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Change Incoming in the GL?

GL-TV Brazil has learned this week that former Mejores coach Christian Farroni has been confirmed as the new GL Council President in a secret vote held by its members over the past weekend.

christian farroni

Farroni was already running things for a few months, following former president Perroni’s resignation, but the confirmation will certainly help him consolidate his power. He’s said to have won the vote without opposition, though representatives of FC Rünenberg and Clan Phoenix , who were said to be his main antagonists, were misteriously absent.

Farroni who had a stellar career as a player and then as a manager retired into Mejores’ hall of fame when he was 43 and has been involved in a number of business ventures ever since, having seen his net worth sky rocket to about 10 times what it was when he initially ended his career. He’s been involved mostly with the beverage industry, but he also owns a hotel chain and is said to have ties with media groups in the United Kingdom.

He’s expected to address the media in the following days to announce the result of the voting officially and to respond to the ongoing feud between Rochdale United and the Lost Saxons, as there’s been calls for GL intervention


In Reencounter With Torres, Mejores Beat MKC

It was a night of joy for Mejores supporters as the team defeated the one-time I-League champions of Mighty Karak Chai in its first GL9 bout.

In an unnusual scene, the most greeted player on the pitch was with the visiting team. Fernão Torres returned to Maraca Bombonera for the first time since leaving the Brazilian team 6 seasons ago and received an standing ovation from the home crowd as Mejores’ President, Elisha Carmeli, awarded him with a commemorative plate celebrating his achievements.

“It felt great! Being back here, in front of this amazing crowd… I missed it!”, said Torres in an interview

The Plate Presented to Fernão Torres

The Plate Presented to Fernão Torres

In the field, however, the cheers were for Changelay Bira, Sylweriusz Długoborski and Paolo Vigani, twice, who scored the goals on Mejores 4-1 victory. ‘Singham’ Dikholakar scored the visitors goal.

Coach Cassiano seemed happy with his team’s performance:

“We did well. Not everyone can say they’ve beaten a team like MKC, and we’ve done it on our first GL match of the season. I expect us to keep improving as we move forward and hoppefully we can catch up to the Slivers at the top of the table”


Cassiano to Replace Nogueira

The club has announced that following tomorrow’s match against Rockets Sports Cambuci and the end of the league season, club legend Silvano Nogueira will be stepping down from his position as first team coach to focus on his personal life.

Silvano, who played more than 400 games in 25 seasons for Mejores, has been battling an injury that has prevented him from being “a better coach” as according to himself. He will be with the team for the last match of the league, but is expected to leave before the end of the season.

The fans are expected to make a big farewall party to the biggest club icon and to welcome new head coach Félix Cassiano, a homegrown hero that made a triunphal return home, after 12 seasons away and has been with Mejores ever since.

“I’m happy to have been named for the job and I hope I can do as well as Silvano did.”, said Cassiano after the announcement.

Cassiano will face great pressure from the fans, not only is he replacing a legend, he’ll have to continue Nogueira’s rebuilding process that so far has shown great promise, but hasn’t shown great results yet.