Dawn at The Paradise

Efraín Sepúlveda

Efraín Sepúlveda

It was just another calm, sunny morning in Copacabana. I was sitting in my penthouse, looking at the tourist hordes that flooded the beaches every year during the summer. It wasn’t an ordinary day, though. You could feel there was something in the air, even though there wasn’t a single cloud to be seen. Call it a journalistic intuition, if you may, but I knew there was a storm coming. Little did I know, I was right.

I was taken away from my trance by the sound of the doorbell. It was my producer Afonso. He was meant to take me to the airport as I had a plane to catch. Newly elected GL President Christian Farroni had called a press conference in Odense, to announce his intentions to the world. On my way to the airport I went over my notes one more time. Farroni had been a good player and an even better coach, but ever since he retired he had been involved into some… shady business, as some might say. Rumours had it that he was involved with the Italian mafia, but nothing was ever proved and when Peroni resinged he was quick to fill the void. Now, he had one of the most prestigious offices in football and I was flying to meet him.

As we arrived in Denmark, I was quickly welcomed by a short, bald man. An emissary, sent by the Golden League, he introduced himself. He was kind enough to drive us to our hotel, though his words suggested that we better not leave it until the press conference. I was eager to check the hotel bar, so I shrugged off the idea that there was anything sinister behind his words and went on to get a few martinis.

On the next morning, Hans, the emissary, picked us up in the morning and droves us to the GL Headquarters in Odense. An imposing building, built by Peroni during his brief stint at MSO that had been repurposed to be one of the many HQs the league owned across the globe. Hans took us to the 3rd floor, where the press conference was taking place in a large room with a looming view of the city.

The press conference itself was exactly like you’d expect it to be. Rehearsed answers and a few threats, the type of thing you’d expect from an Eastern European dictator or the sorts of it. But the most relevant fact that day happened when we returned to the hotel. The door to my room was ajar and in the bed there was a note, handwritten, with 3 very simple words: “Look into Sophia”


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