Fernão Torres: A player of my caliber should play in the HM not in the GL

Tonight, the GL-TV reporter, Luís Roberto Júnior had the opportunity to speak to Los Mejores rising star Fernão Torres. Here’s a transcription of the interview:

Luís Roberto Júnior: He’s a star, the best player in the club. He’s Fernão Torres. Fernão, thank you very much for accepting to give us an interview!

L.R.Jr.: Er… Well, Fernão, you’re playing so well, that many are starting to compare you to cult hero Ali Haj-Najjar, the Pharaoh, who was the biggest star of the club for many seasons. How do you feel being compared to such a player?
I respect everything the Pharaoh did to this club, but let’s be honest, I’m much more of a player than him! Those who are comparing me to him are just some ridiculous, who don’t see my awesomeness.

L.R.Jr.: But… Don’t you think, there’s something missing for you to be better than him? I mean, he won dozens of titles with Mejores, he took the club to a Golden League final…
Ha! Golden League… You gotta be kidding me, that tourney is for Arsals and Rheinos-like, a player of my caliber should play in the Hattrick Masters not in the Golden League! I’m glad the coach stopped calling me for those games.

L.R.Jr.: Buddy, now you’ve gone a bit too far, don’t you think? Not only the club, but a lot of fans care a lot for the Golden League and support the club participation in this magic tournament.
No they don’t, they care about the league, where I shine every sunday night. The Golden League is just an excuse for them to get together and drink a few beers, now if you’ll excuse me, I’m late to my massage section.

L.R.Jr.: What a jerk!

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