Aguado answers Casaburi

He says he wants respect and that he’s a fair-play lover, but the truth is that he’s a liar. When we played the Wodkas, he was very hostile and disrespectful to me and to my team mates. His tackles were agressive, you could see that he was not aiming for the ball. Also, he was provoking and offending us, saying things that can’t even mention here. He pretends to be this nice and friendly guy, but he isn’t better than Sami for example.

These were the words by Clodoaldo Aguado when asked in the pre-match conference held today at Maraca Bombonera about the declarations made by Adriano Casaburi from the FWFC. When asked why he never said these things before, he answered:

Because differently than him, when I have a problem with someone I solve it in the field, playing soccer, not through the media.

Mejores will return to action tomorrow against Anjo Fiel , in the first match of the league this season.

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