In Reencounter With Torres, Mejores Beat MKC

It was a night of joy for Mejores supporters as the team defeated the one-time I-League champions of Mighty Karak Chai in its first GL9 bout.

In an unnusual scene, the most greeted player on the pitch was with the visiting team. Fernão Torres returned to Maraca Bombonera for the first time since leaving the Brazilian team 6 seasons ago and received an standing ovation from the home crowd as Mejores’ President, Elisha Carmeli, awarded him with a commemorative plate celebrating his achievements.

“It felt great! Being back here, in front of this amazing crowd… I missed it!”, said Torres in an interview

The Plate Presented to Fernão Torres

The Plate Presented to Fernão Torres

In the field, however, the cheers were for Changelay Bira, Sylweriusz Długoborski and Paolo Vigani, twice, who scored the goals on Mejores 4-1 victory. ‘Singham’ Dikholakar scored the visitors goal.

Coach Cassiano seemed happy with his team’s performance:

“We did well. Not everyone can say they’ve beaten a team like MKC, and we’ve done it on our first GL match of the season. I expect us to keep improving as we move forward and hoppefully we can catch up to the Slivers at the top of the table”

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