Season Balance

It has already became a tradition. Every end of season, a member of the staff or of the board, talks about what happened on the previous seasons and about the plans for next one. Tonight, Zeljko Uitz says everything he has in mind.


I was very disapointed with our cup run. The training regime harmed a little bit our chances, but still, we were knocked out on the 2nd round, what was our worse result in 10 seasons.

Golden League

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to go really far on the GL this season, so reaching the GL-Masters was good enough to me. I won’t deny, though, that we deserved to win both games against Wirschtlstand.


This was one of our best seasons ever on the league and one of the hardest, too. We finished as 4th, but we lead the league during a few rounds and were only a few points away from the title.

Next Season

I’ve talked to Elisha, and we both think it’s time to renew the team. Some players were getting old, with high wages, so it’s natural that they leave. We’ve already sold 8 players and we’re trying to sell a few more. We won’t, however, hire as many players as we sold. For now it will be only Jull, Yvin, another defender and possibly a defensive forward.

Because of all of this, our expectations aren’t high for next season. We’re aiming the maintance at the league and the 3rd or 4th round on the cup

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