The Old King is Dead

Efraín Sepúlveda

Efraín Sepúlveda

By Efraín Sepúlveda / GL-TV Brasil

Peroni was desperate, he saw his European ambitions vanish before his eyes… but thanks to Ova Dunn’s incompetence he had another chance. The Australian had done an unremarkable job as the GL President and calls for a new President began to be heard around the league. Peroni won the elections swiftly, despite a good push by Faria and Farroni. Peroni had a chance to rebuild his fortune.

Through a shell company, the Uruguayan bought one of the Golden League main sponsors: Nuke. His plan was simple, he renewed the sponsorship contract at astronomical fees and planned on filling his pockets by draining the coffers of the GL Council. He was so confident on the success of his evil doings, that he ended up making a mistake.

With Lord Bebbington looking into buying clubs in different parts of the world, Peroni saw a leadership void in Rasków and left the GL Presidency to fill it. He thought he could leave the GL at the hands of one of his pawns, but he wasn’t counting on Farroni.

The Italian had his own ambitions and saw Peroni’s resignation as an invitation to take his seat, which he promptly did. Sophía Peroni also saw an opportunity and intervened. She established a competing brand to Aldopaolo’s Nuke, the BS Brand, and convinced Farroni to ditch the old sponsor for a newer, better brand.

And just like that Peroni was ruined. He had invested everything he had left of his wealth into Nuke and he wasn’t going to see any return. He confronted Sophía, to ask her why she was helping Farroni and not him, and she finally told him, how she knew he had killed her father all those years ago. But that wasn’t all, she threatened to expose him to the police if he didn’t disappear for good.

Peroni took a leave of absence from his post with the Wodkas and launched his final attack. Through Alin Badiu he ran a piece calling for Farroni’s head, but the lack of support shown by other clubs was enough to show the world that the old king is dead.

What will Peroni do now? Only time will tell, but for now he’s a ruined man, without his fortune and without his influence. There are new players in the game, ones that will not repeat his mistakes. Don’t be surprised to see him behind bars in the near future or to never hear from him again.

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