official beer. We’ve also signed a new multi-million sponsorship deal with Sophia Peroni’s Big Star Brand to provide us with official match balls and licensed merchandising. We’re working on bringing back the GL MVP award and possibly adding new awards for the future. As to the format, we’re currently satisfied with what we’ve got, but we’re open to any ideas and we’ll be consulting the public soon.

Efraín Sepúlveda requests to talk again. I’m sorry, but going back to my last question: Did you say you your opponents are sleeping with the fishes? Isn’t that the way the mafia talks about the people they’ve killed?

I’m not sure what you’re trying to insinuate here. Are you saying I’m a mafioso just because I’m italian? That’s offensive, you know?

Efraín again: Not at all, Mr. Farroni. I’m just saying, there are rumors flying around about your business practicess. Rumors that make Al Peroni look like a mere high school bully. I think what I’m trying to say is that the public wants some clarity regarding your practices.

*At this moment Farroni covers the microphones with his hands and talks to someone back stage.*

I see… Well, unfortunately, we’ve run out of time. But Mr Sepúlveda, please, you’re welcome to visit my business at any time, just be wary, as accidents may happend…

*Farroni stands up and leaves as the press is left with many unanswered questions*


Change Incoming in the GL?

GL-TV Brazil has learned this week that former Mejores coach Christian Farroni has been confirmed as the new GL Council President in a secret vote held by its members over the past weekend.

christian farroni

Farroni was already running things for a few months, following former president Perroni’s resignation, but the confirmation will certainly help him consolidate his power. He’s said to have won the vote without opposition, though representatives of FC Rünenberg and Clan Phoenix , who were said to be his main antagonists, were misteriously absent.

Farroni who had a stellar career as a player and then as a manager retired into Mejores’ hall of fame when he was 43 and has been involved in a number of business ventures ever since, having seen his net worth sky rocket to about 10 times what it was when he initially ended his career. He’s been involved mostly with the beverage industry, but he also owns a hotel chain and is said to have ties with media groups in the United Kingdom.

He’s expected to address the media in the following days to announce the result of the voting officially and to respond to the ongoing feud between Rochdale United and the Lost Saxons, as there’s been calls for GL intervention

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