The Never Ending Story

Our Dear Readers

Today is a big day for the Viking Særløse.
Today is the day we ended our flag collection home and away.
Not only finished the collection but also the timing of it is of huge fashion for the club.
While a new era in HT with introducing 2nd teams are just around the corner, we managed to finish this mission in a very tough and time demanding way.
This journey started back at 2004.
Well, ok, maybe not from day 1, since the manager behind all this, is kinda mentally doped at times. Often seen wandering around at night. Rumors says he is The Last of his kind, while others say he is just plain schizo, just don’t look into his eyes; its mesmerizing!
(A blog about His Highness Sheikh MaxSchreck Al Khalifa, is due to come soon).

However, after sometime in 2004, the flag journey started, bringing us the some great challenges and some nice friendships all over the world.
We would like to say thank you, to the following, for this achievement being reached:
RFFO (34300)  – oh boy, this fed. needs its own blog. maybe someday.
UFO Uncommon Friendly Organizer (39698) Those were the times when TheHef (2779930) was the headmaster.
Flag Traders (54689) – At times quite strenuous, while some happy stories are to be found if you look close!

Not to forget our best friend always being there, telling us how painful things may be at times, namely Random Challenge.

Furthermore the ending match was a great Honor, since HT-Ulf (10457689), gave us the last gift for this collection.
We had hoped for a 120 min extra training trick, but that was a bit over the hill :)
Pity that, Mr. HT-Ulf & Co. still haven’t reached the place, to reward teams with achievement, for collecting those flags. Furthermore given other area within the game to collect them.
Lets hope that this is something  to look forward to in future. hell yea!

We are proud of being able to present Our Full Flag Collection.

While this is a great day for the club, we are starting and a new journey with our 2nd team very soon.
Still loads of achievement and journeys out there within the world of HT.
They keep The Never Ending Story of Viking Særløse And His Highness ongoing, for even greater series of landmarks out there.

Stay tuned!
(E.vil N.ever D.ies)

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